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Author Topic:   Ostrowski Wins EWSC Curfew Shortened A-Main
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posted September 03, 2001 10:43 PM UIN: 16262997
Ostrowski Wins EWSC Curfew Shortened A-Main at
Manty Expo

By: Sheila Karstaedt

Manitowoc, WI
September 2, 2001

Pole sitter and current points leader Pete Ostrowski, Milwaukee, won the curfew shortened, 15 lap EWSC Winged Super

Modified A-Main at the Manitowoc Expo.

Plymouth's Tim Melis brought out the first caution on the start, as he came in hard contact with the guard rail in turn 2. The

field was reset from the top and the green flag was dropped once again.

On the restart, Tony Wondra of West Bend, took the lead until Ostrowski took control in turn 4 on the first lap. The second

caution of the race was brought out when the ride of Sheboygan Falls KenJay Fiedler stopped on the track on lap 3. Ostrowski

held on to the lead and was being chased by Wondra, Matt VanWyk, Waldo, Kiel's Billy Kreutz, and Brian Portschy, Oostburg.

Several laps later, the yellow came out once again for Portschy, who stopped on the back stretch. The restart saw Ostrowski,

Wondra, VanWyk, Kreutz, and Grafton's Dennis Klumb.

By lap 12, Ostrowski was up on lapped traffic and was very smooth maneuvering through it, going on to claim the checkered.

He was followed to the line by Kreutz, Ben Schmidt, Cedar Grove, Wondra, and Plymouth's Tim McMullen.

The Tuschl Septic Systems Hard Charger Award was claimed by Schmidt, who really had his car hooked up.

The Limited Late Model Feature was a race marred by many cautions. On the start, the cars of Paul Dingel, Sheboygan, and

Sheboygan Falls Tim Carman got together, bringing out the yellow. The field was restarted from the top. Dave Schaetzer

of Sheboygan Falls took the lead from the outside pole position. The caution flag flew on lap 1 for the cars of Aaron Wickersheim,

Oostburg's JJ Walvoord, Richard Hed of Sheboygan Falls and several other cars getting together down the back stretch. Schaetzer

held on to the lead on the restart followed by Waldo's Don Singer and Jason Parrish, Dave Herr, Sheboygan, and Kiel's Jeremy


Steve Hoffmann, driving for Howie Weiss, took the lead on lap 3.

Lap 4 saw major commotion when the cars of Steve Ziegelbauer and Keith Borth, Sheboygan, Sheboygan Falls John

Scharenbroch and Hed, and Dave Lytie were all tangled together. The cars of Ziegelbauer and Scharenbroch would be double

hooked off the track with major damage. The restart saw Hoffmann, Schaetzer, Singer, Plymouth's Dan Dippel, and Parrish all

vying for the lead.

Charlie Schmidt of Cedar Grove and Becker got together on lap 6 to bring out yet another caution. Hoffmann paced the pack

with Singer, Schaetzer, Dippel and Gary Nelson hounding him.

Singer spun in turn 2 and got caught up on the birm bringing out the yellow on lap 9. Hoffmann held onto the lead with Nelson

keeping a close eye on him and taking over control on lap 10.

Lap 11 saw the yellow once more for the cars of Walvoord, Parrish, and Carman getting together. With the time limit now

expired, the race was restarted with the flagman showing green, white, checkered. Nelson passed Hoffman for the lead and

claimed the victory followed by Dippel, Schmidt, Hoffmann, and Schaetzer.

The Super Stock Feature was shortened to 15 laps due to the city curfew. Kiel's Don Maquissee took the early lead and by lap

4 was maneuvering through lapped traffic. Lap 11 saw the only caution of the race when the car of Bob Albinger of Belgium

stopped on the front stretch. Maquissee was being chased by Elkhart Lake's Jeff Muehlbauer, Donny Kulow of Plymouth,

Oostburg's Mark Scholten and Luke Scholten on the restart. Maquissee crossed the line first with Muehlbauer, Kulow, Brian

Genske of Sheboygan Falls, and Luke Scholten following behind.

The cautionless 15 lap Winged Super Modified B-Main saw mayhem on the start when the car of Cedar Grove's Billy Hafemann

flipped in turn 2. The restart was set from the top. Ben Schmidt, Cedar Grove, took the lead from the drop of the green flag and

never looked back. By lap 4, Schmidt was dealing with lapped traffic. Schmidt went on to win followed by Campbellsport's Butch

Hafemann, Gary Laack, Glenbeulah, Manitowoc's Kris Hansen, and Sheboygan Falls KenJay Fiedler.

The Limited Late Model Semi-Feature saw action on lap 1. With Gary Nelson taking the lead, Jim Lavey spun bringing out the

yellow flag. Nelson set the pace with Borth, Brian Kessler, Plymouth, Campbellsport's Rick Thompson, and Bud Lynn following

close behind.

The yellow was thrown on lap 5 for debris on the track. Nelson continued to set the pace with Borth, Kessler, Scott Haugstad,

Plymouth, and Cliff Hohn hounding him.

Lavey spun on lap 9 bringing out the caution for the last time. With Nelson out in front, Borth, Sheboygan's Henry Dickmann,

Thompson, and Nate Winkel, Oostburg, were chasing him. Nelson went on to victory lane followed by Borth, Thompson,

Dickmann, and Winkel.

The Super Stock Semi Feature had only 1 caution. Pole sitter Mike Plate of Newton took the lead. Lap 2 saw the only caution

for an infield tire that was pushed onto the track. Plate held on to the lead on the restart followed by Cleveland's Steve Schad, Todd

Jensema of Sheboygan Falls, Plymouth's Brian Gilles, and Brian Goetsch of Sheboygan. Plate went on to claim the checkered

flag followed by Gilles, Schad, Genske, and Hingham's Terry McCoy.

The Dale Earnhardt Tribute and Classic Car display scheduled for this past Saturday has been rescheduled to EWSCís Fan

Appreciation Night, Saturday September 8th at the Sheboygan County Fair Park. In addition to the full exciting racing program

there will be a classic car display and tribute to the Intimidator, Dale Earnhardt. Several novelty type races are also scheduled the

women of EWSC will race Powder Puff races in the LLM, SS, and Mighty 4ís, the LLMís will also go topless, that is there racecars

will race without there roofs on the cars, and the EWSC Officials will get a chance to trade places with the Mighty 4 drivers. Drivers

and officials will team up for a special race with the racecar driver, and official swapping duties for this special race. Classic Cars

will be on display and will take a parade lap on the 1/3 mile clay oval during intermission.

Joe Van Hornís Chevrolet, and NASCAR Pro Shop have donated Dale Earnhardt racing memorabilia. Fanís who wear Dale

Earnhardt racing attire to the races will be entered in drawings for the special Dale Earnhardt merchandise. Racers Heaven of Fond

du Lac has also donated clocks to be awarded to the winners of all the feature events. Fans will want to see the Chevrolet Monte

Carlo replica of the Dale Jr. and Dale Sr. legendary racecars.

Special reduced admission will be charged for the September 8th, Fan Appreciation Night, All fans 13 and older will be admitted

at the reduced cost of $5.00 all others are Free when accompanied by an adult. WCUB Radio, Manitowoc is sponsoring the nightís

races and will be giving away other door prizes including a kidís bike for one lucky youngster. For additional information call (920)

565-4330 or visit our website at


Winged Super Modifieds
Heat 1: 1.Chuck Tuschl 2.Pete Ostrowski 3.Tim McMullen
Heat 2: 1.Tim Melis 2.Tony Wondra 3.Fred Clatt
Heat 3: 1.Billy Kreutz 2.Brian Portschy 3.Dave Deicher
Heat 4: 1.Dennis Klumb 2.Matt VanWyk 3.Paul Pokorski
B-Main: 1.Ben Schmidt 2.Butch Hafemann 3.Gary Laack 4.Kris Hansen 5.KenJay Fiedler 6.Chad Kistner 7.Craig Perko 8.Dave Becker
A-Main: 1.Pete Ostrowski 2.Billy Kreutz 3.Ben Schmidt 4.Tony Wondra 5.Tim McMullen 6.Dennis Klumb 7.Matt VanWyk 8.Gary Laack 9.Butch Hafemann 10.Fred Clatt

Limited Late Models
Heat 1: 1.JJ Walvoord 2.Jeremy Becker 3.Paul Dingel
Heat 2: 1.Dave Schaetzer 2.Steve Hoffmann 3.Charlie Schmidt
Heat 3: 1.Dave Lytie 2.Dave Herr 3.Dan Dippel
Heat 4: 1.Don Singer 2.Steve Ziegelbauer 3.John Scharenbroch
Semi-Feature: 1.Gary Nelson 2.Keith Borth 3.Rick Thompson 4.Henry Dickmann 5.Nate Winkel 6.Jim Lavey 7.Bud Lynn 8.Brian Kessler
Feature: 1.Gary Nelson 2.Dan Dippel 3.Charlie Schmidt 4.Steve Hoffmann 5.Dave Schaetzer 6.Jeremy Becker 7.Don Singer 8.Jason Parrish 9.Tim Carman 10.Aaron Wickersheim

Super Stocks
Heat 1: 1.Derek Rosek 2.Luke Scholten 3.Paul Perronne
Heat 2: 1.Brian Genske 2.Doug Teunissen 3.Jeremy Bushman
Heat 3: 1.Bob Albinger 2.Dean Horneck 3.Brian Kaat
Heat 4: 1.Mark Scholten 2.Jeff Muehlbauer 3.Donny Kulow
Semi-Feature: 1.Mike Plate 2.Brian Gilles 3.Steve Schad 4.Todd Jensema 5.Terry McCoy 6.Brian Goetsch 7.Bob Duncan 8.Chad Ninmer
Feature: 1.Don Maquissee 2.Jeff Muehlbauer 3.Donny Kulow 4.Brian Genske 5.Luke Scholten 6.Mark Scholten 7.Jeremy Bushman 8.Steve Schad 9.Jeff Leonhard 10.Mike Plate

Mighty 4's
Cancelled due to curfew

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