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posted September 22, 2001 08:12 AM UIN: 16262997

HAGERSTOWN, MD - When the field for Hagerstown Speedway’s 27th Annual Hub City 150 $10,000 to win late model event takes the green flag for it’s first time ever under the lights Saturday night, it’ll be veterans Nathan Durboraw and Gary Stuhler heading the lineups.

Durboraw, who has won the event twice, in 1990 and 1996, along with Stuhler, who has won every major race at Hagerstown except the Hub City, were the two quick timers with respective 19.409 and 19.424 second laps.

Friday evening’s qualifications set 22 starting spots for the 30-car field. The 25 lap B main has Bill Palmer and Travis Dillman on the front row with 26 potential entries to advance four cars while another four gain entry as guaranteed starters or promoter choices.

Two of the four guaranteed starters who won qualification races at their home tracks have already qualified; Todd Andrews (McKean County) and Scott Haus (Port Royal). **** Barton (Raceway 7) and Wesley Matthews (Clinton County) will also be included in the field through the B or with their guaranteed spot.

Other qualifiers include Frankie Plessinger, Jeremy Miller, D. J. Myers, Marvin Winters, Devin Friese, Roy Deese Jr., Brian Ruhlman, C. S. Fitzgerald, Scott Cross, Todd Andrews, Doug Burkholder, Jack Pencil, Jim Bernheisel, Buck Tomblin, Brent Smith, Dale Kerstetter, Tommy Armel, Scott Haus, Steve Campbell and Mike Johnson.

Heat winners were Plessinger, Miller, Myers, Winters and Friese.

Fields are also set for the Open Competition Semi Late/Late Model Sportsman (25 Lap), V8 Pure Stock (20 Lap) and Four Cylinder (15 Lap) events with each going heads up as drawn by each divisions first heat race winner.

Brad Houck and Marvin Winters head the semi late/sportsman field. Kenny Dillon and Bruce Leibowitz sit on the front row for the pure stock event with Josh Angle and Eric Mellott in front for the four-cylinder feature. The third heat winners were Will Fair in the sportsman and Terry Carlisle in the pure stocks.

The 25 lap “B” main will be the first event on Saturday’s program to complete the late model field with race time set for 7:000 p.m.

TIME TRIALS: 1.Nathan Durboraw, 19.409; 2.Gary Stuhler, 19.424; 3.Roy Deese Jr., 19.479; 4.Jeremy Miller, 19.502; 5.D.J. Myers, 19.546; 6. Marvin Winters, 19.568; 7.Devin Friese, 19.649; 8.Frankie Plessinger, 19.705; 9.Jack Pencil, 19.713; 10.C.S. Fitzgerald, 19.715; 11.Scott Cross, 19.838; 12. Brent Smith, 19.850; 13.Doug Burkholder, 19.867; 14.Brian Ruhlman, 19.884; 15.Jim Bernheisel, 19.982; 16.Steve Campbell, 20.005; 17.Todd Andrews, 20.032; 18.Dale Kerstetter, 20.066; 19.Travis Dillman, 20.069; 20.Mike Lupfer, 20.085; 21.Rick Workman, 20.148; 22.Mike Johnson, 20.171; 23.Eric Hons, 20.239; 24.Dan Stone, 20.258; 25.Wayne Johnson, 20.286; 26.Buck Tomblin, 20.294; 27.Mark Elksnis, 20.325; 28.Bill Palmer, 20.343; 29.Tommy Armel, 20.489; 30.Scott Haus, 20.495; 31.Larry Wright, 20.532; 32.Terry Neitz, 20.563; 33.Brian Hack, 20.615; 34.Robby Smith, 20.634; 35.**** Barton, 20.676; 36.Billy Wampler,20l.715; 37.Jonathan Dehaven,20.907; 38.Tim Wilson, 20.931; 39.Michael Christopher, 21.003; 40.Brian Cochran, 21,050; 41.Paul Crowl,21.077; 42.Tim Gray, 21,392; 43.Bill Karp, 21.392; 44.Wesley Matthews, 21.523; 45.Dennis Stephens, 22.601; 46.Ray Kable Jr., NT; 47.Donnie Farlling, NT; 48, Andy Anderson, NT

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