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posted September 10, 2001 05:17 PM UIN: 16262997

September 10, 2001 - Greenwood, NE - Two brothers put on one exciting show
in the Super Late Model A-feature Sunday night at Nebraska Raceway Park.
However, the fastest car on the racetrack does not always get the victory,
just ask Leon Zeitner.

A rough racing surface due to the amount of rain at the track over the past
few days, and lapped traffic proved costly for Leon Zeitner, but
advantageous for brother Al Zeitner. Leon built a commanding early lead,
but older brother Al reeled him in late in the race to pull out the 25-lap
Super Late Model A-feature win on Skylark Meats night at NRP.
Leon, the youngest of four racing Zeitner brothers, surged past Al just
three laps into the 25-lap feature and immediately started pulling away to a
big advantage. It was his second win of the season.

"Leon looked like he was shot out of a cannon," Al Zeitner said. "I thought
he was going to run away from everybody and be the clear winner."

But Leon's lead started to shrink in a hurry as the lead cars worked their
way through lapped traffic. Al and points leader, Joe Kosiski, were able to
narrow the gap on Leon in the following laps. Al dove to the inside of the
track to slip past Leon with just under three laps to go. Points leader Joe
Kosiski finished second with Leon Zeitner third.

"I kept plugging away and I was able to catch him in the lapped traffic.
Leon's a good race car driver. Things just went our way tonight."

In the Walker Uniform Rental Grand National A-feature, Craig Preble battled
with his car owner Dave Doll for the lead, passing him for the lead with
just 10 laps remaining. It was Preble's first feature win of the season.

"I'm just really excited to finally get a win at a Craig Kelley track,"
joked Preble in victory lane. "This car was just awesome tonight."

Points leader Mike Wallace finished second Sunday night.

The closest points battle in the four weekly divisions comes in the O'Reilly
Auto Parts Pro-Ams. Scott Carlson was able to win again Sunday night to
climb one spot to second place in the season points standings with one night
of points racing left. Carlson is within 14 of points leader Scott Anderson
who finished in third.

Mark Day, who was second in points going into last night, finished fifth
Sunday dropping him to third in the Pro-Am points race. Day, is 31 points
behind in the season points standings.

David Christensen earned his first feature win of the season in the Jasper
Engines and Transmissions Hobby Stock. He finished second in the 15-lap
A-feature, behind apparent winner Ryan Kennedy. However, Kennedy was
disqualified for a rules infraction. Points leader Joe Feyen finished

"This is just really exciting," said Christensen who won his first race in
over two years.

Racing action continues Sunday as Plaza Pontiac presents the final night of
the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series. Fans will be treated to racing action in
all four weekly divisions. One lucky fan will win the NRP Grand Am pace car
from Plaza Pontiac and KXKT Radio. Adult admission will be $9, Seniors $7,
Children 12 and under FREE. Gates open at 4:30 p.m. with racing at 6 p.m..
Directions to NRP: take I-80 to Exit #420 between Omaha and Lincoln. Go
mile North to the track entrance and you're ready to go racing! For track
and race information call (402) 944-2233 or visit

Sunday's results:

A-Feature: 1. Al Zeitner, 2. Joe Kosiski, 3. Leon Zeitner, 4. Mark Wyman, 5.
John Hampel, 6. Kyle Berck, 7. Scott Koskovich, 8. Ed Kosiski, 9. Donnie
McClellan, 10. Todd McKee, 11. Mel Zeitner, 12. Vic Lovejoy, 13. Chad
Inserra, 14. Mike Nanfito, 15. Mike Collins, 16. Steve Light, 17. Bill
Mlnarik, 18. Davey Nall, 19. Dave Jorgensen Jr., 20. Jason Hobscheidt, 21.
Howard Koziol Jr.

Heat Race Winners: Donnie McClellan, Al Zeitner

Points Leaders: 1. Joe Kosiski 886, 2. Ed Kosiski 782, 3. Mark Wyman 772

A-Feature: 1. Craig Preble, 2. Mike Wallace, 3. Jody Krug, 4. John Kinney
Jr., 5. Dave Doll, 6. Rick Stolley, 7. Mike Collins, 8. Bill Leighton, 9.
Mike Kelley, 10. Kevin Hamele, 11. Brian Kenkel, 12. Brian Barrett, 13. Gary
Leapley, 14. Chris Roberts, 15. Matt Myer, 16. Russ Hadan, 17. Pat Krug, 18.
Dave Jorgensen Sr., 19. Ron Tilley, 20. Curt Pritchard, 21. Ron Dake, 22.
Jason Waite, 23. Butch Levell, 24. Mike Danburg, 25. Jeff Tilley, 26. Mike

B-Feature: 1. Jeff Tilley, 2. Russ Hadan, 3. Dave Jorgensen Sr., 4. Pat
Krug, 5. Mike Meyer, 6. Pat McAtee, 7. Fred Miller, 8. Gary Joens Jr., 9.
Bruce Reiman, 10. Dave Ackerson, 11. Jamie Spanel

B-Feature: 1. Ron Dake, 2. Mike Danburg, 3. Chris Roberts, 4. Ron Tilley, 5.
Curt Pritchard, 6. Dave Cook, 7. Corey Zeitner, 8. Rick Havenridge, 9. Cliff
McKinney, 10. Kathy Cook, 11. Doug Newcomer, 12. Trevor Millikan

Heat Race Winners: Rick Stolley, Butch Levell, Mike Collins, Jody Krug

Points Leaders: 1. Mike Wallace 678, 2. Rick Stolley 642, 3. Jody Krug 636

A-Feature: 1. Scott Carlson, 2. Ron Tex Jr., 3. Scott Anderson, 4. Denny
Berghahn, 5. Mark Day, 6. Dan Jackson, 7. Alan Schmitt, 8. Rick Negrete, 9.
Jeff Bonney, 10. Brian Scott, 11. Marty Steinbach, 12. Gary Vincent, 13.
Nick Steier, 14. Chuck Dillon, 15. Jason Heiman, 16. Tim Moore, 17. Jerry
Turek, 18. Ray Dessel, 19. Nick Hermsen, 20. Don Mohr, 21. Jerry Benedict,
22. Louis Lerette, 23. Kevin Gigax, 24. Todd Remmereid

B-Feature: 1. Jeff Bonney, 2. Gary Vincent, 3. Nick Hermsen, 4. Nick Steier,
5. Doug Stevenson, 6. Shawn Bulin, 7. Dan/Rich Steier, 8. Scott
Krause-Mahan, 9. Dan Vincent, 10. Joe Copeland, 11. Andy Thompsen, 12. Bob
Tanner, 13. Mike Brown

B-Feature: 1. Mark Day, 2. Jason Heiman, 3. Rich Negrete, 4. Jerry Turek, 5.
Dan Hall, 6. Bob Wallace, 7. Scott Gourley, 8. Russ Joons, 9. Les Andersen,
10. Jason Longmeyer, 11. Curt Drake

Heat Race Winners: Marty Steinbach, Kevin Gigax, Ray Dessel, Jerry Benedict

Points Leaders: 1. Scott Anderson 3062, 2. Scott Carlson 3048, 3. Mark Day

A-Feature: 1. David Christensen, 2. Joe Feyen, 3. Adam Von Busch, 4. Tony
Pavic, 5. Dan Simmerman, 6. Tim Terry, 7. Chris Clark, 8. Ron Allen, 9. Tom
Myers, 10. Mike Hansen, 11. Herbie Ziemann, 12. Greg Houdesheldt, 13. Jeremy
Moss, 14. Bill Smith, 15. Ben Heyne, 16. Todd Bell, 17. Chris Earith, 18.
John Austin, 19. Eric Hanson, 20. Jesse McNeal, 21. Kenny Darnold

Heat Race Winners: Joe Feyen, Ryan Kennedy

Points Leaders: 1. Joe Feyen 2920, 2. Tony Pavic 2804, 3. Eric Hanson 2603

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