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posted September 23, 2001 12:17 PM UIN: 16262997

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Starting 12th in the 30-car field, Todd Andrews caught Gary Stuhler in traffic on lap 40 to take command and then never looked back in Hagerstown Speedway’s 27th Annual Turbo Blue Hub City National Open 150 held Saturday evening.

Andrews, of Eldred, Pa., who also won in 1999 while it was a daytime event, pocketed $10.000 for his commanding victory.

“Not too many guys can say they’ve won one race, let alone two,” said Andrews. “We’re in an elite group, I guess.”

With a number of quality cars and driver starting ahead of him, Andrews reviewed his notes and made changes he thought would fit the situation.

“We went back to our notes from a year ago when I won the Conococheague here,” he said. “I’ve been here three or four times since then and I’d never been that good. We went back to where we were for that that race. The car was real close to where it was then and the track conditions actually got similar to that night too. It really played into my hands.”

Winners in other open competition events included Daryl Kendall of St. Thomas, Pa., who won the open competition semi late/late model sportsman event for his first of the season. Kenny Dillon of Hanover, Pa. led all the way to record his second season victory in the V8 pure stock event. Eric Mellott of Needmore, Pa. inherited the lead with four laps remaining to get his first season four cylinder win.

Following driver introductions, Nathan Durboraw and Gary Stuhler, the events quick timers, began the show with Durboraw leading two circuits before Stuhler pulled ahead on lap three. Stuhler showed the way until Durboraw got past lead another three circuits beginning on the 24th.

Andrews, heading to the front, passed Roy Deese Jr. for third on the 32nd lap, and then got past Durboraw on the 37th. He quickly caught Stuhler in traffic and took advantage and the lead on lap 41.

In the second 50-lap segment, Deese moved into second on the 60th lap with Andrews 2.6 seconds ahead. Deese closed to two lengths by the 80th lap and made a stab at the lead with Andrews caught in traffic. Andrews quickly slipped away while Deese and Durboraw returned to their battle for second.

With the final 50 laps to take all, six lapped cars separated Andrews, Deese, Durboraw and Stuhler from Scott Cross and Jeremy Miller in the next positions. Following a 129th lap restart, Andrews maintained a 2.5 second lead over Durboraw with an almost like distance to Stuhler as Deese slid to a straightaway behind. Andrews caught traffic and lapped the seventh and eighth place cars in the final two laps as Durboraw closed to 1.6 seconds at the finish. Stuhler and Deese were next to the stripe with Cross getting fifth after holding off the challenges of C.S. Fitzgerald, restarting from the rear on the 52nd lap. Marvin Winters ended seventh over **** Barton, who started 23rd. Frankie Plessinger and Devin Friese completed the top ten.

Plessinger, Miller, D.J. Myers, Winters and Friese won qualifying heats on Friday night while Barton, a guaranteed starter from Raceway 7, bettered his starting position by winning the 25 lap B main.

Andrews was a guaranteed starter from McKean County while Scott Haus (Port Royal) and Wesley Matthews (Clinton County) were the others.

Brad Houck led Marvin Winters and Kendall in the open competition event with Kendall passing Winters for second on lap seven. On the tenth lap, Kendall inherited the lead when Winters pitted with a flat while Houck simultaneously stopped with a blown head gasket. Kendall maintained a comfortable distance over Brad Kling to the end. At the scales, Kling weighed 15 # light and was disqualified, as was fourth finisher, Rick Steele. Bob Dunn advanced to second with Lauden Seigfried moving into third after edging Richard Walls at the finish. Winters came from the back to get fifth.

“You have to sit back and wait a little bit and see what goes on and see how the car reacts,” said Kendall, driving an older stock clip entry with a roof wing. “We only drive this car one time a year and it about wears me out.”

Kenny Dillon got the drop from the pole over Bruce Leibowitz to lead the pure stock event with Leibowitz momentarily leading the fourth lap until Dillon regained the position. Leibowitz received several challenges from Terry Carlisle and then dropped out with an engine problem on the 14th lap while Carlisle made a 360 degree spin off turn two on the resulting restart as the entire field drove by until he gathered it up and continued. Dillon led the final circuits with Chris Sumption and Bryan Kerns finishing in the next positions. Hans Stamburg came from 19th for fourth with Kris Eaton rounding the top five.

Josh Angle led Mellott from the pole in the four-cylinder feature as Angle suddenly was off the pace on the 11th lap and retired to the pits. Mellott set the pace for the final laps and held Larry Baker off by five lengths. Barry Hawbaker and Sam Smith were the only others to finish.

Hagerstown returns to action on Sunday, October 14, with the 15th Annual Hoosier Race of Champions for late models along with other regular divisions. Warm-ups will be at noon.

RESULTS: TURBO BLUE HUB CITY 150 (150 Laps): (Lap Leaders-Durboraw 1-2, 24-26; Stuhler 3-23, 27-40, Andrews 41-150): 1.Todd Andrews; 2.Nathan Durboraw; 3.Gary Stuhler; 4.Roy Deese Jr.; 5.Scott Cross; 6.C.S. Fitzgerald; 7.Marvin Winters; 8.**** Barton; 9.Frankie Plessinger; 10.Devin Friese; 11.Mike Johnson; 12.Scott Haus; 13.Jeremy Miller; 14.Buck Tomblin; 15.Jack Pencil; 16.Dale Kerstetter; 17.Donnie Farlling; 18.Wesley Matthews; 19.Bill Palmer; 20.Doug Burkholder; 21.Tommy Armel; 22.Larry Wright; 23.Brian Ruhlman; 24.Brent Smith; 25.Jim Bernheisel; 26.Steve Campbell; 27.D.J. Myers; 28.Wayne Johnson; 29.Mark Elksnis; 30.Billy Wampler; DNQ- Dan Stone, Mike Christopher, Terry Neitz, Rick Workman, Paul Crowl, Mike Lupfer, Tim Wilson, Erick Hons, Travis Dillman, Donnie Stephens, Bill Karp, Tim Gray, Brian Cochran, Robby Smith, DNS – Jonathan Dehaven, Brian Hack, Andy Anderson, Ray Kable Jr.


Lap Leaders – Brad Houck 1-10, Kendall 11-25): 1.Daryl Kendall; 2.Robert Dunn; 3.Lauden Seigfried; 4.Richard Walls; 5.Marvin Winters; 6.Dave Rice Jr.; 7.Jeff Kendall; 8.Todd Bowers; 9.Scott Sipe; 10.Ron Coverly; 11.Scott Palmer; 12.Justin Kann; 13.Nick Pappas; 14.Brad Houck; 15.Ken Taylor; 16.Will Fair; 17.Charlie Wittington; 18.James Mongan; DSQ – Brad Kling, Donnie Hedge, Rick Steele, DNS – Pete Weaver, Larry Baer, Austin Kirby

V8 PURE STOCK (20 Laps): (Lap Leaders – Dillon 1-3, 5-20, Leibowitz 4): 1.Kenny Dillon; 2.Chris Sumption; 3.Bryan Kerns; 4.Hans Stamberg; 5.Kris Eaton; 6.Denny Saunders; 7.Terry Carlyle; 8.John Huber; 9.Geroge Beckett; 10.Jesse Coleman; 11.Jim Snyder; 12.Tim Wyles; 13.Steve Marsh; 14.Jim Tony; 15.Bruce Leibowitz; 16.Dave Mikolawski; 17.Ronnie Dennis; 18.Sam Kaiser; 19.Mike Franklin; DNS – Mike Harvey, William Kerns.

FOUR CYLINDER (15 Laps): (Lap Leaders: Angle 1-11, Mellott 12-15): 1.Eric Mellott; 2.Larry Baker; 3.Barry Hawbaker; 4.Samuel Smith; 5.Josh Angle; 6.Rodney Lozier; 7.Michael Mason; 8.Michael Hawbaker; 9.Roy Hornbaker; 10.Michael Potts

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