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Author Topic:   Christians clinches title in thriller at Dodge County
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posted September 02, 2001 02:15 PM UIN: 16262997
Christians clinches title in thriller

The rescheduled Fan Appreciation Night sponsored by Power Partners took place on day 2 of racing. The racing was tight and exciting as several IMCA Stock cars came down from up north to take on the locals as each class would race 25 lap features. Shawn Wagner from Pulaski stole the lead from John Stanton and led just one lap but it was enough to win. Jeremy Christians finished third and clinched his third straight track championship. Kelly Brown again rode the high side to his fourth win of the season and Chris Reinwald showed his muscle by dominating the Pure Stock feature. Brown and Stanton, both of whom have Power Partner decals, nearly swept the night as both drivers won their heat races. The Bud Dash for Cash saw the top six of yesterday’s Pure Stock feature race for six laps with the win going to Steve Seitz.
At intermission all of the racecars pulled onto the front stretch to allow the fans to walk onto the track and talk with their favorite drivers. Kids received pictures and candy and were given the chance to sit in many of the cars. The 45-minute session is a crowd favorite.
The IMCA Modifieds took to the track first and as the green waved Nick Woods bolted into the lead. Woods showed the way until lap 5 when he nearly looped and went into the infield. Casey Koch inherited the lead as Woods rejoined the track in sixth. Over the next ten laps Koch led over Brown and rookie John Schultz. During that time Brown slowly gained on the leader and separated himself from Shultz who had to deal with yesterday’s winner Todd Ascherien. On lap 15 Koch slowed dramatically giving up the top spot and entering the pits with a flat. With Brown way out front the battle raged for second. Schultz, Ascherien, Jay Schraufnagel and several other cars dueled for the runner up spot. The night would end early for some as Ascherien was black-flagged for his hood coming lose from his car on lap 22. Then one lap later Schraufnagel would lose power and come to rest bringing out the only caution of the night. With two laps remaining, Brown was able to hold off any challenges from Schultz. Brown took the win as the Schultz took second and his best finish ever. Dan Musbach also held off Craig Priewe for third.
The IMCA Stock race proved to be the most exciting as Jerry Schaalma led the first six laps over Rob Schmid and Scott Erdmann. Lap 7 saw two lead changes as Schmid got under Schaalma and Stanton shot between both of them to pull past Schmid. For the next ten laps Stanton and Schmid pulled away from the field. Erdmann raced with Tim Van De Hei as Jeremy Christians worked his way back to the front after being punted into the infield early. The first caution waved on lap 18 eliminating the lead by Stanton. As the green waved Stanton had his hands full with Schmid and Van De Hei. Roger Johnson also moved up in the front pack to fight for second. The caution flew again one lap later and once more one lap after that for Schmid. While trying to move under Stanton, Schmid got crossed up and into the infield. The wet grass caused him to lose control and come back onto the track getting T-boned by Kevin Rank. Schmid would continue but Rank’s night was over. With five laps to go the racing tightened up. Stanton would continue to lead but was being hounded by Shawn Wagner and Christians. As the white flag waved Wagner slid under Stanton bringing Christians with him but going into turn one Stanton dove past and back into the lead. Just as the Stanton was about to take his first win in an IMCA Stock car the caution waved for a car sitting sideways in turn one. Under IMCA rules if the caution comes out on the white flag lap the race is over with the finishing order going back to the last completed lap. Wagner had officially led that lap and was therefore awarded the win with Stanton getting second and Christians third.
In the Pure Stock race Chris Reinwald charged into the lead and immediately tore away from everyone. Everyone that is, except for Bob Mann. Mann hung with the fast Reinwald but could not quite get close enough to make the pass. As the front two pulled away from the field, Steve Seitz had his hands full with Craig Lepple and last night’s winner Nate Schepp. With each completed lap Mann faded slightly from Reinwald and would have to settle for second. Reinwald would take the win with a good distance between himself and Mann. Even further back Seitz held off Lepple for third.
The next event at the Speedway will be the IRA Outlaw Sprints in town. Speeds will be approaching 145mph, as the track will also crown a champion in the IMCA Modified class and the DCRA Pure Stock class.

IMCA Modifieds
Feature: 1) Kelly Brown, Randolph; 2) John Shultz, Oshkosh; 3) Dan Musbach, Grafton; 4) Craig Priewe, Beaver Dam; 5) Dave Schoenberger, Beaver Dam; 6) Dennis Schultz, Oshkosh; 7) Dennis Haldemann, Janesville; 8) Fred Strobel, Allenton; 9) Nick Woods, Beaver Dam; 10) Mark Dunn, Greenville
B-Main: 1) Mark Dunn; 2) John Simmers, Bristol; 3) Al Strobel, Woodland; 4) Jeff Hartman, West Bend; 5) Marcus Cox, Waupun
First heat: 1) Craig Priewe; 2) Fred Strobel; 3) Chris Smith, West Allis
Second Heat: 1) Kelly Brown; 2) John Shultz; 3) Dennis Haldemann
Third Heat: 1) Nick Woods; 2) Dennis Schultz; 3) Casey Koch, Beaver Dam
Fourth Heat: 1) Todd Ascherien; 2) Jay Schraufnagel; 3) Dan Musbach

IMCA Stock
Feature: 1) Shawn Wagner, Pulaski; 2) John Stanton, Reeseville; 3) Jeremy Christians, Horicon; 4) Tim Paitrick, Beaver Dam; 5) Roger Johnson, Saukville; 6) Tim Van De Hei, Green Bay; 7) Jerry Schaalma, Juneau; 8) Jason Czarapata, Pulaski; 9) Travis Van Stratton, Hortonville; 10) Curt Beek, Waupun
B-Main: 1) Todd Rhode, Fairwater; 2) Curt Beek; 3) Barry Van Stratton, Shiocton; 4) Travis Van Stratton; 5) Thomas Boerson, Waupun
First Heat: 1) Roger Johnson; 2) Tim Paitrick; 3) Tim Van De Hei
Second Heat: 1) John Stanton; 2) Jeff Owens; 3) Jerry Schaalma
Third Heat: 1) Jeremy Christians; 2) Brandon Czarapata, Pulaski; 3) Brandon Mindak, Casco

DCRA Pure Stock
Feature: 1) Chris Reinwald, Horicon; 2) Bob Mann, Reeseville; 3) Steve Seitz, Beaver Dam; 4) Craig Lepple, Beaver Dam; 5) Nate Schepp, Juneau; 6) Randy Schimmel, Beaver Dam; 7) Jason Behring, Beaver Dam; 8) Brent Lepple, Beaver Dam; 9) Jim Steger, Beaver Dam; 10) Trevor Schmidt, Hartford
First Heat: 1) Brent Lepple; 2) Randy Schimmel; 3) Bob Mann
Second Heat: 1) Chris Reinwald; 2) Pat Connell, Hartford; 3) Craig Lepple
Dash for Cash: 1) Steve Seitz; 2) Jim Steger; 3) Jason Behring; 4) Randy Schimmel; 5) Nate Schepp; 6) Bob Mann

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