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Author Topic:   Half Mountain Speedway Results
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posted September 24, 2001 10:09 AM UIN: 16262997
In front of a large crowd in the grandstands and a pit full of racecars that
totaled a record 115 from four states, Half Mountain was ready to begin
another night of door to door racing action in six divisions.

Qualifying was the first order of business for to the 26 Late Models on hand
for the night's action and when it was said and done the 1 car of Eddie
Carrier JR of Leburn KY setting fast time with a time of 16.803 besting the
old track record by a mere .014 seconds.

Modified qualifying was next with the 69 of Tim Moore from Logan WV setting
the fast time of the night out of the 24 Modified cars on hand with a lap of

Super Bombers was the last to qualify and at when the final checker flew to
end the qualifying session it was the 19 of Jamie Slone from Top Most KY who
topped the 14 Super Bombers on hand with a time of 20.055.

Heat action for all six divisions was next first out were the three Late
Model heats, the 1 of Eddie Carrier JR, the 28 of Chucky May, and the 10 of
Paul Harris won their respected heat races.

Next out was three heat race's for the Modified division heat one was won by
the 69 of Tim Moore, second heat was won by the 10c of Gary Combs, and the
third heat was won by the 7J of Jerry Rutherford.

Super Bomber heat was next with the 19 of Jamie Slone holding off a good
challenge from the 10c of Scott McCloud to win the heat.

The 17 of Buck Lemaster won bomber heat.

The R77 of Randy Risner won Road Hog heat

4-Cylinder heat one was won by the 18k of D.I. Henson; the 47 of Chris Combs
won heat two.

For the first time this year the Super Bombers was given the center stage as
this very entertaining class strutted their stuff in the night quick six
race for a $200 to the winner race. After 6 laps of racing it was the 43k of
Kevin Hall able to pull out and hold on to the win picking up the $200

The first of six features rolled to the track with the Late Models geared up
to with 23 of the 26 Late Models making the call to the feature starting
field with some of the best drivers in the region ready to give the fans in
attendance a very exciting show. On the front row was the 1 of Eddie Carrier
JR from Leburn KY and along side was the 28 of Chucky May from Allen KY. On
the start it was the 10 of Paul Harris from Prestonsburg KY coming from
third spot to take the lead followed by Carrier JR, the 1a of Audie Swartz
from Minford OH, and then May who was shuffled back to fourth from the
outside pole.

Harris continued to lead but Carrier JR was relentless in the pressure he
was putting on the leader and behind them the 17 of Shannon Thornsberry from
Martin KY was able to work his way around May for fourth and challenge
Swartz for the third position. There was times during the race where the
fans didn't know what race to watch the battle for the lead that saw Carrier
JR look low on Harris and actually pull along side or the side by side
battle for third between Swartz and Thornsberry that occurred on the same
lap. On lap 8 Thornsberry was able to get around Swartz and began to set his
sites on the two leaders, where Harris was the leader and Carrier JR was his
shadow but in a few laps Harris had two shadows as Thornsberry pulled up to
the bumper of Carrier JR and began to try to find the line to make the pass.
Thornsberry was very patient riding behind Carrier JR just waiting for
either a slip up by one of the leaders or Carrier JR to pull along side and
then make his move but the top three ran a very good race between three very
equally matched cars the top three ran so close that you cloud have threw a
blanket over them. In the end though the 10 of Paul Harris from Prestonsburg
KY was able to hold off the advances of his shadows and take his second
consecutive win at the track picking up the $2,000 check second was the 1 of
Eddie Carrier JR, third was the 17 of Shannon Thornsberry, fourth was the 1a
of Audie Swartz, fifth was the 10 of Raymond Nichols from Jeremiah KY, who
came from the 20th spot to the get a top five finish, sixth was the newcomer
No. 19 Marty Minix from Prestonsburg KY, who made a impressive run up
through the field starting in 15th and finishing sixth, seventh was the 37
of Herbie Barnett from Jackson KY who was able to move up from his
fourteenth starting position, eighth was the 41 another new face at HMS
Steve Littleton from Grayson KY who started 19th , ninth was the 16m of Greg
Kimper from Hyden KY, and rounding out the top ten was the 48 of Jimbo Ison
from Whiteburg KY.

Modified feature was next out with a full field of 24 cars taking the green
flag at the start on the pole was the 69 of Tim Moore from Logan WV and
along side was the 10c of Gary Combs JR from Oil Springs KY. At the start it
was the 10c of Gary Combs jumping to the early lead and the 69 of Tim Moore
falling into second, but after that things got a little wild.

The Modified division is so ultra competitive in this area and they are so
many in this area that any time they are a lot of cars on the track the fans
see a lot of side by side action that is why this division has such a large
fan base in this area but with the side by side action usually comes the
price of many wrecks and last Saturday night was know exception. The wrecks
was so frequent that the cars never had a chance to really get themselves
sorted out to where they had room to run so that complicated the wrecks with
several multi car wrecks that knocked out a lot of good running cars. But
when they was running the action was nothing less than awesome with side by
side battles all over the 100 ft. wide track and in big packs which is a
recipe for cautions. At the end of the race they were only 8 of the 24 cars
left on the track but in the end it was the 10c of Gary Combs surviving to
take the win, second was the B17 of Brandon Johnson form Salyersville KY,
third was the 13w of John Webb from Nicholasville KY, fourth was the 82 of
Randy Fouts from Kite KY, fifth was the 13 of Glen May from Allen KY, sixth
was the 135 of Clint Shutts from Prestonsburg KY, seventh was the 25 of Walt
Mayhabb from Campton KY, eighth was the 1x of Sidney Sprague from Lexington
KY, ninth was the 92 of Rick Miller from Berry KY, and rounding out the top
ten was the 7J of Jerry Rutherford.

Super Bomber feature was next with the 19 of Jamie Slone from Top Most KY
and 42 of Jim LeMaster from Salyersville KY on the front row, at the drop of
the green Slone jumped to the lead but he had plenty of company as LeMaster
kept the pressure on the entire race the battles behind the leaders were
good ones as with plenty of side by side action for positions but the front
two had the attention of many in attention as Slone had his hands full with
LeMaster, LeMaster tried several times to get a run on Slone but Slone
covered the position then on the 13th lap LeMasters persistency paid off as
something happed to Slone's car and he fell off the pace giving the lead to
LeMaster in which he would not relinquish over the next two laps to pick up
the win and end Slone's feature winning streak at four races. Second was the
17 of Gary Rager from Ulysses KY, third was the L13 of Arvil Campbell from
Hyden KY, fourth was the 660 of JR Hunley, fifth was the 64 of Terry Hicks
from Grayson KY, sixth was the 33 of Cory McKenzie from Paintsville KY,
seventh was the 65 of Claude Spitz from Inez KY, eighth was the 19 of Jamie
Slone from Top Most KY, ninth was the 7A of Glenn Patton from Pikeville KY,
and rounding out the top ten was the 43k of Kevin Hall.

Bomber feature had the 17 of Buck LeMaster and the 38A of Scooter LeMaster
both from Salyersville KY on the front row. On the start Buck LeMaster
jumped to the early lead with Scooter LeMaster in second on lap four the 81
of Benny Butcher from Boonscamp KY was able to scoot by Scooter to pick up
the second position as Scooter LeMaster headed to the pits with car troubles
bringing the 2x of Tandy Spurlock from Printer KY to third. As the laps
clicked off Butcher began to slide back loosing second to Spurlock and third
to the 25 of Albert Butcher from Inez KY and fourth was the J17 of James
Arnett on the 6th lap some things gat a little wild as the LeMaster saw some
a major shake up for the second on back as the J17 of James Arnett from
Salyersville moved from cruising along in fifth to second in one lap
followed by Spurlock, the 25 of Albert Butcher and the 81 of Benny Butcher
and that's the was it ended with the 17 of Buck LeMaster taking home another
Bomber feature win, second was the J17 of James Arnett, third was the 2x of
Tandy Spurlock, fourth was the 25 of Albert Butcher, fifth was the 81 if
Benny Butcher, sixth was the 34 of Tommy Lackey from Prestonsburg KY,
seventh was the 17 of David Cahffins from Allen KY, eighth was the 44 of
Greg Gibson ninth was the R7 of Arron Ratliff, and tenth was the 66 of Marty
Hamilton from Betsy Layne.

Road Hogs feature had the R77 of Randy Risner from Salyersville KY on the
pole and the R7 of Ryan Allen from Salyersville KY along side, as the green
waved the 84 of Joe Wooton from Hazard KY jumped to the early lead from his
fourth starting position but soon the R77 took the lead dropping Wooton to
second, and then the field strung out all over the 4/10th nile track making
for a quick efficient feature that saw the R77 of Randy Risner take the win
with the 84 of Joe Wooten in second, third was the 21k of Keith Williams
from Gapville KY, fourth was the B4U car of Wesley Bailey from West Liberty,
fifth was the 97 of Jared Hale from Prestonsburg KY, sixth was the CR17 of
Ronnie Cole JR from Salyersville KY, seventh was the R7 of Ryan Allen

4-Cylinder feature was the last race of the night and on the pole was the
18K of John D.I. Henson from Mousie KY and along side was the 47 of Chris
Combs from Isom KY. On the start Combs jumped out to the early lead with
Henson right in his tracks but on the 4th lap Henson made his move and took
the lead bringing the xxx of John Allen from Garrett KY along for the ride
but the next lap Combs was able to wrestle second back from Allen, the two
driver would swap second place several times during the ten laps race the
action behind the leaders was pretty intense as well, as cars fought for
positions and ran two and three wide all race long. In the end it was the
18k of D.I. Henson able to hold the lead and take the win with the xxx of
John Allen taking over the second place as they came to the white flag and
was able to second at the checkers, with the 47 of of Chris Combs running a
strong third, fourth was the 48 of Keith Anderson from Lucasville OH, fifth
was the 66a of James Combs from Isom KY, sixth was the 911 of Jason Hall
from Hindman KY, seventh was the 43e of Eric Hall who had a impressive run
from 24th to seventh, eighth was the 6 of Dillion Neace from Lost Creek KY,
ninth was the 18a of Phillip Joesph from Prestonsburg KY, and rounding out
the top ten was the 37 of Lee McKenzie from West Liberty KY.

This past weekend saw 3 of the 6 divisions at HMS have full 24 car fields
scheduled to start the feature. Over the first five weekends HMS car count
has grown from car counts in the mid 70's to the current car count of 115.
Next weekend HMS is planning on beginning hot laps at 6PM that means the
drivers meeting will be at 5:30 and the draw will be cut off at 5:15PM.

For More information on Half Mountain Speedway check out the official Half
Mountain Speedway website at for all of the
latest developments from the track.

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