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Author Topic:   Russ Dunn wins York Triathlon Modified race at Sharon
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Russ Dunn wins York Triathlon Modified race at Sharon

Hartford, OH (August 24) - The Triathlon Racing Series York Modifieds visited Sharon Speedway on Friday night with Russ Dunn from Fenelton, PA picking up the victory. It was his first York Modified victory of the season, and his second Triathlon Series victory of his career.

The feature started with Russ Dunn on the pole position, after his victory in the Coy Brothers Trucking Dash. Dunn and Jeff Taylor battled for the lead at the start, with Taylor making the pass to take the lead on lap 3. During lap 3, a massive wreck on the front stretch eliminated numerous contenders.

During the red flag period, it was discovered that Taylor's car was missing its fuel cap. He was sent to the pit area to replace it, and was forced to restart at the tail.

Dunn resumed in the race lead, as he was soon to feel a challenge from Todd Roncaglione. In the closing laps, Dunn moved away as he collected the victory. Series point leader Roncaglione crossed the line in second. Taylor charged back from the tail to finish third, despite losing an engine as the checkered flag waved. Tenth starting Jeff Johnson was fourth, with Fuzzy Stiffler fifth. Completing the top ten were Scott Stiffler, Jeff Sharp, Carl McKinney, Shawn Shingledecker, and Jeff Rudrick.

With 33 York Modifieds on hand, Stahl Plumbing and Air Conditioning heat race winners were Russ Dunn, Scott Jones, Todd Roncaglione, and Jeff Taylor. Ron Roncaglione was the winner of the B-Main. Jeff Sharp was awarded the Hendrickson Fabrication and Performance Hard Charger Award, advancing from 25th starting position in the main to finish seventh.

Todd Roncaglione continues to be the York Series point leader, leading the standings over Jeff Taylor, Jeff Rudrick, Fred Bratchie, and Jeff Sharp. Taylor is the Coy Brothers Trucking Dash point leader, over Roncaglione and Sharp. The B-Main point leader is Mike Samuelson, over Arlan Coy.

After a one week break, the Triathlon York Modifieds will be back into action, as the longest race in Series history will be here. On Friday, September 7, Raceway 7 in Conneaut, Ohio will host "THE 100." The 100-lap distance will pay a total purse of $7600, the highest paying event in the Triathlon Series season. Raceway 7 is located six miles south of I-90 on Ohio Route 7. The track phone is 440-594-2222, and their web site is This event will also make history in another form, as it will be the first time that the Triathlon Series York Modifieds and York Sprints will appear on the same card. And that will not be the only race of the weekend, as on Sunday, September 9, the Series will make their first-ever visit to Latrobe Speedway, in Latrobe, PA. The track located three miles south of US 30 on PA Route 981. The track phone is 724-737-5300, and their web site is This event will also be a doubleheader program for the York Modifieds and York Sprints. For more information on the York Triathlon Series, please contact Series President Ken Wilson at 412-257-1103 days, or 724-745-3142 evenings. For the most complete source of York Triathlon Series information, visit their web site at

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
York Triathlon Series Modified Results for Friday, August 24, 2001, at Sharon Speedway.

Car Count - 33.

Stahl Plumbing and Air Conditioning Heat 1 - 1)Russ Dunn. 2)Rick Robinson. 3)Jeff Rudrick. 4)Mark Willison. 5)Steve Haefke. 6)Brian Taft. 7)Bob Diver. 8)Ron Roncaglione. 9)Scott Stiffler.

Stahl Plumbing and Air Conditioning Heat 2 - 1)Scott Jones. 2)Chuck List. 3)Jeff Johnson. 4)Ron Jaeger. 5)Charlie Jasinski. 6)Jim Abbott. 7)Mike Lesky. 8)Bruce Crouch.

Stahl Plumbing and Air Conditioning Heat 3 - 1)Todd Roncaglione. 2)Shawn Shingledecker. 3)Arlan Coy. 4)Bob McCann. 5)Fred Bratchie. 6)Carl McKinney. 7)Jim White. Did not start, Mark Rector.

Stahl Plumbing and Air Conditioning Heat 4 - 1)Jeff Taylor. 2)Fuzzy Stiffler. 3)Kari Petrosky. 4)Mike Potosky. 5)Rich Jaeger. 6)Mike Samuelson. 7)Jeff Sharp. 8)Dale Fuller.

Coy Brothers Trucking Dash Winner - Russ Dunn. B-Main Winner - Ron Roncaglione.

Feature - 1)Russ Dunn. 2)Todd Roncaglione. 3)Jeff Taylor. 4)Jeff Johnson. 5)Fuzzy Stiffler. 6)Scott Stiffler. 7)Jeff Sharp. 8)Carl McKinney. 9)Shawn Shingledecker. 10)Jeff Rudrick. 11)Mike Potosky. 12)Fred Bratchie. 13)Charlie Jasinski. 14)Chuck List. 15)Kari Petrosky. 16)Scott Jones. 17)Rick Robinson. 18)Mike Samuelson. 19)Bob Diver. 20)Mark Willison. 21)Bob McCann. 22)Arlan Coy. 23)Steve Haefke. 24)Ron Roncaglione. 25)Ron Jaeger. 26)Rich Jaeger.

Did not qualify - Mike Lesky, Brian Taft, Jim Abbott, Bruce Crouch, Jim White, Dale Fuller, Mark Rector.

Official York Triathlon Modified Point Standings - 1)1054, 00, Todd Roncaglione. 2)1022, 3, Jeff Taylor. 3)1002, 55, Jeff Rudrick. 4)987, V2, Fred Bratchie. 5)986, 54, Jeff Sharp. 6)972, 0, Ron Roncaglione. 7)969, 80, Mike Samuelson. 8)934, USA1, Bob McCann. 9)901, 0K, Kari Petrosky. 10)899, 57, Arlan Coy.

Coy Brothers Trucking Dash Point Standings - 1)94, 3, Jeff Taylor. 2)85, 00, Todd Roncaglione. 3)82, 54, Jeff Sharp. 4)66, 55, Jeff Rudrick. 5)62, 0K, Kari Petrosky. 6)59, V2, Fred Bratchie. 7)58, USA1, Bob McCann. 8)48, 119, Jim Dandy, Jr. 9)tie 47, 0, Ron Roncaglione and 47, Russ Dunn. B-Main Standings - 1)329, 80, Mike Samuelson. 2)324, 57, Arlan Coy. 3)254, 4A, Jim Abbott. 4)250, 83C, Brian Taft. 5)204, 0K, Kari Petrosky. 6)189, 25, Steve Artrip. 7)138, 0, Ron Roncaglione. 8)137, 6M, Carl McKinney. 9)135, 75, Dale Fuller. 10)tie 133, V2, Fred Bratchie and 5, Ron Jaeger.

* * * 2001 York Triathlon Series Schedule - Stahl Modifieds * * *

Friday, May 11 - Raceway 7, Conneaut, OH - Second Annual "Spring Fling 35" by Applebee Motorsports. Event was canceled on June 1 again by rain.
Saturday, June 9 - Tyler County Speedway, Middlebourne, WV - First Annual "Mountaineer Challenge." Winner was Carl McKinney.
Friday, June 15 - Sharon Speedway, Hartford, OH - Fourth Annual "Coy Brothers Classic." Winner was Jeff Taylor.
Sunday, June 17 - Tri-City Speedway, Franklin, PA. Winner was Brent Rhebergen.
Saturday, July 21 - Challenger Raceway, Indiana, PA - Sixth Annual "Evergreen Classic." Winner was Chuck Kennedy.
Sunday, August 5 - Tri-City Speedway, Franklin, PA. Winner was Brent Rhebergen.
Friday, August 10 - Raceway 7, Conneaut, OH - Third Annual "Buckeye Challenge," by General Aluminum. Winner was Bill Watson.
Sunday, August 12 - Latrobe Speedway, Latrobe, PA. Event was canceled by rain.
Friday, August 24 - Sharon Speedway, Hartford, OH. Winner was Russ Dunn.
Friday, September 7 - Raceway 7, Conneaut, OH - "THE 100."
Sunday, September 9 - Latrobe Speedway, Latrobe, PA - Third Annual "Keystone Challenge."
Saturday and Sunday, September 22 and 23 - Tri-City Speedway, Franklin, PA - Fourth Annual "Myrgo All Star 50" with Modified Madness.
Friday and Saturday, October 5 and 6 - Mercer Raceway Park, Mercer, PA - Second Annual Little Guys Nationals.
Saturday and Sunday, October 13 and 14 - Challenger Raceway, Indiana, PA - Fall Fest VII.

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