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posted September 17, 2001 11:15 AM UIN: 16262997

After many years of trying and a very successful career in Eastern Iowa Modified circles, Ron Barker finally conquered the one race he wanted by dominating the 24th Annual Yankee Dirt Track Classic. Capturing his heat race in which over 50 drivers were scrapping for the 28 starting positions, Barker's only blemish during the weekend was a second place finish to Mike Garland in the fast dash.

Using the cushion to rocket around the track, Barker beat Garland into the first corner of the 25 lap race and never looked back. Garland hit the turn two wall in pursuit of Barker on the third lap, ending his evening. Scott Megonigle took up the chase when racing resumed with Robbie Verbeck and Jason Schueller in tow from their fifth and seventh place starting positions. Megonigle kept his car in the same line as Barker on the top of the racetrack while Schueller choose the very bottom of the high banks to make his run to the front. Running door to door throughout the mid portions of the event, Megonigle and Schueller thrilled fans until two laps to go when Megonigle lightly tapped the turn two wall and slid back into the third spot. Verbeck kept his car close to the leaders but was unable to capitalize on Megonigle's miscue, placing fourth ahead of Larry Herring.

Jim Brokus topped the Pro Stock portion of the Yankee Dirt Track Classic on Friday evening, taking the lead away from polesitter Chad Simpson on the twelfth of twenty laps and benefiting from a late race restart scramble. Brokus started on the outside of the front row but fell in behind Simpson on the drop of the green. Fending off a brief challenge from John Maher, Brokus went to work on the third lap and began closing in on Simpson, closing in and taking the lead nine laps later. A restart two laps later provided Brokus' biggest challenge when Dan Shelliam dove underneath the leader from fifth on the restart but failing to take over the top spot when the cars exited the second corner. Lap sixteen saw the final restart and clear sailing to the finish when contact between the second through fifth place cars forced everyone to check up to regain control while Brokus sped away. Shelliam recovered first to take home second ahead of Bobby Moyer, Maher and Simpson.

TJ Leslein shadowed Duane Ahmann throughout the Hobby Stock main event, but wasn't declared the winner until after the checkers, when Ahmann's car failed post-race tech inspection. Jeff Rienert crossed the stripe behind Leslein to finish second, ahead of Kory Haverly, Jerry Miles and Ed McIntyre. Chad Hallahan proved his 2001 Season Championship was no fluke by taking home the fun car honors ahead of Russ Yonkovic and Ray Fawcett while Becky Roth started out the 4 day event by becoming the first female Yankee Dirt Track Classic Champion in 4 cylinder action.

The Silver Anniversary 25th Annual Yankee Dirt Track Classic is scheduled for September 11th to 14th 2002. For more information, please contact Simmons Promotions at 563-744-3620 or on the internet at For raceday updates and instant results upon completion please call your local McLeod USA InTouch directory category #3740 or #3741.


1. 37b Ron Barker Dubuque
2. 3 Jason Schueller Dubuque
3. m2 Scott Megonigle Cedar Rapids
4. 60 Robbie Verbeck Annawan IL
5. 96 Larry Herring Lone Tree
6. 16 Ryan Dolan Lisbon
7. 26p Kevin Pittman Waterloo
8. 33w Steve Wetter Platteville WI
9. 37 Todd Stoolman West Branch
10. 74 Scott Nesteby Asbury
11. 4 Jerry Miles Dubuque
12. 1 Dan Chapman Clarence
13. 2h Rick Hixson Orion IL
14. 08 Mike Miller Freeport IL
15. 10 Jed Hurst Hazel Green WI
16. m50 Jim Sandusky Davenport
17. 36 Leroy Brenner Davenport
18. 00 Josh Vinnedge Forreston IL
19. 27 Mark Schulte Delhi
20. 111 Scott Holbert Freeport IL
21. 66 Dan Bohr Davenport
22. d55 Scott Lemke Davis Junction IL
23. 5d Bob Dominacki Bettendorf
24. 1a Kelly Meyer Wheatland
25. 72 Rich Lewis Kewanee IL
26. 64 Bret Frieden Cedar Rapids
27. g1 Mike Garland Morrison IL
28. b3 Russ Olson Cedar Rapids

1. 35 Jim Brokus Dubuque
2. 16 Dan Shelliam Hazel Green WI
3. 25 Bobby Moyer Dubuque
4. 69 John Maher West Branch
5. 25s Chad Simpson Marion
6. 12 Jeff Tharp Dubuque
7. 20 Ty Kleiner Potosi WI
8. 91 Rich Pica Prarie Du Chein WI
9. 2r Rusty Daufeldt Blue Grass
10. 36 Jason Gingrich Grandview
11. 18 Brian Culbertson Dubuque
12. s1 Steve Hunter Hopkinton
13. 7 Larry Johnson Freeport IL
14. 77 Darren Plett Davenport
15. 80 Jerry Hedrick Tipton
16. 33 Randy Franzen Maquoketa
17. 89 John Irwin Lost Nation
18. 2k Jeff Kennedy Dubuque
19. 4 Kevin Duerr Scales Mound IL
20. 56 Andy Eckrich Cosgrove
21. 56x Jamie Pfieffer Freeport IL
22. 5w Scott Welsh Cedar Rapids
23. 37c Roger Ciesielski Waterloo
24. 41 Jeremiah Hurst Dubuque
25. 57 Rod Clemeron Vinton


1. 38 TJ Leslein Durango
2. 97 Jeff Reinert Farley
3. 44 Kory Haverly Anamosa
4. 23m Jerry Miles Dubuque
5. 28 Ed McIntyre Delhi
6. 2b Bill Butteris Lisbon
7. 23x Jason Udelhofen Platteville WI
8. 81 KC Ansel Dubuque
9. 13 Larry Benn Earlville
10. 7b Randy Benn Dyersville
11. 20 Dan Albright Lisbon
12. 42v Darrin Voss Wilton
13. 59 Mike Hughes Galena IL
14. 99 CJ Ormsby West Liberty
15. 61 Scott Riechers Belmont WI
16. 8k Jerry Merkes Farley
17. 97x Robert Barnes Letts
18. 33 Jim Turpin Shullsberg WI
19. 23 Dennis Etten Dickeyville WI
20. 83 Rob Petsche Centralia
21. 0 Stan O'Brien Cedar Rapids

30 Mark Massey Farley
29 Dave Wada Muscatine
98 Duane Ahmann Epworth

1. 1f Jason Freisen Sutton NE
2. 21h Brian Harris Davenport
3. 11 Ace Ihm Keiler WI
4. 45e Tommy Elston Keokuk
5. 56 Gary Webb Blue Grass
6. 6d Doug Nigh Davenport
7. 99j Johnny Johnson West Burlington
8. 28c Jeff Aikey Cedar Falls
9. 99d Darrall DeFrance Marshaltown
10. 20 Gary Russell Biggsville IL
11. 78 Dale Stolte Springville
12. 42 Tom Darbyshire Morning Sun
13. 42r Fred Remley Blue Grass
14. 72 Brad Osborn Janesville
15. 85 Kelly Tapper Boone
16. 90 Mike Cothron Moline IL
17. 73 Greg Kastli Waterloo
18. 25s Chris Smyser Lancaster MO
19. 5 Brenton Slocum Burlington
20. 39 Rob Toland Hillsdale IL
21. 7 Mark Burghtorf Quincy IL
22. 66 Bob Dominacki Bettendorf
23. 20m Ron Gustaf Moline IL
24. 75 Billy Tuckwell Washington IL
25. 18b Steven Borts Ames
26. 53 LeRoy Brenner Davenport
27. 95 Ed Sanger Postville
27 Darin Burco Independence

1. 7 Chad Hallahan Dubuque
2. 38 Russ Yonkovic Dubuque
3. 64 Ray Fawcett Benton WI
4. 26 John Merfeld Dubuque
5. 89 Kelly Welter Farley
6. 70 Lance Mish Cassville WI
7. b4 Brian Dirks Anamosa
8. 67 Brian Helle Lancaster WI
9. 30 Don Hughes Monticello
10. 6 Mike Rymarz Prarie Du Chein WI
11. 1 Bill Hallahan Dubuque
12. 66 Brad Strang Dubuque
13. 33h Joe Huenfeld Platteville WI
14. 98 Terry Turpin Lancaster WI
15. 44 BJ Schmitt Dubuque
16. 22x Chuck Schnering Platteville WI
17. 20x Mike Wild Dubuque
18. 33 Nick McElmeel Dubuque
19. 12t Tim Current Maquoketa
20. 00 Brian Hubbard Platteville WI

1. 21 Luke Merfeld Dubuque
2. 3 Josh McGowan Vinton
3. 12n Terry Neal Ely
4. 32d Darren Miller Chadwick IL
5. 39 Rob Toland East Moline IL
6. 78 Rick Wendling Hazelton
7. 95 Ed Sanger Postville
8. 98.1 Bobby Hansen Dike
9. 7 Greg Hunter Independence
10. 1d Bob Dominacki Bettendorf
11. 51x Mel Abels Freeport IL
12. 8 Mark Merfeld Dubuque
13. 27 Bob Silaggi Freeport IL
14. 78b Cory Best Waterloo
15. 17 Marty Scheckel Bellevue
16. 70 Max Corporon Marion
17. 45 John Kresser
18. 51 Matt Furman Iowa City
19. 61r Jon Rogers Freeport IL
20. 21x Michael Recker Waterloo
21. 15 Cam Granger West Union
22. 77 Jeff Aikey Cedar Falls
23. 23d Dana Wells Moscow
24. 79 Darren Mish Cassville WI
25. 32 Tom Cannon Iowa City
26. 30 Gus Hughes Monticello
27. 4 Jim Aschenbrenner Waterloo
28. 86 Rick Dralle Waterloo
29. 11 Ace Ihm Hazel Green WI


1. 69 Becky Roth
2. 99.3 Mark Jaeger
3. 31 Jason Roth
4. 5 Norb Ahlers
5. 1 Mark Thul
6. 71 Ken Pergande
7. 95 Darrell Huebby

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