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posted August 29, 2001 03:36 PM UIN: 16262997

August 27, 2001 - Greenwood, NE - Steve Kosiski is a dirt late model racing
veteran who has captured his fair share of victories in his 20-plus year
career. Most of those wins came behind the wheel of a yellow race car, but
recently the yellow #52 has not found it's way to the front of many races.
So last night, Kosiski brought out a new car with a new blue color scheme.
He and his car came away with his first victory of the season at NRP.

Kosiski led all 25 laps of the Super Late Model feature in front of
approximately 3,000 fans on night. While the new paint job
was not responsible for the victory, it may have changed Kosiski's luck, and
it definitely worked around the track.

"I have been racing 24 years and we've always raced a yellow car," Kosiski
said. "Blue cars have been in the family for some time and we decided to go
with something different on the new car." "The new car felt really good -
it feels so much more comfortable," Kosiski said after struggling for
sometime with his previous car.

Kosiski, whose brothers Joe and Ed are first and second in the Super Late
Model point standings, started fourth and took advantage of his excellent
position to dart into the early lead. Kosiski ran away from the field,
moving around lapped traffic with ease en route to his win. Joe Kosiski,
who finished second, was unable to close the gap as the two cars navigated
their way through lapped traffic late in the race. Steve took the checkered
flags nearly a full straightaway ahead of his brother.

A relieved Steve Kosiski was pleasantly surprised with how well the car
worked on its first night at NRP. "This year had been very frustrating for
myself and the crew," Kosiski said. "We really needed this win for
ourselves and our sponsors."

One could say it was an all-Kosiski night in the Super Late Models. After
Steve captured the A-feature win, Joe and Ed each won a pair of match races
to advance to the King of the Hill finals scheduled for next weekend.

In the Walker Uniform Rental Grand National division, Rick Stolley grabbed
his second win of the season. More important, he took sole possession of
the Grand National points lead.

Stolley, who started in twelfth starting position, moved to the low side of
the track and slowly worked his way to the front. Race runner-up, Mike
Meyer could not hold off Stolley as he drove on to victory.

"I love the low side of the track, I always have," said Stolley. "The car
just really seems to work down there week after week."

It was more of the same in the O'Reilly Auto Parts Pro-Am division, with
Scott Carlson capturing his tenth victory of the season. Carlson charged to
the lead just a few laps into the 18-lap feature and never looked back.

In the Jasper Engines and Transmissions Hobby Stock A-feature, Todd Bell won
the first race of his career by taking the lead on the first lap and running
away from the field. It was an especially thrilling win for Bell, who just
over a month was involved in a roll-over wreck at NRP. While he walked away
from the accident, his car was completely destroyed. After a few weeks of
problems, the new car worked magnificently for Bell.

Hobby Stock points leader Travis Alley, who finished second in the race, was
disqualified when he refused an engine claim following the feature.
Nebraska Raceway Park General Manager Craig Kelley said Alley's refusal
means he draws a four-race suspension and is done for the season.

Action continues next Sunday as 76 RACING GAS presents the NASCAR Weekly
Racing Series LABOR DAY WEEKEND SPECTACULAR. All four divisions will be in
action including DOUBLE Super Late Model A-features and the 76 Racing Gas
King of the Hill Finals. Adult admission will be $11, Seniors $9, Children
6-12 $2 and 5 and Under FREE. Front gates open at 4:30 p.m. with racing at
6:00 p.m..

Directions to NRP: take I-80 to Exit #420 between Omaha and Lincoln. Go
mile North to the track entrance and you're ready to go racing! For track
and race information call (402) 944-2233 or visit

Sunday's results:

A-Feature: 1. Steve Kosiski, 2. Joe Kosiski, 3. Jason Hobscheidt, 4. Scott
Koskovich, 5. Al Zeitner, 6. John Hampel, 7. Ed Kosiski, 8. Mark Wyman, 9.
Leon Zeitner, 10. Davey Nall, 11. John Anderson, 12. Todd McKee, 13. Donnie
McClellan, 14. Rob Wagner, 15. Mel Zeitner, 16. Mike Nanfito, 17. Vic
Lovejoy, 18. Chad Inserra, 19. Mike Collins, 20. Landon Smith, 21. Bill
Mlnarik, 22. Steve Light, 23. Howard Koziol Jr.

Heat Race Winners: Leon Zeitner, Steve Kosiski

Points Leaders: 1. Joe Kosiski 744, 2. Ed Kosiski 656, 3. Mark Wyman 644

A-Feature: 1. Rick Stolley, 2. Mike Meyer, 3. Brian Kenkel, 4. Mike Wallace,
5. John Kinney Jr., 6. Russ Hadan, 7. Brian Barrett, 8. Curt Pritchard, 9.
Chris Roberts, 10. Mike Collins, 11. Pat Krug, 12. Bob Walker, 13. Dave
Jorgensen Sr., 14. Jeff Tilley, 15. Scott Waldron, 16. Jody Krug, 17. Dave
Cook, 18. Bill Leighton, 19. Dave Doll, 20. Craig Preble, 21. Kevin Hamele,
22. Jason Waite, 23. Doug Newcomer, 24. Ron Cumberledge, 25. Harry Nixon,
26. Dave Jorgensen Jr.

B-Feature: 1. Craig Preble, 2. Dave Jorgensen Sr., 3. Dave Cook, 4. Jason
Waite, 5. Harry Nixon, 6. Corey Zeitner, 7. Kathy Cook, 8. Mike Houston, 9.
Trevor Millikan, 10. Dave Livingston, 11. Tyler Lee Ray, 12. Dave Ackerson

B-Feature: 1. Dave Jorgensen Jr., 2. Bob Walker, 3. Jody Krug, 4. Dave Doll,
5. Jeff Tilley, 6. Butch Levell, 7. Mike Danburg, 8. Matt Meyers, 9. Rick
Havenridge, 10. Cliff McKinney, 11. Dan Cumberledge, 12. Bruce Reiman, 13.
Pat McAtee.

Heat Race Winners: Chris Roberts, John Kinney Jr., Kevin Hamele, Bill

Points Leaders: 1. Rick Stolley 600, 2. Mike Wallace 594, 3. Jody Krug 542

A-Feature: 1. Scott Carlson, 2. Mark Day, 3. Scott Anderson, 4. Rick
Negrete, 5. Chuck Dillon, 6. Bob Tanner, 7. Alan Schmitt, 8. Dan Jackson, 9.
Jerry Turek, 10. Jeff Bonney, 11. Brian Scott, 12. Ron Tex Jr., 13. Denny
Berghahn, 14. Nick Hermsen, 15. Steve Peoples, 16. Don Mohr, 17. Dan Hall,
18. Dan/Rich Steier, 19. Dave Schafroth, 20. Kevin Gigax, 21. Curt Drake,
22. Todd Schmitt, 23. Todd Remmereid, 24. Larry Robinson Jr.

B-Feature: 1. Nick Hermsen, 2. Dave Schafroth, 3. Todd Remmereid, 4. Kevin
Gigax, 5. Nick Steier, 6. Bob Wallace, 7. Les Andersen, 8. Sam McQuinn, 9.
Jason Heiman, 10. Ray Dessel, 11. Andy Thompsen, 12. Marty Steinbach, 13.
Jason Longmeyer

B-Feature: 1. Dan Hall, 2. Ron Tex Jr., 3. Don Mohr, 4. Dan/Rich Steier, 5.
Doug Stevenson, 6. Tim Moore, 7. Dan Vincent, 8. Russ Joons, 9. Jerry
Benedict, 10. Scott Krause-Mahan, 11. Denny Haukaas, 12. Joe Copeland, 13.
Mike Brown, 14. Paul Remmereid

Heat Race Winners: Brian Scott, Scott Anderson, Scott Carlson, Larry
Robinson Jr.

Points Leaders: 1. Scott Anderson 2705, 2. Mark Day 2661, 3. Scott Carlson

A-Feature: 1. Todd Bell, 2. Jimmy Nichols II, 3. Dan Simmerman, 4. Tony
Pavic, 5. David Christensen, 6. Adam VonBusch, 7. Tim Terrry, 8. Joe Feyen,
9. Eric Hanson, 10. Herbie Ziemann, 11. Jeremy Moss, 12. Ben Heyne, 13.
Chris Earith, 14. Greg Houdesheldt, 15. Mike Hansen, 16. Kurt Mackie, 17.
John Austin, 18. Ron Allen, 19. Travis Alley

Heat Race Winners: Jimmy Nichols II, Todd Bell

Points Leaders: 1. Joe Feyen 2525, 2. Tony Pavic 2490, 3. Travis Alley 2386

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