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posted September 25, 2001 03:54 PM UIN: 16262997

September 24, 2001 - Greenwood, NE - Mark Kinser remains the outlaw everyone
else keeps chasing. Entering last weekend's Great Plains Shootout at
Nebraska Raceway Park, Kinser held the series points lead over Danny
Lasoski. With three nights of racing and three A-feature wins in a row,
Kinser is closer to the 2001 Pennzoil World of Outlaws points championship.
It would be his third title, which he won in 1996 and 1999.

The first of three nights of racing action kicked off on Thrusday. And
although Mark Kinser was not fast qualifier, an honor that went to P.J.
Chesson at 13.807 seconds, it was no surprise that Kinser captured the first
of three weekend A-features Nebraska Raceway Park.

Kinser is the track record holder at 13.571 seconds and has experienced the
most success in the seven years the series has been at the Greenwood track.
But even Kinser seemed impressed with how decisively he blew away the field
in Thursday's main event.

Kinser zipped past pole-sitter Stevie Smith just four laps into the 25-lap
feature and drove away to a an impressive win, finishing nearly of a track
ahead of second place Andy Hillenberg.
"That's pretty amazing," Kinser said of his lopsided win. "We were turning
laps in about 13 seconds - that's a testament to our crew for how fast we
were going."

Kinser pocketed $8,000 for his victory on the first of three nights of
racing by the World of Outlaws at Nebraska Raceway Park. Sammy Swindell
finished third, followed by Jeff Shepard and Danny Lasoski.

About all that stopped Kinser was the yellow caution flag that came out with
19 laps remaining. But Kinser quickly pulled away after the restart and
never lost momentum as he flew past lapped traffic in the closing laps.

In other action on Thrusday, David Trauernicht won the A-feature in a
caution filled race. The Modifieds, which ran their feature after the World
of Outlaws A-Feature, experienced a very slick track for their final race of
the night. Many cars could not handle the combination of high speeds and
slick track. Trauernicht held off Brian Foote in the closing stages of the
race to earn the win.

"I just tried to stay smooth out there and keep running the same line,"
Trauernicht said.

World of Outlaws feature: 1, Mark Kinser. 2, Andy Hillenburg. 3, Sammy
Swindell. 4, Jeff Shepard. 5, Danny Lasoski. 6. Stevie Smith, 7. Joey
Saldana, 8. Tim Shaffer, 9. Craig Dollansky, 10. Donny Schatz, 11. Steve
Kinser, 12. Paul McMahan, 13. Danny Wood, 14. Johnny Herrera, 15. Dale
Blaney, 16. Ronald Laney, 17. Jason Meyers, 18. Daryn Pittman, 19. Mike
Goodman, 20. P.J. Chesson, 21. Jason Sides, 22. Jason Johnson, 23. Brad
Furr, 24. Don Droud, Jr.

B winner: 1. Daryn Pittman, 2. P.J. Chesson, 3. Danny Wood, 4. Don Droud,
Jr., 5. Blake Feese, 6. Dennis Moore, Jr., 7. Jeff Mitrisin, 8. Brian
Paulus, 9. Travis Whitney, 10. Shane Stewart, 11. Justin Henderson, 12. Rick
Ideus, 13. Derrick Beckman, 14. Brian Carlson, 15. Raymond Shank, 16. Todd

C winner: 1. Derrick Beckman, 2. Raymond Shank, 3. Jeremy Campbell, 4. Wayne
Johnson, 5. John Lambertz, 6. Chuck Swenson, 7. Kerry Madsen, 8. Bob
Bennett, 9. Dan Oswalt, 10. Jaymie Moyle

Dash winner: Stevie Smith.

Heat winners: Jason Johnson, Sammy Swindell, Donny Schatz, Stevie Smith.

Fast Qualifyer: P.J. Chesson, 13.807 seconds

Modifieds feature winner: David Trauernicht.

B winners: Stacy Wilhelm, Bill Flegg, Ryan Burklund.

Heat winners: Steve Adams, Jon Schwartz, Melvin Densburger, Craig Reetz,
David Trauernicht.

Mark Kinser made it two for two Friday night at Nebraska Raceway Park. Mark
Kinser is one win away from completing the World of Outlaws hat trick.
Kinser, the points leader in the national sprint-car series, earned his
second straight feature win.

He led from wire-to-wire, holding off Danny Lasoski for the win before a
season best crowd at Nebraska Raceway Park of over 5,000 fans. While Kinser
did not seem as dominating on Friday night's races as he did on Thursday, he
was well in control of the race from green to checkered flags.

Kinser, who earned $8,000 for each of his A-feature wins Thursday and Friday
night, will set his sights on the $20,000 that goes to the winner of
Saturday's Great Plains Shootout Finale.

Scott Carlson, who won 12 regular-season features at Nebraska Raceway Park,
won Friday night's Pro-Am A-feature race. The support class for the night,
the Pro-Ams put on a spectacular show for the race fans. Carlson showed his
regular dominating ways around Nebraska Raceway Park crossing the finish
line in first ahead of Alan Schmitt.

World of Outlaws feature: 1. Mark Kinser, 2. Danny Lasosk, 3. Andy
Hillenburg, 4. Joey Saldana, 5. Jason Meyers, 6. Danny Wood, 7. Mike
Goodman, 8. Donny Schatz, 9. Johnny Herrera, 10. P.J. Chesson, 11. Tim
Shaffer, 12. Blake Feese, 13. Daryn Pittman, 14. Dale Blaney, 15. Brad Furr,
16. Steve Kinser, 17. Stevie Smith, 18. Travis Whitney, 19. Craig Dollansky,
20. Don Droud, Jr., 21. Wayne Johnson, 22. Paul McMahan, 23. Jeremy
Campbell, 24. Sammy Swindell, 25. Jeff Shepard.

B winner: 1. Daryn Pittman, 2. Brad Furr, 3. Don Droud, Jr., 4. Wayne
Johnson, 5. Shane Stewart, 6. Brian Paulus, 7. Jason Sides, 8. Ricky Logan,
9. Jason Johnson, 10. Dennis Moore, Jr., 11. Jeff Mitrisin, 12. Ronald
Laney, 13. Todd Gracey, 14. Justin Henderson, 15. Brian Carlson, 16. Jeff

C winner: 1. Jason Sides, 2. Justin Henderson, 3. Jaymie Moyle, 4. Rick
Ideus, 5. Raymond Shank, 6. Bob Bennett, 7. Dan Oswalt, 8. Chuck Swenson, 9.
Derek Beckman, 10. John Lambertz

Dash winner: Mark Kinser.

Heat winners: Andy Hillenburg, Jason Meyers, Joey Saldana, Mike Goodman.

Fast Qualifyer: Mark Kinser, 14.105 seconds

Pro-Am A-feature: 1. Scott Carlson. 2. Alan Schmitt. 3. Matt Patak. 4.
George Haney. 5. Marty Steinbach.

About the only thing that could have stopped Mark Kinser from getting his
third straight victory at the Great Plains Shootout was a thunderstorm
bearing down on Nebraska Raceway Park. Kinser beat the rain and the rest of
the World of Outlaws field for the third consecutive night to complete a
sweep of the three-night Great Plains Shootout before a packed house of
7,000 fans Saturday night.

In reality, Kinser faced his greatest challenge of the three nights in
Saturday night's A-feature. That challenge came from last year's big
winner, Danny Lasoski. Lasoski had the lead and seemed to be on his way to
upsetting Kinser's victory party. But Kinser passed Lasoski on the
backstretch with 13 laps remaining, anc cruised to the victory and $20,000.

Lasoski started on the outside of Kinser on the front row. Lasoski charged
past the pole-sitter to start the race and looked poised to take the win in
the final event of the three night show. But as Lasoski began to work his
way through the slower lapped traffic, Kinser quickly closed the gap on the
leader. The lapped traffic proved to be Lasoski's undoing and Kinser
capitalized. Just after Kinser seized the lead, the yellow flag came out
with 12 laps remaining. Kinser was fast off the restart and ran out to a
lead of nearly a full straightaway over Lasoski.

"Danny was running real good," Kinser said. "I was running just as hard as I
can, but he was outrunning us. I seemed to start picking up ground on him in
the middle of the race and was able to get by him."

Kinser won an 'A' main feature at Nebraska Raceway Park, the former I-80
Speedway, for the first time since 1997. Kinser won the Outlaws main
feature at Eagle Raceway in Eagle, Nebraska in June.

"We like Nebraska," Kinser said after claiming his 16th A-feature win of the

Kinser, the points leader in the Pennzoil World of Outlaws series, is now 28
points ahead of second-place Lasoski in the season standings.

The Outlaws ran through their entire program earlier than scheduled Saturday
because of a threat of thunderstorms in the area Saturday night. Huge
lightning flashes filled the sky during the A-feature, with heavy rain
hitting the area less than 15 minutes after the races were completed. The
Grand National and Vintage Coupe classes, also scheduled to race Saturday,
were unable to compete because of the weather.

Nebraska Raceway Park is scheduled to end the season on Friday and Saturday,
October 5 and 6 with the Cornhusker Classic 100 featuring the NASCAR
O'Reilly Auto Parts All-Star Series. Advance tickets are available,
including a special 2-day general admission pass for only $20. To order
tickets call (402) 342-3453. For race day information call (402) 944-2233
or visit

World of Outlaws A-Feature: 1. Mark Kinser, 2. Danny Lasoski, 3. Tim
Shaffer, 4. Andy Hillenburg, 5. Joey Saldana, 6. Stevie Smith, 7. Craig
Dollansky, 8. Jason Meyers, 9. Johnny Herrera, 10. Mike Goodman, 11. Donny
Schatz, 12. Jeff Shepard, 13. Steve Kinser, 14. Danny Wood, 15. Paul
McMahan, 16. Sammy Swindell, 17. Brad Furr, 18. Dale Blaney, 19. Jason
Sides, 20. Daryn Pittman, 21. Ronald Laney, 22. Don Droud, Jr., 23. Jason
Johnson, 24. Shane Stewart, 25. P.J. Chesson, 26. Blake Feese

B winner: 1. Jason Johnson, 2. Daryn Pittman, 3. Don Droud, Jr., 4. Jason
Sides, 5. Shane Stewart, 6. Ronald Laney, 7. Brian Paulus, 8. Jeremy
Campbel, 9. Jeff Mitrisin, 10. Todd Gracey, 11. Justin Henderson, 12.
Raymond Shank, 13. Chuck Swenson, 14. Brian Carlson, 15. Bob Bennett, 16.
Jaymie Moyle, 17. Travis Whitney, 18. Dan Oswalt.

Heat winners: P.J. Chesson, Mike Goodman, Johnny Herrera, Danny Wood.

Points leaders: 1, Mark Kinser 8,497. 2, Danny Lasoski 8,469. 3, Steve
Kinser 8,252. 4, Donny Schatz 8,081. 5, Craig Dollansky 8,072.

*Grand National and GOTRA Vintage Coupe races were cancelled due to rain.

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