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posted September 09, 2001 12:15 PM UIN: 16262997
For immediate release September 7, 2001

STRONGSTOWN - John Fama of Carinbrook won his first street stock feature of
the season at Dog Hollow Speedway Friday on Hugill Sanitation Trophy night.
Repeat winners included: John Britsky of Indiana in the #1 Cochran Late
Models, Shawn "Sheets" McGarvey of Coalport in the Hugill Sanitation Limited
Late Models and Bill Sigafoes of Blairsville in the pure stocks. Bob Egley
of Kittaning won the McDonalds School Bus Race.
John Britsky and Rick Strong led the late model feature to the green flag
with Britsky taking the lead. Britsky led Strong early on, before he started
to fade. Mike Blose and Scott Rhodes moved into second and third and tried
to work on Britsky. The caution flew with only two laps to go, re-grouping
the field, as Blose followed in second and Rhodes sat third. On the restart,
Rhodes went to the high side and ran door-to-door with Blose for one lap,
then he pressed to the outside of Britsky in turn three and had a slight
advantage, but he pushed a little high, giving the lead to Britsky in turn
four, but Rhodes fought back and tried to take the win, but came up a half a
car length short at the line. The top five were: Britsky, Rhodes, Blose,
Dave Peterman and Rodney Phillips. Six through ten were: Strong, Steve
Everhart, Frankie Plessinger and Rick Davis. Rick Davis, Duane Stiner and
Rick Strong copped the heats.
Jerry Lower led the first lap of the limited late model feature, before
third place starter Shawn McGarvey took the lead. As is usually the case
once out front, McGarvey is tough, and his most serious threats came from
Jerry Timchak, Lower and 12th place starter Eric Corella, who simply ran out
of time at the checkered flag. The top five were McGarvey, Corella, Timchak,
Yvette Hahn and Dan Lee. Bill Krause, Bob Kelly, Ted Gallaher, Duane Bash
and Skip Graham completed the top ten.Yvette Hahn, Shawn McGarvey and Jerry
Lower won the heats.
Bill Lyons led the first lap of the street stock feature before spinning in
turn two and collecting Jim Laughard, neither driver stopped and the race
continued. This gave the lead to John Fama who went on to lead the field
through seven cautions. The race was red flagged on lap two when Shawn Mogle
flipped off the third turn. He was not injured.
Fama continued to set the pace, and held off the efforts of Jim Boyer, who
came from 12th. Boyer was unable to find the extra power needed to move past
Fama. The top five were Fama, Boyer, Terry Benton, Jim Laughard and Leroy
Pershing. John Weaver, Lyons, Jeremy Swank, Randy Campbell and Phil Leddon
rounded out the top ten. Qualifying wins went to Jim Boyer, Jim Laughard,
John Fama and Bill Lyons while Mike Laughard won the B-Main.
Bill Sigafoes was one of the four wide battles at the start of the pure
stock feature, but he came out on top and led the event from start to
finish. Tim Laughard led the battle to try and get by Sigafoes, but it was
Sigafoes who took the win. Laughard, Jack Muma, Ron Hanna and Terry Nihart
completed the top five. George Scanlin, Dave Korliwitz, Rich Nihart, Brian
Imler and Matt Summers completed the top ten. Heat wins were won by Ron
Hanna, Jack Muma and Doug Reed.
Ben Clepper led the first lap of the bus feature, then it was Blackie Watt
who took the top spot. Watt led for the next nine laps, keeping Bob Egley at
bay as long as he could, but Egley dove to the low side and took the lead
with four laps to go. Once in the lead, it was All Egley getting his second
win of the season. Watt was second followed by Bill Clepper, Bob Clepper,
Ben Clepper, Dan Jones and Mike McNeish. Bill Clepper won the heat.
DOG TRACKS: 111 cars filled the pits, including 25 late models, 21 limited
late models, 32 street stocks, 26 pure stocks and 7 buses.Trophies were
sponsored by Hugill Sanitation of Five Points, LaJose, PA.The final
ThunderDog Challenge will be held on September 21.This week there is a
regular show for the late models, limited late models, street stocks and
pure stocks.

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