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posted September 17, 2001 11:16 AM UIN: 16262997

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(Editors Please Note: Results and rundown for companion E-Modified, Pure
Stock and Amateur Stock events follow the STARS release)

(By Bret Emrick)

PITTSBURGH, PA (Sept. 16) - Chub Frank of Sugar Grove,PA captured his fifth
Renegade STARS DirtCar Racing Series sanctioned event of the season Sunday
pocketing $22,000 for his triumph of the "13th Annual Pittsburgher 100" at
Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway in Pittsburgh,PA. Driving the
Biscotti's Restaurant and Winery/Corry Lazer Technology/Corry Rubber/Draime
Racing Engines/Rocket Chassis No. 1* Frank Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo, the
defending Renegade STARS DirtCar Racing Series champion and current point
leader grabbed the lead on lap 11 and then held off 19th starting Scott
Bloomquist by a car length in a one lap dash to the finish for his first ever
"Pittsburgher 100" win. Rick Eckert rode home third with 15th starting Gary
Stuhler fourth and 23rd starting Mike Balzano fifth, earning him the
OUTERWEARS CO. "Hard Charger of the Race". Rounding out the top ten were
CARRERA SHOCKS "Challenge the Clock" time trial fast qualifier R.J. Conley in
sixth with Tim Hitt seventh followed by 18th starting Jack Pencil, Matt
Miller and John Flinner.

Starting from the pole by winning the ISKY RACING CAMS dash, Frank and Hitt
brought the 28 car starting field to the green flag with Hitt taking the lead
off of turn two with Frank, Steve Francis, D.J. Myers and Eckert trailing at
the end of the first lap. Hitt opened up a sizeable lead in the first five
circuits around "Dirt's Monster Half-Mile" but saw that lead shrink when he
entered lapped traffic one lap later. Frank ran Hitt down on lap 10 pulling
alongside of Hitt exiting turn two pulling in front on lap 11. Three laps
later the caution would wave as John Mason rolled to a stop in turn four with
a broken driveshaft. Mason and crew repaired the car but didn't return to
action until the mandatory halfway fuel stop.

Three laps after going back to green Frank had opened up a huge advantage
which Hitt lose second to Francis. Lap 19 saw the yellow wave again as Myers
slide high in turn four smacking the outside wall and dropping him from the
race. By lap 25 Frank was by himself with Francis and Eckert battling for
position with tenth starting Bart Hartman now fourth and Hitt fifth followed
by Stuhler in sixth then Flinner, Steve Shaver, Bloomquist and Conley. Frank
continued to cruise around the speedway as Francis and Eckert continued their
battle with Eckert taking the runner-up spot on lap 38. At the halfway fuel
stop the top ten rundown had Frank the leader with Eckert, Francis, Hartman
and Hitt the top five followed by Stuhler, Conley, Flinner, Shaver and

The race went back to green and stayed that way until lap 66 when **** Barton
stopped in turn two with a broken transmission. Frank continued to have his
way once the green replaced the yellow enjoying a nearly half track advantage
over Eckert with 25 laps to go with Hartman, Francis and Hitt trailing ahead
of Stuhler, Flinner, Bloomquist, Shaver and Conley. Francis worked his way
past Hartman for third on lap 82 and one lap later Hartman came to a stop in
turn three with a flat right rear tire. Hartman headed pitside but did not
return to the race. Four more laps were completed before the yellow waved
again when Shaver limped to a stop in turn two with a bad handling car and
retired from the race. With ten laps to go Frank saw his lead now down to ten
car lengths over Eckert with Bloomquist now up to third ahead of Francis and
Stuhler with Balzano now sixth ahead of Hitt, Conley, Miller and Rod Conley.
Before lap 91 could be completed Keith Barbara spun in turn one bringing out
yet another caution.

One lap after going back to green Bloomquist shot past Eckert for second and
began to run down Frank. Caution would wave again on lap 93 when Rod Conley
blew a right rear tire sliding to a stop in turn three. Frank stayed in front
of Bloomquist by three car lengths for the next few laps with Stuhler taking
fourth from Francis on lap 95 but before lap 96 could be recorded the yellow
lights came on again as Francis limped to a stop with a flat right rear. With
five to go Frank continued to keep Bloomquist at bay but Bloomquist came
right back at Frank with three to go inching to the outside of the leader
entering turn three but Frank kept his lead. With the white flag waving Frank
had a two car margin on Bloomquist as they headed down the backstretch but
the yellow was quickly back out when the lapped car of Bill Adler spun in
turn four setting up a one lap shoot-out. Frank stayed to the low groove as
Bloomquist worked the top groove exiting turn two but Frank was up to the
challenge as they raced off of turn four taking the checkered flag with
Bloomquist just inches from his rear bumper.

The two-day event, with a total purse in excess of $75,000, drew 79 drivers
to the high-banked 1/2 mile with R.J. Conley setting quick time of 19.665
seconds during the CARRERA SHOCKS "Challenge the Clock" time trials. Winning
the BRODIX INC. heat races were Frank, Shaver, Flinner, Mason and Hartman.
Day two racing saw the MASTERSBILT RACE CARS "B" Mains fall to Steve Baker,
Rick Aukland and Pencil while Frank copped the ISKY RACING CAMS dash.

2001 Renegade STARS DirtCar Racing Series Race Report for 9/15/01&9/16/01
Race No. 26-2001 Season-"13th Annual Pittsburgher 100"
Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway-Pittsburgh,PA-1/2 Mile Oval
$75,000 Purse-$22,000 To Win-100 Lap Feature

Showing Finish Pos.,Start Pos.,Car #,Driver,Laps Completed,Reason Out (if
any) and Purse Money Won

1. (1) #1* Chub Frank 100 Running $22,100
2. (19) #0B Scott Bloomquist 100 Running $7,040
3. (6) #24 Rick Eckert 100 Running $5,035
4. (15) #90 Gary Stuhler 100 Running $3,500
5. (23) #E1 Mike Balzano 100 Running $3,040
6. (5) #71C R.J. Conley 100 Running $2,540
7. (2) #28 Tim Hitt 100 Running $2,280
8. (18) #14 Jack Pencil 100 Running $1,740
9. (11) # 7 Matt Miller 100 Running $1,500
10. (8) #48 John Flinner 100 Running $1,400
11. (3) #15 Steve Francis 100 Running $1,360
12. (20) #71R Rod Conley 100 Running $1,240
13. (21) #5J Ronnie Johnson 99 Accident $1,210
14. (25) #4B Jackie Boggs 99 Running $1,200
15. (12) #84S Rodney Sweitzer 99 Running $1,150
16. (27) #84 Keith Barbara 99 Running $1,180
17. (7) #30 Steve Shaver 87 Handling $1,130
18. (10) #75 Bart Hartman 83 Tire $1,120
19. (14) #28B **** Barton 66 Transmission $1,100
20. (9) #72 John Mason 64 Running $1,000
21. (16) #0S Steve Baker 63 Tires $1,040
22. (13) #1C Lynn Geisler 62 Handling $1,000
23. (17) # 1 Rick Aukland 57 Tires $1,040
24. (24) #42 Todd Andrews 43 Engine $1,040
25. (4) #70J D.J. Myers 19 Accident $1,050
26. (28) #99M Ben Miley 14 Handling $1,040
27. (26) #1J Davey Johnson 8 Handling $1,040
28. (22) #7A Bill Adler 97 DQ-Light At Scales $1,040

Time Of Race: 1 Hr. 27 Mins.
Yellow Flags: Eight-Laps 14,19,66,83,87,93,96,99
Red Flags: One-Lap 50 (Mandatory Fuel Stop)
Lap Leaders: Two-Hitt 1-10,Frank 11-100
TEAM SIMPSON RACING "Lucky Seven Award": Hitt
OUTERWEARS CO. "Hard Charger of the Race": Balzano
ROCKET CHASSIS "Rookie of the Race": Miller
Provisional Starters: Boggs,D. Johnson,Barbara,Miley
Car Count: 79
CARRERA SHOCKS "Challenge the Clock" Time Trial Award: R.J. Conley 19.665
BRODIX INC. Heat Race Winners: Frank,Shaver,Flinner,Mason,Hartman
SCOTT PERFORMANCE WIRE Heat Race Bonus Winner: None
MASTERSBILT RACE CARS "B" Main Winners: Baker,Aukland,Pencil
ISKY RACING CAMS Dash Winner: Frank

BRODIX INC. Heat #1 (15 Laps): Frank,M. Miller,R.J. Conley,Bloomquist,M.
Johnson,Moran,Adler,D. Johnson,Wilmoth Jr.,Rhebergen,Close,Exposito,T.
Boggs,Crawford,NS-Moats (Top 3 advance to feature)
BRODIX INC. Heat #2 (15 Laps): Shaver,Francis,Barton,J. Miller,Briggs,R.
Johnson,Bare,B. Ruhlman,J. Boggs,Barbara,Troutman,Asel,Bradich,Phillips,
Schaltenbrand,NS-Adkins (Top 3 advance to feature)
BRODIX INC./SCOTT PERFORMANCE WIRE Heat #3 (15 Laps): Flinner,Eckert,
Stuhler,Pencil,Rd. Conley,Cecere,D.J. Miller,Dandy Jr.,Anderson,C.
Ruhlman,Ferree,Spencer,Armbruster,S. Conley,Jy. Johnson,Jones (Top 3 advance
to feature)
BRODIX INC. Heat #4 (15 Laps): Mason,Sweitzer,Hitt,Elson,Andrews,Aukland,
(Top 3 advance to feature)
BRODIX INC. Heat #5 (15 Laps): Hartman,Geisler,Myers,Balzano,Britsky,
Zarin,Wonderling,Lobb,Lepro,Carnahan,Cunningham,Je. Johnson,Heim,Laraway,
Puz (Top 3 advance to feature)
MASTERSBILT RACE CARS "B" Main #1 (20 Laps): Baker,Bloomquist,Adler,Elson,
B. Ruhlman,Laraway,Anderson,Wilmoth Jr.,Phillips,Lobb,Cunningham,Cross,
Exposito,Britsky,Briggs,Jy. Johnson,Miley,Cecere,NS-Chupp,Troutman,Spencer,
Moats (Top 3 advance to feature)
MASTERSBILT RACE CARS "B" Main #2 (20 Laps): Aukland,Rd. Conley,Balzano,
Bare,Dandy Jr.,Ferree,J. Miller,Carnahan,Close,Dobroseilski,Wonderling,
Barbara,Wearing,S. Conley,Hysong,Bradich,Heim,D. Johnson,NS-Moran,Crawford,
Adkins (Top 3 advance to feature)
MASTERSBILT RACE CARS "B" Main #3 (20 Laps): Pencil,R. Johnson,Andrews,
J. Boggs,D.J. Miller,Stile,Rhebergen,Je. Johnson,Wade,Armbruster,Kowatic,
Zarin,Jones,Lepro,Asel,Puz,T. Boggs,M. Johnson,Durig,C. Ruhlman,NS-
Schaltenbrand (Top 3 advance to feature)
ISKY RACING CAMS Dash: Frank,Hitt,Francis,Myers,R.J. Conley,Eckert


Pittsburgh, PA. - (Sept. 14/15) Brent Rhebergen of Clymer, NY drove a
flawless race enroute to his first E-Modified win at Pittsburgh's PA Motor
Speedway Saturday night. Rhebergen swiftly moved from eighth to take the
lead on lap three of the 35 lap invitational, and held off the exciting late
race challenges of Morgantown, WV's Dave Groves to pocket the $1,000 first
prize. PPMS regulars Scott Gunn and Wayne Tessean were third and fourth
respectively, and Jr. Nolan completed the top five. Six through ten were
Darrell Schimmel, Russ Matejka, Fuzzy Stiffler, Russ Dunn and Logan
Dernoshek. Heats were won by Will Rowe, Jim Dandy Jr, and Larry Kugel. The
dash was taken by Dave Groves.
Carnegie's Rich Apolito capped off a spectacular season by winning the
highly competitive Arnold Landscaping/Hoosier Tire Ohio Valley Pure Stock
Invitational Friday evening. The victory was Apolito's 12th of the season at
PPMS. Bobby Whitling was a close second, Dave Beck was third, with Don
Gamble fourth and Scott Bochek fifth. Neal Isiminger finished sixth with
Gary Miller Jr, seventh, Darryl Robison eighth, Willie White ninth, and Craig
Kamicker rounded out the top ten. The three heat race winners were Don
Gamble, Bob Heim and Rich Apolito. Gamble was also the winner of the dash.
Butch Levandosky crossed the finish line first in the Tomei's
Towing/Schwartzmiller Ground Maintenance sponsored Amateur Stock
Invitational, but was disqualified in post race inspection, handing the win
to Aaron Fraser. Bobby Siemon wound up second, John Cain third, with Gabe
Hahka fourth and Robbie Torens fifth. Six through ten were Bob
Schwartzmiller, Jerry Nation, Glenn Knopp, Ken Puglisi and Harry Wielant.
Heat winners were Schwartzmiller and Joshua Langer.

Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway Race Summary
September 14, 2001
Pure Stock Invitational
Heat Race Winners: Don Gamble, Bob Heim, Rich Apolito
Dash: Don Gamble
Feature (30 Laps): 1) Rich Apolito, 2) Bobby Whitling, 3) Dave Beck, 4)
Don Gamble, 5) Scott Bochek, 6) Neal Isiminger, 7) Gary Miller, Jr. 8)
Darryl Robison, 9) Willie White, 10) Craig Kamicker, 11) Ed Cornell, 12)
Brian Scheller, 13) Frankie Schneider, 14) Wayne Johnson, 15) Butch
Lambert, 16) Jeff Buccella, 17) Bud Holben, 18) Shawn Bryan, 19) Rod
Lasury, 20) Joe Anthony, 21) Nick Reges, 22) John Hobbs, 23) Charlie
DiLoreto, 24) Charlie Holben, 25) Bob Heim, 26) Doug Foster, 27) Chuck
Sullivan Jr., 28) Ryan Marks, 29) Dave Ferringer, 30) Bob Betz, 31) Jeff
Walters, 32) Ernie Johnson (DNS) 33) John Muron (DNS) 34) Mike McCord (DNS)

Amateur Stock Invitational
Heat Race Winners: Bob Schwartzmiller, Joshua Langer
Feature (15 Laps): 1) Aaron Fraser, 2) Bob Siemon, 3) John Cain, 4) Gabe
Hahka, 5) Robbie Torrens, 6) Bob Schwartzmiller, 7) Jerry Nation, 8) Glenn
Knopp, 9) Ken Puglisi, 10) Harry Wielant, 11) Joshua Langer, 12) Davey
Lee, 13) Skeets Levandosky, 14) Butch Levandosky (DQ)

September 15, 2001
E-Modified Invitational
Heat Race Winners: Will Rowe, Jim Dandy Jr., Larry Kugel
Dash: Dave Groves
Feature (30 Laps): 1) Brent Rhebergen, 2) Dave Groves, 3) Scott Gunn, 4)
Wayne Tessean, 5) Jr. Nolan, 6) Darrell Schimmel, 7) Russ Matejka, 8)
Fuzzy Stiffler, 9) Russ Dunn, 10) Logan Dernoshek, 11) Stush Sadowski, 12)
Kurt Halbedl, 13) Kevin Decker, 14) Gary Richard, 15) Mike Altobelli, 16)
Kari Petrosky, 17) Mike Potosky, 18) Larry Kugel subbing in No. 74, 19)
Randy Hall, 20) Darryl Charlier, 21) Jack Smith, 22) Will Rowe, 23) Jeff
Broniszewski, 24) Jerry Siemons, 25) Jr. Green, 26) Jim Dandy Jr. 27)
Dale Fuller, 28) Matt Smith, 29) Pat Otteni, 30) Mike Anderson (DNS), 31)
Larry Kugel (in No. 0) DNS

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