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Author Topic:   Joey LaPrairie Went Green to Checkered To Win Suma Race
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posted September 23, 2001 12:17 PM UIN: 16262997
Joey LaPrairie Went Green to Checkered To Win Suma Race
Sue DuRoy September 22, 2001 Pike County Speedway
32 Modified's ran 5 heat races. Chad Williams won the first one by half the track, Jason Taylor took the second win after leading every lap. Third heat Jeff Martello led in the beginning then Joey LaPrairie battled with Martello for the lead lap after lap and finally got the lead and took the win. Jerry Cassano took the fourth heat and Davin Bates led every lap of the fifth heat. Brant Tirello and Phil Cooper won the two last chance races.
LaPrairie led the 20 car field off four for the start of the SUMA feature. Chad Williams ran second followed by Jason Taylor and Jerry Cassano. Cassano tried to get third from Taylor and spun earning a trip to the rear. Taylor, Williams and Tony Henry ran three wide for second. Chad Williams running second spun and had to tag the rear on the restart. Taylor took over second.. The Tony Henry car running third died on the back straightaway. Jerry Cassano had worked his way halfway through the field when he scraped the front wall and retired to the pits. Coming for the white flag Brant Tirello took second from Jason Taylor. LaPrairie took the win followed by Brant Tirello who started 15th, Jason Taylor, Dougie Murphy and JD Henry.
Novice B main Fred Hastings led every lap and scored the win followed by Tudy Jackson and Joey Wilton.
Novice A main Gary Pettit took the lead he held it four laps then slipped coming off turn two and drifted up and three cars got by. Robert Petit took the lead. Terry Lee moved into second then fell off the pace and Claude Thigpen took over second. Thigpen could not catch the leader Petit all he could do is watch him get further away, Robert Petit went on to win his first feature followed by Thigpen, Jerry Arnold swiftly moved into third, Stephen Polk fourth and LeeRoy Callender fifth. Heat winners were Gary Pettit and Robert Petit.
Rusty Cooper took the early lead in the pure stock feature followed by Jimmy Stephens. Stephens got a nose under Cooper but couldn't make the pass. Cooper took the win , Stephens second, Walter Perry moved up the field to take third, Ryan Whitehead fourth and Mike Carter fifth. David Brown and Rusty Cooper took the heat wins.
Charles Sibley and Doyle Bratton took the Super Stock heat wins. Sibley took the lead on the start followed by a side by side battle between Doyle Bratton and Donald Collins. For second. Robert Morel moved into fourth. Morel tried to get under Collins to take second away and Collins went up in a cloud of blue smoke. On the restart it was Sibley, Morel and Tim Thornton moved into third. Kenny Montz moved into fifth then spun on the back straightaway and had to go to the rear on the restart. Robert Morel spun but didn't cause a yellow he turned around and got underway. The leader Sibley broke in four and sat up by the guard rail. Tim Thornton took over as leader. Coming around for the checkered Sibley slid down the track and sat in the middle of turn four, but everyone missed him. Tim Thornton won his first feature. Kevin Watts took second, Bryan Anthony third, Doyle Bratton fourth and Kenny Montz had worked his way back to finish fifth.
22 late models were divided into three heats. Marlon Wild, Kevin Watts and Eric Courville took the wins. Kevin Watts and Marlon Wild ran an entire lap wheel to wheel for the lead till Watts took the lead. Watts went on to take the win followed by Larry Riter, Marlon Wild, David Ashley and Chris Wall.
Matthew Simeon started from the pole for the street stock feature. Ricky Price from o0utside the front row took the lead. Lap after lap Price had his hands full with Simeon. About halfway through the race Simeon started smoking back but he still chased Price trying to get the lead away. Price keep the lead and scored the win followed by Simeon, Randy Jamison, Tom Mader and Robert Ringo. Simeon and Price were the heat winners.

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