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Author Topic:   Murphy leads final 10 qualifiers for Saturday's IMCA Super Nationals Stock Car feat
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posted September 06, 2001 07:04 PM UIN: 16262997
Murphy leads final 10 qualifiers for Saturday's IMCA Super Nationals Stock Car feature
BOONE, Iowa (Sept. 5, 2001) - Leading from start to finish, Michael Murphy of Prairie City won the qualifying feature for Stock Cars Wednesday night at the I.M.C.A. Speedway Motors Super Nationals.

Murphy secured the outside front row starting spot for Saturday's main event with the victory. The top 10 finishers in Wednesday's qualifier advance to that race, six of them for the first time.

A former Des Moines resident, Murphy was seventh in his one previous Super Nationals appearance, in 1995. He'd returned to race at Super Nationals after relocating to the East Coast, moved back to the area and made it back to "the show" in the final night of qualifying for the Stocks.

Cliff Gray of Waterloo started outside Murphy and chased him to the finish. He'll start on Murphy's back bumper Saturday.

Lining up behind Gray will be Tom Earl III of Arlington, Texas, Rick Brown of Kellogg, Rod Richards of Madrid, Justin Temeyer of Independence, two-time Super Nationals champion Jeff Anderson, Nokomis, Fla., transplant Dustin Reeh, Dave Baugh of Jefferson and Brandon Czarapata of Pulaski, Wis.

Earl and Temeyer are rookies in the division; Earl became just the second Texan to make the field, joining Monday qualifier Duane Pritchett of Combine.

Gray, Richards, Baugh and Czarapata are also first-time qualifiers.

Brown will race in the main for the seventh time, Anderson - champion in 1995 and 1999 - for the sixth.

Reeh moved to Florida in February and has been racing in the asphalt sportsman class on the SARA circuit. A native of Missouri Valley, he was 20th at Super Nationals last year.

The top three drivers in each of eight last-chance heats advanced to Wednesday's feature.



The top three from tonight's Last Chance Heats advance to tonight's Last Chance Feature.

Last Chance Heat 1 - 1. Tom Earl, Alvarado, TX; 2. Dustin Reeh, Missouri Valley, IA; 3. Dave Baugh, Jefferson, IA; 4. Kevin Sustaire, Emory, TX; 5. Dustin Vis, Le Grande, IA; 6. Scott Johnson, Woolstock, IA; 7. Al Johnson, Story City, IA; 8. Greg Gretz, Kewaunee, WI; 9. Stuart Eisentrager, Tama, IA; 10. Thomas Clark, Jr., Joshua, TX; 11. Mark Bullock, Wills Point, TX; 12. Chris Reichenbacker, Dewar, IA.

Last Chance Heat 2 - 1. Keith Knop, Avoca, IA; 2. Ron VerBeek, Oskaloosa, IA; 3. Shawn Wagner, Pulaski, WI; 3. Michael Albertsen, Audubon, IA; 5. Randy Clydesdale, Edmond, KS; 6. J D Auringer, Evansdale, IA; 7. Wyatt Olson, Minot, ND; 8. Michael Walrod, De Soto, IA; 9. Doug Walker, Urbana, IA; 10. Travis Annoye, Algoma, WI; 11. Troy Attwood, Smith Center, KS; 12. Don Vis, Marshalltown, IA.

Last Chance Heat 3 - 1. Tim VanDeHei, Green Bay, WI; 2. Shawn Anderson, Haverhill, IA; 3. Brandon Czarapata, Pulaski, WI; 4. Matt Gilbertson, Montevideo, MN; 5. Ryan Watnem, Humbolt, IA; 6. Evan DeHaan, Alton, IA; 7. Todd Green, Winona, TX; 8. David Ulrick, Stratford, IA; 9. Dennis Harwood, Mt. Pleasant, IA; 10. Justin Spoerl, Mesquite, TX; 11. Kelly Henderson, Minot, ND; 12. Paul Peters, Nevada, TX.

Last Chance Heat 4 - 1. Michael Murphy, Prairie City, IA; 2. Justin Temeyer, Independence, IA; 3. Jake Ludeking, Decorah, IA; 4. Tom Schmitt, Independence, IA; 5. Troy Schmidtke, Trimont, MN; 6. Richard Quail, Waterloo, IA; 7. Tony Ritterbush, Dunlop, IA; 8. Tommy Davis Sr., Wills Point, TX; 9. Chester Fisher, Burleson, TX; 10. Doug Firgard, Hudson, IA; 11. Barry Wangsness, Northwood, IA; 12. Steve Campbell, Des Moines, IA.

Last Chance Heat 5 - 1. Shane Stoneburner, Boone, IA; 2. Pat Davister, Green Bay, WI; 3. Ryan Rose, Boone, IA; 4. Randy Brands, Boyden, IA; 5. Rick Mahlberg, Denmark, WI; 6. Terry Hoenig, Denmark, IA; 7. Michael Sams, Brownwood, TX; 8. Dennis Anderson, Marshalltown, IA; 9. Jeff Turner, Dallas, TX; 10. Josh Daniels, Des Moines, IA; 11. Larry Silbaugh, Jefferson, IA.

Last Chance Heat 6 - 1. Cliff Gray, Waterloo, IA; 2. Jeff Owens, Randolph, WI; 3. Jeff Crane, Whitehouse, TX; 4. Chris Langdale, Beatrice, NE; 5. Mike Louis, Ames, IA; 6. Chris McDonald, Flint, TX; 7. Jamie Andreasen, Rockwell City, IA; 8. Jesse Hofmann, Sutton, NE; 9. Derek Fralin, Beatrice, NE; 10. Travis VanStraten, Hortonville, WI; 11. Todd Kearney, Garwin, IA.

Last Chance Heat 7 - 1. Jeffrey Anderson, Atlantic, IA; 2. Jerry Wilinski, Seymour, WI; 3. Jason Czarapata, Pulaski, WI; 4. Joe LeBotte, Kewaunee, WI; 5. Lavern Carey, Ionia, IA; 6. Wes Stanek, Jr., Independence, IA; 7. Mike Munson, Boxholm, IA; 8. Tim Freiboth, Marshalltown, IA; 9. Gary Miller, Azle, TX; 10. Lonnie Hodges, Boone, IA; 11. Larry Karcz, Jr, Pulaski, WI.

Last Chance Heat 8 - 1. Rick Brown, Kellogg, IA; 2. Rodney Richards, Madrid, IA; 3. Jason York, Boone, IA; 4. Luke Veren, Haverhill, IA; 5. Matt Stoneburner, Boone, IA; 6. Jay Matthias, Green Bay, WI; 7. Erick Knutsen, Greenfield, IA; 8. Jamie Whitaker, Independence, IA; 9. Randy Andreasen, Fonda, IA; 10. Kenneth Timmons, East Tawakoni, TX; 11. Rob Schmid, Burnett, WI.

The top ten from tonight's Last Chance Feature advance to Saturday's Super Nationals Feature to form the outside row.

Last Chance Feature - 1. Michael Murphy, Prairie City, IA; 2. Cliff Gray, Waterloo, IA; 3. Tom Earl, Alvarado, TX; 4. Rick Brown, Kellogg, IA; 5. Rodney Richards, Madrid, IA; 6. Justin Temeyer, Independence, IA; 7. Jeffrey Anderson, Atlantic, IA; 8. Dustin Reeh, Missouri Valley, IA; 9. Dave Baugh, Jefferson, IA; 10. Brandon Czarapata, Pulaski, WI; 11. Ryan Rose, Boone, IA; 12. Jason York, Boone, IA; 13. Ron VerBeek, Oskaloosa, IA; 14. Jeff Owens, Randolph, WI; 15. Jerry Wilinski, Seymour, WI; 16. Jake Ludeking, Decorah, IA; 17. Shawn Wagner, Pulaski, WI; 18. Jeff Crane, Whitehouse, TX; 19. Keith Knop, Avoca, IA; 20. Jason Czarapata, Pulaski, WI; 21. Pat Davister, Green Bay, WI; 22. Tim VanDeHei, Green Bay, WI; 23. Shane Stoneburner, Boone, IA; 221. Shawn Anderson, Haverhill, IA.

Saturday's Line-up:
Steve Jackson - Brian Blessington - Michael Murphy
Rick Campbell - Jim Horejsi - Cliff Gray
Jeremy Christians - Raymond Hill Jr. - Tom Earl III
John Pletcher - Jay Schmidt - Rick Brown
Brian Edel - Darin Toot - Rod Richards
Benji LaCross - Skeeter Paris - Justin Temeyer
Mark Elliott - Kyle Frederick - Jeff Anderson
Mel Elsberry - Cale Sponsler - Dustin Reeh
Curtis Roster - John Heinz - Dave Baugh
Duain Pritchett - Nathan Burke -Brandon Czarapata

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