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Author Topic:   Pokorski Wins EWSC A-Main
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posted September 16, 2001 10:57 PM UIN: 16262997
Pokorski Wins EWSC A-Main
Ostrowski, Schmidt, Gilles Crowned Champs

by Sheila Karstaedt

Plymouth, WI
September 15, 2001

The race night started out with a memorial service to remember those who lost their lives, were injured or lost a loved one or

friend in the terrorist attacks in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC. After qualifying, all pit personnel circled the track

while Sheboygan's VFW Post Color Guard presented the flag as Rachael Fiedler sand the National Anthem. Keith Borth carried

the black flag in honor of the victims. EWSC Board of Directors and Local Law Enforcement Personnel led the Pledge of

Allegiance followed by a tape of "Old Glory". "God Bless America" was sung by everyone and a memorial prayer was said by the

Rev. Martino Sanders. "God Bless the USA", by Lee Greenwood, was played at the conclusion of the Memorial Service. The

Maple Tree donated red, white and blue ribbons.

Paul Pokorski of West Bend won the EWSC 40 lap Winged Super Modified A-Main sponsored by Sheboygan's Country B93.7

FM on this championship night of racing.

Manitowoc's Kris Hansen took the lead from the pole position. On lap 2, Tim Melis, Plymouth, and Waldo's Matt VanWyk got

together in turn 2, tipping Melis on his side. Melis would be retired for the rest of the evening. Hansen led the pack followed by

Ben Schmidt of Cedar Grove, Oostburg's Brian Portschy, Butch Hafemann, Campbellsport, and Plymouth's Dave Deicher.

Schmidt took control of the race on lap 4 only to be slowed down on lap 5 by the yellow flag when Craig Perko, Plymouth, and

Milwaukee's Pete Ostrowski had a slight altercation. Schmidt set the pace being chased by Hansen, Portschy, Gary Laack of

Glenbeulah, and Hafemann. By lap 14, Schmidt was encountering lapped traffic and Pokorski, now in 2nd, was running him

down. Pokorski caught Schmidt on lap 20 and took possession of first place.

Kiel's Billy Kreutz brought out the yellow flag on lap 33 when his ride stopped in turn 2. The restart saw Pokorski being chased

by Laack, Ostrowski, KenJay Fiedler of Sheboygan Falls, and Grafton's Dennis Klumb. Pokorski would outrun the rest of the field

and go on to claim his first A-Main victory of the year. Following Pokorski to the line was Ostrowski, Laack, Klumb, and

Plymouth's Tim McMullen.

Fast time was set by Laack with a lap of 14.710 seconds and the Tuschl Septic Systems Hard Charger Award was claimed by

Ostrowski, passing 10 cars. The 2001 Tuschl Septic Systems Hard Charger Award also went to Ostrowski, passing 81 cars in

the feature events for the year. Ostrowski also claimed the 2001 EWSC track championship.

It came down to the 30 lap Limited Late Model feature to determine the 2001 track champion. Vying for the championship was

Plymouth's Dan Dippel and Charlie Schmidt, Cedar Grove, coming into the night tied for first with Oostburg's JJ Walvoord close

behind and within striking distance. Walvoord would not be able to race because of an injury sustained last week in a crash.

Taking the controls for Walvoord was Randy Harshbarger.

Jim Schmidt of Cleveland set the pace from the pole in the cautionless race. Sheboygan Falls John Scharenbroch took over

on lap 5 and would not look back. Crossing the line behind Scharenbroch was Henry Dickmann, Sheboygan, Charlie Schmidt,

Sheboygan Falls Tim Carman, and Harshbarger.

Fast time was set by Rick Thompson of Campbellsport with a lap of 17.205 and the Bob Akright Memorial Hard Charger Award

went to Dippel and Harshbarger for passing 7 cars each. The 2001 Bob Akright Memorial Hard Charger Award was claimed by

Dippel for passing 98 cars for the season. Charlie Schmidt was crowned the 2001 track champion in the Limited Late

Model division.

The 25 lap Super Stock feature saw Oostburg's Mark Scholten take the lead. The only caution of the race was on lap 11 when

the car of Ben Schmidt, Plymouth, stopped on the track. On the restart, Scholten paced the field, being followed by

Sheboygan's Bob Duncan, Paul Perronne, Plymouth, Hingham's Terry McCoy, and Jeff Leonhard of Sheboygan. Scholten went on

to take home the checkered flag being followed by McCoy, Sheboygan Falls Todd Jensema, Donny Kulow, Plymouth, and Elkhart

Lakes Jeff Muehlbauer.

Fast time was set by Brian Goetsch of Sheboygan and the WHBL Hard Charger Award went to Muehlbauer. The WHBL 2001

Hard Charger Award went to Sheboygan Falls Brian Genske. Brian Gilles, Plymouth, claimed the 2001 Super Stock track


Cedar Grove's Billy Hafemann took control of the 15 lap Winged Super Modified B-Main and never looked back. Chad Kistner of

New Holstein brought out the caution flag on lap 2 when he spun in turns 3 and 4. Hafemann was being chased by Kiel's Billy

Kreutz, Tony Wondra, West Bend, Greenbush's Dave Becker, and Matt VanWyk of Waldo.

Another caution came out on lap 3 when Wondra lost power on the track and stopped in turn 1. The ride of Plymouth's Bob

Brion brought out the caution on lap 13 when he came to a stop in turn 2. Hafemann was still setting the pace followed by Kreutz,

VanWyk, Becker, and Fred Clatt, Sheboygan Falls.

On the restart, the car being piloted by Butch Wondra and Waldo's Lee Mohs got tangled and brought out the last caution of

the race. Hafemann would go on to victory lane followed by Kreutz, VanWyk, Clatt, and Becker.

The 15 lap Limited Late Model semi-feature saw only 2 cautions. Chad Espen of Kewaskum jumped out to the lead. The first

caution of the race came out on lap 11 for debris on the track. The restart saw Espen being hounded by Waldo's Jason Parrish,

Jeremy Becker of Kiel, Sheboygan Falls Dave Schaetzer, and Tom Schmitzer.

The second caution of the race was for several cars getting tangled together. The cars of Nate Ruh, Elkhart Lake, Schaetzer,

Sheboygan Falls Matt Yancey, and Steve DeKerf were involved. The restart saw Espen, Becker, Parrish, Schmitzer, and Chilton's

Robert Cullen fighting for the win. Espen would go on to take the checkered flag.

Tony Ehaney of Sheboygan took the lead from the pole until lap 2 when Kiel's Jeremy Bushman took control. Mike Humphrey,

Sheboygan brought out the caution on lap 6 when he spun on the track. Bushman set the pace being followed by Sheboygan's

Chad Ninmer, and Josh Gierke of Kiel. On the restart, Oshkosh's Victor Ducet spun bringing out the caution again.

The cars of Frankie Formiller, Oshkosh, Ehaney, Sheboygan's Brian Goetsch, and Kyle Odekirk, Plymouth, got together on lap

7 and brought out the yellow flag. The time limit for the race had now been reached and it would go green, white, checkered.

Bushman was being hounded by Ninmer, Gierke, Belgium's Bob Albinger, and Mike TeStrote, Sheboygan. Ninmer would take the

lead from Bushman and go on to win.

The Mighty 4's saw an interesting start to the race when a dog ran down the backstretch. Getting the dog off the track safely

and getting the cars lined back up, the green flag fell. Jeremy Sauter took the lead until lap 8 when General Manager, Sara Brion,

Plymouth, got sideways on two wheels and almost put her car on its top. On the restart, Plymouth's Duane Dippel flipped on his

side. After getting that mishap cleaned up, Tammy Dickmann, Sheboygan, spun on the backstretch bringing out the yellow once

again. Jeremy Sauter went on to win followed by Sheboygan's Roger Borth (driving for Tim Sauter), Dennis Moehring, and Rich

Miske of Belgium.

The Mighty 4's 2001 track champion is Rich Miske.

Next week the Winged Super Modifieds and the Limited Late Models will be racing at the Sheboygan County Fairgrounds with

the IRA Sprint Cars.


Winged Super Modifieds

Heat 1: 1. Dennis Klumb 2. Lee Mohs 3. Billy Hafemann
Heat 2: 1. Pete Ostrowski 2. Kris Hansen 3. Bob Brion
Heat 3: 1. Tony Wondra 2. Butch Hafemann 3. KenJay Fiedler
B-Main: 1. Billy Hafemann 2. Billy Kreutz 3. Matt VanWyk 4. Fred Clatt 5. Dave Becker 6. Jeff Fritz 7. Chad Kistner 8. Craig Perko
A-Main: 1. Paul Pokorski 2. Pete Ostrowski 3. Gary Laack 4. Dennis Klumb 5. KenJay Fiedler 6. Tim McMullen 7. Butch Hafemann 8. Kris Hansen 9. Dave Deicher 10. Billy Hafemann
Fast qualifier: Gary Laack............14.710

Limited Late Models

Heat 1: 1. Keith Borth 2. Scott Haugstad 3. Dan Dippel
Heat 2: 1. Charlie Schmidt 2. Mark Dingel 3. Rick Thompson
Heat 3: 1. Chad Espen 2. Richard Hed 3. Terry Goetsch
Heat 4: 1. Nate Ruh 2. Robert Cullen 3. Tim Warner
Feature: 1.John Scharenbroch 2. Henry Dickmann 3. Scott Haugstad 4. Dave Herr 5. Steve Ziegelbauer 6. Mark Zimmermann
7. Mark Dingel 8. Keith Borth 9. Dan Dippel 10. Randy Harshbarger
Semi-feature: 1. Chad Espen 2. Jeremy Becker 3. Jason Parrish 4. Tom Schmitzer 5. Steve DeKerf
Fast qualifier: Rick Thompson........17.205

Super Stocks

Heat 1: 1. Todd Jensema 2. Terry McCoy 3. Dean Horneck
Heat 2: 1. Mike Plate 2. Brian Genske 3. Bradley Ruh
Heat 3: 1. Steve Schad 2. Ben Schmidt 3. Luke Scholten
Heat 4: 1. Mike Humphrey 2. Mike TeStrote 3. Bob Albinger
Feature: 1 Mark Scholten 2. Terry McCoy 3. Todd Jensema 4. Donny Kulow 5. Jeff Muehlbauer 6. Doug Teunissen 7. Brian Kaat
8. Brian Gilles 9. Luke Scholten 10. Paul Perronne
Semi-feature: 1. Chad Ninmer 2. Jeremy Bushman 3. Don Maquissee 4. Mike/Dale Damrow 5. Bob Albinger
Fast qualifier: Brian Goetsch.........19.392

Mighty 4's

1. Jeremy Sauter 2. Roger Borth (driving for Tim Sauter) 3. Dennis Moehring 4. Rich Miske

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