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Author Topic:   Poinsett County Speedway Results
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posted August 27, 2001 12:35 AM UIN: 16262997
1st Heat
1 Jeff Wells, Trumann, Ar
2 Greg Layne, Arbyro, MO
3 John Jackson, Payneway, AR

2nd heat
1 Kyle Beard, Trumann, AR
2 Danny Campbell, BeeBe, AR
3 Mike Cochran, Dice, Ar

Car Total 15
1 Greg Layne, Arbyro, MO
2 Hunter Rasdon, Bono, AR
3 Jeff Wells, Trumann, AR
4 Richard Greenway, Jr, Bono, Ar
5 Danny Campbell, BeeBe, AR
6 Demo Gambill, Jonesboro, AR
7 Ronnie Holt, Jonesboro, AR
8 Ronnie Samuels, Trumann, AR
9 John Jackson, Payneway, AR
10 Kyle Beard, Trumann, AR

4 Cylinders
1st heat
1 Ian Samuels, Trumann, Ar
2 Scott Flannegan, Jonesboro, AR
3 Bill Hugo, Memphis, TN

2nd heat
1 Tommy Sanders, Cherry Valley, Ar
2 Dennis Browning, Tuckersman, Ar
3 Alan Armestead, Harrisburg, Ar

3rd heat
1 Josh Fortner, Newport, Ar
2 Daniel Berry, Drummondes, TN
3 Johnny Gustavus, Marion, AR

Car Total 15
1 Josh Fortner, Newport, AR
2 Alan Armestead, Harrisburg, AR
3 Jimmy Bishop, Trumann, Ar
4 Dennis Browning, Tuckerman, Ar
5 Zach Jaymes, Trumann, AR
6 Scott Flannegan, Jonesboro, AR
7 Daniel Berry, Drummonds, TN
8 Johnny Gustavus, Marion, AR
9 Cody Coffey, Newport, AR
10 Bill Hugo, Memphis, TN

1st Heat
1 Shane Stephens, Arlington, TN
2 Richie Tosh, Batesville, AR
3 Randy Wright, Weiner, AR

2nd Heat
1 Robbie Arnold, Paragould, AR
2 Mark Norris, Clinton, AR
3 Archie Conway, Jr., Bald Knob, AR

3rd heat
1 Walt Butler, Des Arc, AR
2 Shannon Brack, Harrisburg, Ar
3 Jeremy Russell, Jonesboro, Ar

Car total 24
1 Walt Butler, Des Arc , AR
2 Mark Norris, Clinton, AR
3 Jeremy Russell, Jonesboro, Ar
4 Shane Stephens, Arlington, TN
5 Johnny Cook, Jonesboro, AR
6 Robbie Arnold, Paragould, AR
7 Richie Tosh, Batesville, Ar
8 Jessie Cordell, Diaz, AR
9 Cliff Carter, West Memphis, Ar
10 Archie Conway, Jr., Bald Knob, Ar

1st heat
1 Steve Henley, Steele, MO
2 Jeff Jordon, Jonesboro, Ar
3 Carl Wilson, Trumann, Ar

2nd Heat
1 Daniel Bassett, Paragould, Ar
2 Brad Blake, Malden, MO
3 David Holt, Jonesboro, Ar

3rd Heat
1 Mark Williams, Corning, Ar
2 Glen Talley, Jonesboro, Ar
3 Robert Woodard, McCroy, AR

4th heat
1 Adam Lowery, Jonesboro, AR
2 Robbie Alberson, McCroy, Ar
3 Dale Bassett, Paragould, Ar

Car total 24
1 Steve Henley, Steele, MO
2 Mark Williams, Corning, Ar
3 Glen Talley, Jonesboro, Ar
4 Adam Lowery, Jonesboro, AR
5 Robbie Alberson, McCroy, AR
6 Robert Woodard, McCroy, Ar
7 Tim Cater, Manila, Ar
8 Dale Bassett, Paragould, AR
9 Brian Taube, Drummonds, TN
10 David Holt, Jonesboro, AR

Late Model
1st Heat
1 Keith Adamson, Poplar Bluff, MO
2 Gary Beard, Trumann, Ar
3 Johnny Waters, Sedgewick, Ar

2nd Heat
1 Walt Butler, Des Arc, Ar
2 Richie Tosh, Batesville, Ar
3 Andy May, Newport, AR

Car Total 10
1 Walt Butler, Des Arc, Ar
2 Andy May, Newport, Ar
3 Jerry Dunaway, Bartlet, TN
4 Carey Conaway, Jonesboro, Ar
5 Richie Tosh, Batesville, Ar
6 Johnny Waters, Sedgewick, AR
7 Gary Beard, Trumann, Ar
8 Mark Shaw, Marion, AR
9 Keith Adamson, Poplar Bluff, AR
10 Ferd Jordon, Jonesboro, Ar

EXCITING...... That's the only way I could describe last nights racing. I'm not just talking one class either. I'm talking all classes. I think last night I saw some of the best racing and racing skills on the track than I have seen all year. Now as good as the races usually are that is saying something. Starting with the Hobby class which the count was up to 15, it was a tight race all the way. There were no slow cars out there , none being lapped. Every one of those cars worked hard for the position that they held in the race. It was a good clean race with excellent driving by all the drivers. (did anyone notice that #7, yellow, blue and white camaro out there? Didn't he look goooood. ) Seriously though everyone of you looked good out there.
The four Cylinder Feature started out with a very scarey moment when #85 Ian Samuels and #t4 Tommy Sanders got into each other, which cause both of them to flip several times. Thank God neither of them were hurt, probably a little sore today, but otherwise okay. Hope you get your cars fixed and are right back out there again next week. Both Ian and Tommy won their Heat races and had a good chance at the win. The rest of the race was pretty well uneventful as far as mishaps. So the racing was going smoothly. All drivers did a good job.
With 24 cars in the Modified race I was very impressed with the driving that these men did last night. Not that they aren't always good but with that many cars the start up is usually a bit shaky. But last night we saw an exciting race with several battling for the win. With Walt Butler, Mark Norris and Jeremy Russell doing final battle, Walt Butler took the lead and held it to the win. This was one of the best races I have seen this year.
The Purestocks had 24 cars also. The Purestock class has really grown and gotten alot faster this year. So it takes some good driving to keep up with some of these cars out there and all the drivers do a great job. Steve Henley, Glen Talley , Robbie Alberson are just a few of the excellent drivers we have. Jeff Jordon just seem to be right there everytime there was a wreck. I'm not even sure if his car is a camaro anymore ??? but he hung in there for quite a while before he finally just had to pull off. Hope all gets fixed and your back next week Jeff (did anyone notice that 7D, yellow, blue and white camaro,? didn't he look goooooood)..Okay so I got another plug in. I have been doing this all season and tried to control myself. Two slips aren't too bad huh? If we get anymore Purestocks or Modified they may just have to widen that track LOL.
The Late Model race was one that was very hard to keep track of. Several had to leave the track and come back on. There was alot of damage done to some of the cars last night on a very slick track. But they all hung in there and most of them finished the race.
Also I have to say this. Jeff Davis, #23 Modified. During the heat race he had us sitting on the edge of our seats. He was carrying his front wheel up in the air nearly all the way around the track. Maybe you didn't notice Jeff but you were putting on quite a show. Looking Good......

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