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Author Topic:   Half Mountain Speedway Results
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posted September 03, 2001 12:22 AM UIN: 16262997
Eddie Carrier Jr. rolled to his third straight victory in convincing fashion
last Saturday night on a night that brought a little of everything. From a
new track record, to the addition of a new class added to the show which
brings the total to seven classes, to dense fog rolling in after the Late
Model feature: all this in front of a hillside full of fans and 79 racecars
in seven divisions.

With the rain that Magoffin County received on the days leading up to the
event last Saturday night, the track was in prime shape for some fast speeds
and some close racing as the four divisions would take to the track for
qualifying this week: Late Models, Modifeds, Super Bombers, and the new kids
on the block, the Limited Late Models.

First out was the Late Models and the first qualifier was the 28 of Chucky
May from Allen KY who proceeded to prove the track was going to be
exceptionally fast by setting a new track record of 16.970 at a speed of
over 85 MPH on the very first lap and his second lap tied the old track
record of 17.02. As qualifying continued for the Late Models, no cars were
able to beat May's lap until the 8th car out. The #1 of Eddie Carrier
Jr.,who on his first lap managed only a 17.11, but his second lap of
qualifying was a 16.97, tying the May set, but May got credited with the
fast time due to the fact that he set the time first.

Modified qualifying was next with the 7J of Jerry Rutherford from Lawrence
KY topping a good field of Modified cars that saw 25 modifieds on hand for
the nights action. Rutherford's time was a 19.868 and a speed of over 72

Super Bombers were next to take the track. Only four Super Bombers were in
the pits at the time of the driver's meeting, however, beore it was time to
qualify, ten Super Bombers had made their way into the pits and were ready
to go! Out of the ten cars, the 42 of Jim Lemaster from Salyersville KY took
top honors by setting a time of 20.04 and dethroning the 19 of Jamie Slone
who has dominated the Super Bomber ranks for the last two weekends.

Semi Late Models rounded out the qualifying rounds with the 122 of Mike
Pratt of Viper KY setting the fastest lap with a time of 19.829.

Late Model Heat One was next out with the 28 of Chucky May and the 10 of
Paul Harris from Prestonsburg KY on the front row and ready to resume their
intense battle from a week ago that saw the two run side by side almost the
entire race until May was able to inch by Harris at the checkered flag to
take the heat This week May would show his car was that much stronger by
backing up the track record with a strong showing in the heat that brought
him to lead every lap to take the pole for the feature.

Heat Two had the 1 of Eddie Carrier JR from Leburn KY and the 10 of Raymond
Nichols from Jeremiah KY on the front row. Carrier simply ran away from the
field and went on to take the win in convincing fashion, putting him
alongside May on the front row of the $2,000 to win feature. Nichols was
able to hold off the challenge of the 17 of Shannon Thornsberry from Martin
KY to hold on to second and Thornsberry ended up third.

The first of three Modified heats was next with the 7J of Jerry Rutherford
on the pole, trying to back up his exciting feature win last week by
grabbing the pole this week. Alongside Rutherford was the 4B of Greg
Thompson of Ironton Ohio, hoping to make his first trip to HMS a successful
one. On the start Thompson got a good jump and took the lead with Rutherford
and the rest of the eight-car field spread out all over the 100 ft wide
track fighting for positions. Thompson would lead the first four laps but
Rutherford found a groove that his car would work in and began putting the
pressure on Thompson and by the end of the fifth lap, Rutherford had moved
to the point dropping Thompson back to second and this is how they would
finish with Rutherford in first and Thompson in second!

Heat Two had teammates Jim Allen, driver of the #3 car, and the c1 of Chris
Click, both from Martin KY on the front row of this very entertaining heat.
Allen jumped to the lead with Click falling into second. Click would try
several times to pull alongside Allen but Allen would close the door. Jim
Allen would go on to win the heat with Click running a strong second.

Heat Three had the 69 of Tim Moore from Logan WV and the 13w of David Webb
from Nicholasville KY on the front row. In a pretty straight forward heat
that saw no cautions and no big time challenges, Moore went on to take the
win with Webb in second.

Super Bomber heat was next with the 42 of Jim Lemaster of Salyersville KY on
the pole and the 19 of Jamie Slone from Top Most KY alongside. Lemaster took
the early lead with Slone in second. Lemaster would lead the first two laps
but, on the third lap, Slone would move by, dropping Lemaster to second.
Lemaster would give up second to the 10c of Scott McCloud from Whittensville
KY. On the sixth lap,Jim Lemaster would drop out of the race due to
mechanical problems. With only two laps to go, Slone was up front and would
go on to take the heat with McCloud in second and 24H Michael Paul Howard
from Salyersville KY moving from fifth to third at the finish.

Late Model Quick Six was next up with the field inverted from their
qualifying order. Putting the fastest qualifier back to the sixth position
of the six car field for the six lap shootout for $200. On the front row of
this race we found the 17 of Shannon Thornsberry from Martin KY and the 39
of Henry Hornsby from Bradley WV. At the end of the first lap it was the 10
of Raymond Nichols who had worked his way from his third starting position
to the point but the biggest mover of the first lap was the 1 of Eddie
Carrier JR who by the completion of lap one had moved from the fifth
starting position to the second spot and breathing down the leader neck.
Nichols was able to hold off Carrier for two laps but on the third lap
Carrier was able to take the lead and never look back. Nichols was able to
hold on to second and third was the 28 of Chucky May. Fourth was the 17 of
Shannon Thornsberry while Fifth was the 10 of Paul Harris and Sixth was the
39 of Henry Hornsby who had problems and pulled off early.

Bomber heat was next with the 2x of Tandy Spurlock from Printer KY and the
34 of Tommy Lackey from Prestonsburg KY on the front row. On the start,
Spurlock lead the first lap but Lackey dropped back to the fourth position
by the completion of lap one moving the R7 of Ryan Risner to second and the
17 of Buck Lemaster to third both from Salyersville KY. Risner would take
the lead on the second lap and would lead all the way to the white flag but
Lemaster still had hopes of winning the heat and coming to the checker flag,
Lemaster worked his way around Risner to complete the last lap pass to take
the win, with Risner settling for second and Spurlock holding on to third.
Lackey was holding on to fourth while fifth was the 38A of Scooter Lemaster
from Salyersville KY and sixth was the circle "H" of Tim Lemaster. Finally,
seventh position was the 15 of Dale Spencer of Jonesborough Tennessee and
eighth was the 50 of Bucky Collins from Prestonsburg KY

Road Hog heat had R77 of Randy Risner from Salyersville KY and the 21K of
Keith Williams from Gapville KY on the front row. Risner would go on to lead
all 8 laps of the heat with Williams running the entire race in second.
Followed by the CR17 of Ronnie Cole JR of Salyersville in third fourth was
the R7 of Ryan Allen from Salyersville KY fifth was the 97 of Jared Hale
from Prestonsburg KY, sixth was the 404 of Calvin Wireman, and seventh was
the 52 of Mike Slayers Oil Springs KY.

4-Cylinder heat had the 3D of Patrick Morris from Estill KY and the 884 of
Tubby Allen from Salyersville on the front row. On the start, the X rated of
John Allen from Garrett KY continued his good fortune by coming from his
third starting position to the lead at the completion of lap one with Morris
in second and the h2o of Jeff Risner from Salyersville KY in third, 15 of
Cory Waddell from Carrie, KY in fourth, the 10jr of Billy Taulbee JR from
Vancieve KY in fifth with the 884 of Allen and the 43E Eric Hall from
Wayland KY dropping out on the first lap. At the completion of the heat,
John Allen was still the leader with Morris at second. The 15 of Waddel
worked his way to third from sixth and the 70 was able to finish fourth.
Coming in fifth was Taulbee, with Risner as sixth, and Tubby Allen coming in
as seventh and Hall in eighth.

The Limited Late Models were the last heat of the night with the 122 of Mike
Pratt from Viper KY and the 8 of Anthony Adams of Whitesburg KY on the front
row of the heat. The 28 of Jimbo Ison, also from Whitesburg KY, and the DJ
Wells entry no.11 from Wooten KY made up the second row. On the start, it
was the 8 of Anthony Adams taking the lead but Pratt was hot on his tail and
by the 5th lap, Pratt had moved to the point as Adams had engine trouble
causing him to drop out of the race. Pratt would go on the win the heat with
the 48 of Ison second and the 11 of Wells third.

The 25 lap Late Model feature was next with the two track record holders on
the front row, the 28 of Chucky May on the pole and the 1 of Eddie Carrier
JR alongside. At the drop of the green flag, Carrier was able to wrestle the
lead from May as May fell into second followed by the 10 of Harris and the
10 of Nichols and the 17 of Thornsberry rounded out the top five. Carrier JR
would prove to be the class of the field on this night as he would go on to
lead the entire race, but the battle for positions of second on back was not
as easily decided. Thornsberry was able to get by Nichols on the second lap
but in a few laps, Thornsberry was charged with a caution sending him to the
tail of the 14 car field putting Nichols back in third for the restart and
putting the 28 of Al Maddin from Premium KY up to fifth. On the restart, the
battle for second between May and Harris heated up. Harris takes second on
the 9th lap and by this time, the 33 of Aaron Hatton from Mount Sterling KY
had worked his way into fifth place. At the halfway point, the top five were
still the same. The whole second half of the race was pretty much the same
as the first, with the exception of the leaders tip toeing through lap
traffic but the lineup didn't change much in the second half of the race. In
the end it was Eddie Carrier JR. from Lebrun KY picking up his third win in
three races in the Late Model division. Second was the 10 of Paul Harris
from Prestonsburg KY and third was the 28 of Chucky May from Allen KY,
Coming in fourth was the 10 of Raymond Nichols from Jeremiah Ky while fifth
was the 33 of Aaron Hatton who started the race eight. Coming in sixth was
the 38 of Al Maddin from Premium KY and seventh was the 65 of Bucky Jackson
from Morehead KY. Eighth was the 42 of Randy Fields while ninth was the 37
of Herbie Barnett from Jackson KY. Coming in tenth was the 43 of Billy
Woolridge of Raybrun KY as eleventh was the 17 of Shannon Thornsberry and
twelfth was the 16m of Greg Kimper. Thirteenth was the 41 of Danny
McCalister and the 39 of Henry Hornsby failed to make the call to the
feature lineup.

After the Late Model feature, the fog rolled in and cancelled the race about
halfway through the Modified feature so the decision was made to cancel the
rest of the night events until September 15th because HMS will not be
running next weekend to allow many of the drivers and fans to make the
annual trek to Rossburg, Ohio for the running of the World 100, one of the
most prestigious races in Dirt Late Model racing. Over 200 Late Models and
thousands of fans make the yearly trek to the mile dirt track for the

HMS officials have decided to run the makeup features from this past week in
all six divisions that didn't get their respective features in on September
15th. Modified, Super Bomber, Limited Late Model, Bomber, Road Hog, and
4-Cylinder will run their respective make up features and then a regular
night of racing in all seven classes will follow with qualifications and
heats and features. So September 15th will be slap full of excitement and
racing in all divisions.

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