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Author Topic:   Brightbill Best Saturday At New Egypt
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posted September 16, 2001 12:47 AM UIN: 16262997
Brightbill Best Saturday At New Egypt

New Egypt, NJ (September 15) - Kenny Brightbill of Sinking Spring, PA, shook
off weeks of bad luck to battle to his third Modified victory of the season
Saturday at New Egypt Speedway, a night sponsored by Mr. Bob Portable
Toilets and Septic Services of Southampton, NJ.

"Finally, everything went our way," Brightbill said after victory number 3.
"For a change, we didn't get a flat tire or finish on seven cylinders. We're
real happy to be here."

Like last week, Larry McVay had the hot hand in the early going, leading the
first 16 caution-free laps. Future winner Sam Martz was making a tight race
of it, and by lap 19, Brightbill was right there too, the trio running under
a handkerchief in hot pursuit of the flag. Martz and Brightbill dropped
McVay from the point with 10 to go, and Brightbill set his sights on the
high-flyin' Martz. On lap 22 Brightbill found his edge and made it stick to
the line. Brightbill throttled in for his third on the season, with Martz an
outstanding second, Brian Weaver in third, last week's winner Keith Hoffman
in fourth and Eddie Bohn in fifth. With one race left in the point chase,
Billy Pauch still leads Hoffman by 28 points.

It was the Godown Showdown once again in the Sportsman class, with Ryan
sailing in for win number 7 on the season over brother Brian. Doug Liedl,
Rich Scagliotta and Mike Toth completed the top five. With an 11th place
finish, Matt Papiez is still atop the Sportsman point standings.

Gary Butler of Phillipsburg, NJ, a former Modified feature winner at New
Egypt, survived a caution-riddled 15-lap Street Stock event to capture his
first in the division. Bill Gerber, point leader Al Cheney III, Jake Roveda
and George Quinlan followed the veteran Butler to the line.

The Herman's Trucking Lightning Lap Awards for fastest lap in a feature
event were won by Brightbill (Mods, 17.951), Ryan Godown (Sportsman, 18.409)
and Butler (Street Stock, 20.276).

The evening began with a moving memorial service for the victims of
Tuesday's terrorist attacks on American soil, and each winner was handed an
American flag in victory lane, rather than the customary checker. A helmet
drive through the grandstands raised over $4,000 for the United Way
September 11 Disaster Relief Fund. The New Egypt Volunteer Fire Company
donated their half of the 50/50 raffle to the pot, and sponsor Bob Drayton
matched that amount, to bring the total to almost $9,000. The monies will go
directly to disaster relief efforts in New York City.

Nine girls participated in the track's annual competition for the Ms. New
Egypt Speedway title, with New Egypt's own Jackie Jablonski winning the
crown for 2002 over Tanya Tilghman and Camie Schaaf.

Next Saturday at New Egypt, TPC Cingular Wireless of Mercerville sponsors
the last point show of the season, with double points on the line in all
three divisions. Adult admission is $13, children 7-12 are $4, and kids 6
and under are free. For more information, call the speedway at (609)

1st Heat: 1.McVay 2.Tanner Jr. 3.K. Hoffman 4.McCaughey 5.Velenger
2nd Heat: 1.Pauch 2.VanGorder 3.Bohn 4.Grosso 5.Ostwald 6.Hendershot
3rd Heat: 1.Martz 2.Brightbill 3.Bitner 4.Drayton 5.Weaver 6.Infante
B Main: 1.Carberry 2.Worthington 3.Cox 4.Cozze 5.Slocum 6.Hager (Fan Prov:
Feature (30 laps):
1.Kenny Brightbill 2.Sam Martz 3.Brian Weaver 4.Keith Hoffman 5.Eddie Bohn
6.Darren McCaughey 7.Billy Pauch 8.Rocco Infante 9.Rick Grosso 10.Larry
McVay 11.Mike Hendershot 12.Bob Worthington 13.Gary Velenger 14.Scott
VanGorder 15.Fred Dmuchowski 16.Ron John Koczon 17.Chip Slocum 18.Doug
Ostwald 19.Phil Cox 20.Tim Tanner Jr. 21.Mark Bitner 22.Bob Drayton 23.Tom
Hager 24.Frank Cozze 25. Tom Carberry.
DNQ: Kenny Hammond, Richie Rutski, Dave Rehl, Korey Keimig, Jack Amundsen.
1.Heat: 1.L. Kline 2.Tomasko 3.Pearson 4.Stravinsky 5.M. Papiez
2nd Heat: 1.Flesch 2.Kuiken 3.D. Kline 4.Wasson 5.Geiges
3rd Heat: 1.Foster 2.Reutter Jr. 3.Swain 4.Ploski III 5.Liedl
4th Heat: 1.R. Godown 2.Tinnes Jr. 3.Scagliotta 4.Balaam 5.Fleming
1st B Main: 1.Buffalino 2.Scherer 3.Mongiello 4.Bush
2nd B Main: 1.B. Godown 2.Hoffman 3.Toth 4.Szwed
Feature (20 Laps): 1.Ryan Godown 2.Brian Godown 3.Doug Liedl 4.Rich
Scagliotta 5.Mike Toth 6.Larry Kline 7.Jeff Geiges 8.Mike Reutter Jr. 9.Stan
Ploski III 10.Brian Pearson 11.Matt Papiez 12.Chuck Flesch 13.Keith Fleming
14.Joey Tinnes Jr. 15.Dave Hoffman 16.Donnie Kline 17.Keith Foster 18.Joe
Szwed 19.Tom Tomasko 20.Gene Stravinsky 21.Chris Wasson 22.Rich Kuiken
23.Dominick Buffalino 24.John Bush 25.Jim Scherer 26.Mike Mongiello III
27.Jack Swain 28.Bob Balaam
DNQ: Bernie Kelly, Rich McTighe, Dave Wisniewski, Dave Gorbatuk, Bob
Kaelin, Andy Weeks, Bryan Coffey, Scott Reid, Bob Pomeroy, Tom Cremer, Rick
Raisner, Joe Papiez, Steve Ramsey, George Idell Jr., Bruce Leote, Richie
Pratt Jr., Scott Butler.
1st Heat: 1.Whitehouse 2.Page 3.Jm. Hewitt 4.Jn. Hewitt 5.Gargiulo
2nd Heat: 1.M. Page 2.Roveda 3.Conaway 4.Gerber 5.Melton 6.Nixon
3rd Heat: 1.Butler 2.Collier 3.Freiberger 4.Bauer 5.Bauma 6.Quinlan
B Main: 1.Cheney III 2.Fleming 3.Miscoski 4.Barnstead 5.Carpenter 6.Pidgeon
Feature (20 laps):1.Gary Butler 2.Bill Gerber 3.Al Cheney III 4.Jake Roveda
5.George Quinlan 6.Billy Bauer 7.Pat Conaway 8.Carol Whitehouse 9.Ralph
Gargiulo 10.Brian Nixon 11.Weldon Collier 12.Rich Page II 13.Bill Miscoski
14.Chris Pidgeon 15.Bill Bauma 16.Kory Fleming 17.John Hewitt 18.Pat
Freiberger 19.Jim Hewitt 20.Robert Melton 21.Pete Fogarty 22.Mario Page
23Ron Barnstead. 24.Jeff Carpenter.
DNQ: Jason Seredy, Joe Garey, Tim Apgar, John Scarpati Jr., Rick Marvin.

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