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posted September 16, 2001 12:49 PM UIN: 16262997

HAGERSTOWN, MD - Roy Deese Jr. knew he had to finish in front of six-time
champion Nathan Durboraw to capture his third straight ITSI late model
championship and that‘s what the Odenton, MD driver did. He not only finished
ahead of Durboraw, he made sure that he won the track title by winning the
final points race of the year at the Hagerstown Speedway Saturday night.

"I'm here with mixed emotions, my heart is out to the people in New
York," said Deese after his third win of the year. "We worked hard to get
this thing in Victory Lane. I tried to race smart early, but I saw Nathan
coming into fifth place, then Charlie (Schaffer) came around on the outside
and I figured its time to get racing and get this under my belt. The car got
better the longer I went. I tell you Nathan is one of the best in the
business coming through traffic. This is the first time we got this new motor
from Saminkow working, it hauled us down the straightaway tonight. I am also
glad to get MastersBilt race cars back in Victory Lane too."

In other action, Larry Baer of Dover, PA made his first visit to
Hagerstown a profitable one as he came through the field from the 19th
starting spot to win the 20-lap Hoosier Tire/Mid-Atlantic late model
sportsman feature. In the 15-lap Ernie's Salvage Yard pure stock feature,
Brian Miller's engine let go in a cloud of smoke on the final lap, but
managed to drift across the finish line in front to record his fourth win of
the year. Bruce Leibowitz of Reisterstown had his engine erupt in flames
during the qualifying heat, but was able to get a ride in Kenny Dillon's car
to start the feature and earn enough points to claim his first track
championship. Josh Angle of Stateline, PA edged out Marcus Van Meter for his
sixth win and his first track championship in the 10-lap 4-cyl pure stock
main event.

Drivers went through the stands during intermission and collected over
$1300 for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Contributions can be mailed to
the Red Cross at 113 S. Prospect Street, Hagerstown, Md 21740.

In the late model feature, Roy Deese Jr. started seventh as Ray Kable Jr.
set the pace from the pole for one lap before giving way to Mark Elksnis.
Frankie Plessinger grabbed the lead from Elksnis on lap six as Deese moved
into second. Charlie Schaffer turned up the heat and took over second on lap
eight and passed Plessinger for the lead on the next circuit as Nathan
Durboraw, who started 19th, was now in fourth right behind Deese. With
Durboraw on his bumper, Deese picked up his pace and passed Plessinger for
second on lap 12 and two laps later passed Schaffer for the lead. By the time
that Durboraw moved into second, Deese had opened too large a lead for
Durborow to overcome as Deese picked up the win and his third championship.
It was Deese's first win since March 26th. Durboraw finished second for the
Timber Wolf/Ernie's Salvage Yard Hard Charger Award and was followed by
Plessinger, Schaffer and 17th starting Scott Haus. Finishing out the top ten
were Wesley Bonebrake, Kable, Devin Friese, Tim Booth and 22nd starting Rick
Workman. J&K Toys heat winners for the 34 cars were Kable, Deese and Buck
Tomblin. Durboraw won the consolation.

Larry Baer started 19th in the late model sportsman feature as Scott
Palmer led the field from the pole until lap four when 2001 champion Marvin
Winters moved on top. But during the caution on lap 10, Winters car erupted
in flames ending his night and turning the lead back to Palmer. On the
restart, Palmer was able to hold on to the lead for one lap before giving way
to Richard Walls as Scott Richwine and Larry Baer moved into contention.
Walls set the pace with Palmer, Richwine and Baer battling it out three wide
right behind the leader. Palmer moved back on top on lap 16 and with two laps
remaining the caution was waved . Palmer led the field on the restart with
Walls, Baer and Richwine right behind. The four cars went three and four wide
as Palmer bobbled enough for Baer to grab the lead on the final lap for the
win. Walls, Palmer, Richwine and Will Fair finished off the top five. Fred
Harden came back from a first lap pile-up to finish sixth with Dave Rice Jr.
coming from 20th for seventh. Scott Sipe, Pete Weaver and Barry Miller
rounded out the top ten. Heat winners for the 29 sportsman were Winters, Fair
and Weaver. Baer won the consi and received the St. Thomas Towing Hard
Charger Award.

In the pure stock feature, Ronnie Dennis grabbed the early lead from the
outside pole. Eugene Conlee quickly moved through the field from his 11th
starting spot to take the lead on the fifth lap. Brain Miller, who started
10th, moved into second on the ninth lap and moved into the lead when
Conlee's motor began to missfire. Dennis came back to challenge Miller, but
was unable to overtake the leader as Miller's car came across the finish line
throwing out clouds of smoke for the win. Following Miller and Dennis were
Denny Saunders, Keith Reed and Jim Snyder. Heat winners for the 28 cars were
Saunders, Jeff Bennett and Kenny Dillon. Frank Dibella won the Turners
Bowling Centers Hard Charger Award.

Only four points separated Marcus Van Meter and Josh Angle as the two
drivers made up the first row in the 4-cyl pure stock feature. VanMeter took
the lead from the pole with Angle right behind. The two cars were
nose-to-tail until lap eight when VanMeter fumbled enough for Angle to slip
by underneath for the lead. VanMeter came back on the next lap to move in
front after making contact with Angle, but Angle stayed in control and fought
back to edge Van Meter for the win. Eric Mellot was third with Randy Kline
and Bill VanMeter rounding out the top five.

Next week, Hagerstown will be in action both Friday and Saturday nights
for the Turbo-Blue Hub-City National 150. The late models, late model
sportsman/open competition semi-lates, pure stocks and 4-cyl pure stocks will
be in action. Race time on Friday is 8 P.M. and 7 P.M. on Saturday.
25-LAP ITSI LATE MODEL FEATURE: (34 Cars) Lap Leaders: Kable, 1; Elksnis,
2-5; Plessinger, 6-8; Schaffer, 9-13; Deese, 14-25. 1. Roy Deese Jr.; 2.
Nathan Durboraw; 3. Frankie Plessinger; 4. Charlie Schaffer; 5. Scott Haus;
6. Wesley Bonebrake; 7. Ray Kable Jr.; 8. Devin Friese; 9. Timmy Booth; 10.
Rick Workman; 11. C.S. Fitzgerald; 12. Dan Stone; 13. Jeff Smith; 14. Travis
Dillman; 15. Mark Elksnis; 16. Donnie Farlling; 17. Wayne Johnson; 18. Tim
Wilson; 19. Larry Wright; 20. Ron Ellis; 21. Brent Smith; 22. Bill Karp; 23.
Buck Tomblin; 24. Marvin Winters. DNS: Billy Wamper; Doug Burkholder; Mike
Lupfer; Alan Sagi; Shane Beegle; Gary Dyer.

Lap Leaders: Palmer, 1-3, 16-19; Winters, 4-10; Walls, 12-15; Baer, 20. 1.
Laqrry Baer; 2. Richard Walls; 3. Scott Palmer; 4. Scott Richwine; 5. Will
Fair; 6. Fred Harden; 7. Dave Rice Jr.; 8. Scott Sipe; 9. Pete Weaver; 10.
Barry Miller; 11. Daryl Kendall; 12. Coleby Frye; 13. Chris Weaver; 14. Mike
Walls; 15. Nick Pappas; 16. Jeff Kendall; 17. Todd Bowers; 18. Curt Shriner;
19. Bradley Kling; 20. Marvin Winters; 21. Laudan Seigfried; 22. Matt
Sponaugle; 23. Richard Clipp; 24. Austin Kirby. DNS: Ken Taylor; James
Mongan; Paul Watts; Charles Hagerge; Scott Daniels.

15-LAP ERNIE'S SALVAGE YARD PURE STOCKS: (28 Cars) Lap Leaders: Dennis, 1-4;
Conlee, 5-9; Miller, 10-15. 1. Brian Miller; 2. Ronnie Dennis; 3. Denny
Saunders; 4. Keith Reed; 5. Jim Snyder; 6. Kim Ramer; 7. Jesse Coleman; 8.
Frank Dibella; 9. Eugene Conlee; 10. Steve Kent Jr.; 11. Jeff Bennett; 12.
Steve Marsh; 13. William Reitober; 14. Gregory Moats; 15. Ben Lansberry; 16.
Billy Cole; 17. Dave Mikolajski; 18. Danny Shirley; 19. Hans Stamberg; 20.
Sam kaiser; 21. Kevin Shade; 22. Jimmy Tony; 23. Doug Stine; 24. Bruce
Leibowitz. DNS: Kenny Dillon; Corey Oberholzer; Andrew Frustaci.

10-LAP 4-CYL PURE STOCK FEATURE: (11 Cars) Lap Leaders: VanMeter, 1-8; Angle,
9-10. 1. Josh Angle; 2. Marcus VanMeter; 3. Eric Mellott; 4. Randy Kline; 5.
Bill Van Meter; 6. Larry Baker; 7. Mike Kershner; 8. Mike Hawbaker; 9. Ronnie
Garlock; 10. Troy Horner; 11. Ray Ridenhour.

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