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posted September 09, 2001 12:14 PM UIN: 16262997
For immediate release September 8, 2001

CLEARFIELD, PA - Bobby Stokes of Milton won his second straight Sid's Subs
Late Model feature Saturday night at Hidden Valley Speedway, while other
repeat winners included Bob Garvey of Morrisdale in the Kneppy's Fireworks
Small Block Modifieds, Dan Smeal of Ramey in the 84 Lumber Street Stocks,
Joe Leigey of Clearfield in the four cylinders and Frank Little of Woodland
in the Northwest Bae Kennel Pure Stocks.
The 2001 point champions were also determined, they are: Luke Hoffner of
Turbotville in the Sid's Subs Late Models, Spencer Husted of West Decatur in
the Kneppy's Fireworks Small Block Modifieds, Dan Smeal of Ramey in the 84
Lumber Street Stocks, Joe Leigey of Clearfield in the four cylinders and
Frank Little of Woodland in the Northwest Bae Kennel Pure Stocks.
By virtue of the point standings, Luke Hoffner and Bobby Stokes led the
late models to the green flag for the 25 lap feature, with Hoffner taking
the lead. He was being chased by Stokes when Stokes went to the bottom of
the track in turn three and took the lead. Once he had the lead he opened
some distance between he and Hoffner, but Hoffner was fighting back and
trying to get past Stokes, but it was not to be, as Stokes went to victory
lane for the second straight. With his second place Hoffner took the title.
The top ten were: Stokes, Hoffner, Eric Moore, Dean Colbert, Duane Stiner,
Jeff Rine, Cody Schultz, Bob Armagaust, Rod Chapple, and Jerry Timchak.
Stiner and Stokes won the heats.
Spencer Husted and Bob Garvey brought the small block modifieds to the
start, with Husted taking the lead. He lost the handle in turn four, and
brought out the first caution. The lead then belonged to Garvey, who never
relinquished it. Marvin Williams sat second and tried several times on the
restarts to get by Garvey, but Garvey would not allow the pass. The top ten
were: Garvey, Williams, Mike Butterworth, Darrell Rhine, Faye Lumadue, Mike
Stine, Chris Henry, Mark Frankhouser, Tim Owens and Bobby Roos. Owens and
Garvey won the heats.
Dan Smeal and Kip Charles led the street stock field to the start and it
was Smeal taking the lead. Initially he held off Charles but he lost second
to Doug Tibbens who then tried to get the lead Smeal but Smeal was holding
the same line and never opened the inside lane that Tibbens was after. The
win and title went to Smeal, the top ten were: Smeal, Tibbens, Charles, Pat
Carfley, Tom Williams, Ray Billott, Denny Schmoke, Frank McVey, Bim Hamer
and Bobby Hamer. Heat wins went to Smeal and Carfley.
Joe Leigey and Derek Rodkey were fighting for the four cylinder point title
and led the field to the start, with Leigey taking the lead. He led the race
from start-to-finish with Rodkey chasing him the entire distance, with
Leigey taking the win for the sixth time in 2001. The top ten were: Leigey,
Rodkey, Chris Farrell, Dave Farrell, Chris Peterson, Cecilia Olson, Randy
Luzier, Adam Nixon, Mark Hummell, and Shawn Luzier. Rodkey and Dave Farrell
won the prelims.
In the pure stocks it was all Frank Little. He started on the pole beside
Gary McElheny and led the race to the checkered flag. Little picked up his
third win to go along with his point championship. McElheny tried every
trick in the book to mive into the lead, but Little was too tough, and held
on to win. McElheny, Gary Little, Lester Hudson Jr., Sheddy Graham III, Bob
Bowery, Jason Bainey, Harvey Wallbanger, J.R. Emigh and Bernie Whetstone
completed the top ten. McElheny and Walbanger won the heats.
HVS PIT NOTES: There were 74 cars in the pits including: 13 late models, 20
small block modifieds, 14 street stocks, 13 four cylinders and 14 pure
stocks.Hidden Valley Speedway Staff and Management extend their sympathies
to the family of pure stock driver Scott Mull. He was leading the points at
Central PA Speedway and died unexpectedly Thursday. Our prayers are with he
family.This Saturday marks the final event of 2001 at HVS. It is a run what
you brung race for all five divisions, including the late models, small
block modifieds, street stocks, four cylinders and pure stocks. Race time is
7 p.m. gates open at 5. For more info go to the web site at

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