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posted September 02, 2001 03:44 AM UIN: 16262997

WEST LEBANON, NY- Kenny Tremont Jr. took his ninth victory of the season
Saturday night at Lebanon Valley. Rich Ricci Jr. took the win in the
358-modified feature and along with it the 358-modified track title. Bobby
Knipe won the 20-lap sportsman feature, but Sparky Lowe walked away with the
2001 sportsman track championship. Rob Yetman was victorious in the 20-lap
pro stock main event. The fine folks at Gable Auto Sales brought this great
night of racing to us.
The format for the modified division was a little different Saturday
night in that time trial helped set the starting grid for the feature. Two
races were run for the cars that finished outside the top twelve in time
trials. Guy Sheldon and Hector Stratton won the two events and picked up $250
compliments of Jody Gable. J.R. Heffner was the fastest time trialer and
started fifth. Chris Moore and Ronnie Johnson were the fastest two cars in
time trials without a feature win this season and they comprised the front
row for the start of the race. Moore had brake problems on the start of the
race and dropped quickly to the middle of the field. Johnson took advantage
and was the early race leader. Kenny Tremont Jr. started eighth and was up to
fifth by lap two. The first caution of the race came on lap seven as Dave
Mosher sat facing the wrong way in turn one. Tremont moved up to third on the
restart and took over second one lap later.
Tim Dwyer was looking for his second win of the season as he moved into
third on lap nine. The best race for position was between Eddie Marshall and
Heffner. The two waged a war for sixth racing side by side for many laps.
Johnson began to encounter lapped traffic just past the halfway point. That
lapped traffic would get really heavy around lap 19, which allowed Tremont to
close in on Johnson. The top three cars had pulled away from the rest of the
pack with ten laps remaining in the race. The second and final caution came
out on lap 25. Rich Ricci Jr moved into fourth on the restart. Tremont made
his bid for the lead going into turn one on lap 26. He was able to pull off
the slide job and pull away from Johnson. Dwyer battled with Johnson in the
final laps but Johnson was able to hold on for the runner-up finish.
It is the 12th career modified championship for Tremont at Lebanon
Valley. It was his 96th career modified victory at the track.
The 358-modifieds were also on hand Saturday night. J.R. Heffner was one of
many drivers doing double duty and he led a majority of the event. Rich Ricci
Jr was on the move and looking for a win and the 358-point title. He moved
passed Eddie Marshall into the fifth position on lap seven. Heffner had a
super fast racecar and had checked out on the rest of the field by lap nine.
Craig Simmons started the race on the pole and ran a good race coming home
fifth. Marshall's night came to an end as he went pitside on lap 13.
Kenny Tremont Jr. started 14th in the race but cracked the top five on
lap 14. The only caution of the race came on lap 16 when Bobby Chalmers
dumped fluid on the track and went spinning in turn one. Ricci moved into
second on the restart and Tremont moved into third. Ricci quickly went to
work on Heffner. The two put on a great show in the final stages of the race
as they bounced off each other more than once. The two made contact going
down the backstretch on the final lap and went into turn three side by side.
Ricci was able to get the advantage and took the victory by half a car length
over Heffner. Tremont came home third and Todd Wilkinson fourth.
The closest point battle of the night came in the sportsman division.
Sparky Lowe came into the event just six points ahead of Bobby Knipe and
eighteen points over Art Collins. The caution came out immediately as Don
Miller made contact with the turn four wall. Lowe ran into problems as he did
not see the caution flag and spun around in turn two to avoid driving into
the back of Knipe's car. The restart saw Knipe take off like a rocket going
from 13th to fourth in one lap. Three more cautions by lap three forced
speedway officials to make the restarts single file. One of the cautions took
Collins out of the point title as he suffered a flat tire and had to go to
the pits. Knipe took the lead for good on one of the lap three restarts.
Lowe was recovering nicely form his early race woes to sit eighth by lap
five. Lowe and Roy Bridge bounced off each other dropping Lowe back in the
running order several spots. Lowe recovered once again to crack to top five
by lap nine. Lowe continued his charge forward and took over second on lap
12. If the race finished this way Lowe would be the champion by two points.
Roy Bridge had a top five run disappear as he suffered a left rear flat tire
on lap 14. K.C. Goewey was looking to play the role of spoiler on the restart
as he moved into third and went to work on second. Lowe had other ideas as he
began to challenge Knipe for the lead on lap 15. Knipe and Lowe battled side
by side for several laps, but Knipe held off his advances. Lowe had to then
concentrate on holding off Goewey for second. The two made contact on the
final lap and Lowe was able to take over second for good. Knipe took the
victory, but it was not enough as Lowe won the 2001 track championship.
The Pro Stocks took to the track for their 20-lap feature. Robbie Speed
had trouble on the start and dropped off the pace quickly. Buddy Hencke was
shown as the leader for the first four laps of the race. Several cautions in
the early going kept bunching up the field. Danny Sanchez had made his way up
to second, but spun out on a lap two restart. Rob Yetman took the lead from
Hencke on lap four. Behind him Jim Lagenback, Bob Duzlak and Ed Bachand raced
three-wide for fourth. Lagenback came away with the advantage over the other
two and quickly moved into third by lap six. Bachand started to have problems
as early as lap seven with the hood on his car coming off. Sanchez had worked
his way up to sixth after his lap two problems, but he spun around again on
lap 15 when Ed Bachand dumped fluid in turn three.
Paul LaRochelle and Lagenback raced hard for second for the final two
laps, with LaRochelle holding the advantage at the end. It was the third
victory of the season for Yetman in the Pro Stock division.
Rich Harkins, Fran Marchand Jr., Pete Wiegand and Bruce Moffitt won the
Pure Stock features. Jason Dibello and Mike Fachini won the rookie features.
The Kings 200 Weekend takes center stage next weekend. Two great days of
action ending with the CARQUEST 200 for the modifieds.

GABLE AUTO STORES MODIFIED RESULTS (30 LAPS) - 1) Kenny Tremont Jr, 2) Ronnie
Johnson, 3) Tim Dwyer, 4) Rich Ricci Jr, 5) Donnie Corellis, 6) Eddie
Marshall, 7) Matt Quinn, 8) J.R. Heffner, 9) Dave Leckonby, 10) Mike Benson,
11) Hector Stratton, 12) Chris Moore, 13) Guy Sheldon, 14) Steve Devine, 15)
John Alberti, 16) Maynard Forrette, 17) Denny Soltis, 18) Chip Mitchell, 19)
Mike King, 20) Jason Goff, 21) Hollis Morrisey, 22) Skippy Fox, 23) Wes
Powell, 24) John Tucker, 25) Mark Bird, 26) Dave Mosher, 27) Dave McFeeters,
28) John G Wolfe

358 MODIFIED RESULTS (24 LAPS) - 1) Rich Ricci Jr, 2) J.R. Heffner, 3) Kenny
Tremont Jr, 4) Todd Wilkinson, 5) Craig Simmons, 6) Wayne Jelley, 7) Dickie
Larkin, 8) John Finley, 9) Tom Sanchez Jr, 10) Chris Moore, 11) Lee
Gagliardi, 12) Vince Quenneville, 13) Lance Harting, 14) Rich Ricci Sr, 15)
Lucas Baker, 16) John Lutes Jr, 17) Todd Morey, 18) Mark Pullen, 19) Dave
Baranowski, 20) Bobby Chalmers, 21) Rob Pitcher, 22) Eddie Marshall, 23)
Danny Watson, 24) Denny Young

SPORTSMAN RESULTS (20 LAPS) - 1) Bobby Knipe, 2) Sparky Lowe, 3) K.C. Goewey,
4) Jason Tompkins, 5) Art Collins, 6) Frank Harper, 7) Ernie Palmer Jr, 8)
Carmon Carnibucci, 9) Don Miller, 10) John Scarborough, 11) Mike Mason, 12)
Mike Keeler, 13) Joe Bennett, 14) Roy Bridge, 15) Lorne Browe, 16) Charlie
Humes, 17) Neal Erickson, 18) Whitey Slavin, 19) Dave Tanguay, 20) Ed Harkin,
21) John Hotchkiss, 22) Pat O'Hanlon, 23) Jeff Carr, 24) Mike Molloy, 25)
Walt McKay, 26) Dan Humes, 27) Jay Casey

PRO STOCK RESULTS (20 LAPS) - 1) Rob Yetman, 2) Paul LaRochelle, 3) Jim
Langenback, 4) Chris Morris, 5) Tom Brandt, 6) Ricky Duzlak, 7) Ray Hall, 8)
Rob Noviczki, 9) Chris Crews, 10) Ed Bachand, 11) Danny Sanchez, 12) Don Ely,
13) Buddy Hencke, 14) Rick Fosby, 15) Bob Duzlak Jr, 16) Jeff Kelmel, 17) Joe
Santoro, 18) Robbie Speed

ROOKIE A RESULTS (8 LAPS) - 1) Jason DiBello, 2) Scott Kilmer, 3) Charlie
Woodard, 4) Henry Warner, 5) Dan Blackburn, 6) Ralph Hotchkiss, 7) Jery
Helms, 8) Phil Moffit, 9) Joe Mabb Jr, 10) Dave Colwell

ROOKIE B RESULTS (8 LAPS) - 1) Mike Fachini, 2) Phil Wood, 3) Wayne Keyes, 4)
Chris DeCiel, 5) E. J. Legeyt, 6) Tom Bungay, 7) John Hynes, 8) Bill Hammell,
9) Jim Rhodes, 10) Chris Claus, 11) Shane Mickle, 12) Don Belanger, 13)
Michael Kratz

PURE STOCK "A" RESULTS (8 LAPS) - 1) Rich Harkins, 2) Bill Hughes, 3) Ryan
Larkin, 4) Jon Betz, 5) Paul Handlowich, 6) Steve Hatch, 7) Dan Crosby, 8)
Sid Smith, 9) Pierre Dupont, 10) Jeff Kuhnow, 11) Chrissy Hilt, 12) Fay
Fachini, 13) Larry Megan, 14) Nick Hilt, 15) Keith Barlow, 16) Robert Brown,
17) Kevin Dolan

PURE STOCK "B" RESULTS (8 LAPS) - 1) Fran Marchand Jr, 2) Jay Martin, 3) Gene
Cushman, 4) Jeff Douglass, 5) Rich Douglass, 6) Marcus Tifft, 7) Bob Burl, 8)
Glenn Miller, 9) Mark Houston, 10) Joe DiStefano, 11) Bruce Pecorella, 12)
Jim O'Neil, 13) Mike Middleton, 14) Don Johnson, 15) Seth Spencer, 16) Randy
Brink, 17) Joshua Brandt

PURE STOCK "C" RESULTS (8 LAPS) - 1) Peter Wiegand, 2) Wally Engel, 3) Brian
Sandstedt, 4) Jim Hankey, 5) Robert Gibson, 6) Darryl Baker, 7) George Miles
Jr, 8) Kory Sandstadt, 9) Jim Dellea, 10) Michael Davis, 11) Bob Palmer, 12)
Dave Atwater, 13) Jamie Reutenauer, 14) Randy Myers, 15) Earl Soulier Jr, 16)
Chris Streeter, 17) Ryan Coon

PURE STOCK "D" RESULTS (8 LAPS) - 1) Bruce Moffit, 2) Jim Fachini, 3) Ronald
Johnson, 4) Ron Tritschler, 5) John Denue, 6) Mike Witherell, 7) Eric Sbrega,
8) Ron Hapeman, 9) John Connor Jr, 10) D.T. Pickard, 11) Todd Pelkey, 12)
Buck Gasner, 13) Lee Gallant, 14) Dwayne Dauski, 15) Ed Ashley, 16) Don Coon,
17) Jason Casey, 18) Mark Stevens

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