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Author Topic:   Stile makes late pass to win at Challenger
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posted August 19, 2001 03:33 PM UIN: 16262997
Stile makes late pass to win at Challenger

Indiana, PA (August 18) - Sammy Stile from Greensburg, PA capitalized on a late pass to win the 25-lap Pittsburgh Crankshaft Late Model feature on Saturday night at Challenger Raceway. It was his third victory of the season, and all have come in the similar, dramatic fashion. Scoring a first career feature win in the Townsend Gas & Oil Modified feature was rookie driver Jeff Jones, from Evans City, PA. Collecting his third feature win of the season in the Stewart Bus Line Pure Stock feature was Joe Kelley from Mt. Pleasant, PA. Tom Taylor from Homer City, PA picked up his second victory of the season in the North East Locators Strictly Stock feature.

The exciting 25-lap Pittsburgh Crankshaft Late Model feature started with Wally Fox and Sammy Stile on the front row of the starting grid. Stile led the first round, before Nick Jones passed to take command on lap 2. Their battle would continue as Rodney Phillips joined them, as Phillips took second on lap 6. With Jones and Phillips using the inside, Stile raced the long way around on the outside to regain second on lap 10, only to give it back to Phillips on lap 13. Stile finally took second back on lap 15, and now moved up to challenge Jones. The stage was set as the race had its final restart with five laps remaining. The battle was on over the final five rounds, as they would race side-by-side until Stile finally nosed ahead on the backstretch on lap 23. Stile went on to score the win for the third time this season. Jones must have been disappointed to finish second, as he was one position from making it a double win day for the family after his younger brother Jeff had won in the Modifieds. Phillips was third ahead of Chuck Kennedy and Jason Carnahan. Sixth went to Gary Lyle, as point leader Dave Norton, Tony Raneri, Tony Burke, and Fox rounded out the top ten. Stile and Phillips were the heat race winners.

The 20-lap Townsend Gas & Oil Modified feature was a rough event, as the yellow flag waved nine times in the event. With the time limit approaching, it even forced some laps to be completed under the yellow flag. With the field having nine chances on restarts to make challenges, it would not matter as rookie driver Jeff Jones led the entire distance in racing to his first career feature win. Jim Bertges made the strongest bid to pass the youngster in the closing laps, but could not complete the job in settling for second. Carl McKinney came from tenth starting position to finish third, with fourth going to Bob Rougeaux from position 16. Craig Perigo was fifth. When point leader Jeff Taylor was forced to pit with a flat tire, while running third on lap 17, it allowed sixth place finisher Chuck Kennedy to close within one point of division leader Taylor. Heat winners were Blackie Watt, Kennedy, and Bertges.

Tommy Dembowski and Herm Bertolini led the 15-lap Stewart Bus Line Pure Stock feature to the green flag with Dembowski leading early. After a lap 2 restart, fourth starting Mike Hilla, Jr. took command. Joe Kelley and Butch Lambert had moved to second and third, but Hilla had held off all challenges through halfway despite a right rear wheel that was wobbling. After Lambert spun on lap 10, the restart was the downfall for Hilla, as he spun on lap 11 with the tire having gone flat. Fifth starting Kelley assumed command and held it to the finish for his third victory of the season. Dembowski came home with a season best finish of second. Bertolini was third, with Nick Reges fourth. After starting last in the 17-car field, Fred Pfeifer advanced to finish fifth. Despite being eliminated in the lap 2 incident, Jeff Walters still retains the division point lead. Lambert and Walters were the heat winners.

The 15-lap feature for the North East Locators Auto Sales Strictly Stocks went to Tom Taylor in thrilling style. Don Rodgers had led from the start, as John Mazey and Mark Marian joined the battle. The only yellow flag of the event came on lap 3 for Marian, as a broken axle would cost him the division point lead. Taylor joined the battle for the lead, and on lap 6 it would be Rodgers and Taylor making contact to allow Mazey to take the lead. Taylor came back to pass Mazey on lap 11 on his way to his second feature win of the season. Mazey made a late challenge but settled for second, as he regains the division point lead. Rodgers was third ahead of heat winner Bill Hebenthal and Cliff Abbott.

Challenger Raceway will return to racing with the second half of the weekend doubleheader on Sunday, August 19. The Renegade STARS Racing Series Late Models will be in for their second visit of the season. The Townsend Gas & Oil Modifieds will also be on the card with regular racing, as North East Locators Auto Sales will offer the BONUS BUCKS to a lucky random finisher in the top ten of their feature event. Four-division racing will return on Saturday, August 25 in a program sponsored by North East Locators. The gates for all racing programs open at 5:30, with racing starting at 7:30. Challenger Raceway is located 6.4 miles southwest of US 422 on PA 286, then one mile north on McIntyre Road. For more information, please call 724-726-5494 for the office, or 724-726-9808 for the track. For the most complete source of Challenger Raceway information, visit the track's web site at

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Upcoming events:

Sunday, August 19 - Renegade STARS Racing Series Late Models, plus Townsend Gas and Oil Modifieds.

Saturday, August 25 - North East Locators Night, four-division racing.

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Challenger Raceway results for Saturday, August 18, 2001.

Pittsburgh Crankshaft Service Late Models - Car Count - 15.
Heat winners - Sammy Stile, Rodney Phillips.
Feature - 1)Sammy Stile. 2)Nick Jones. 3)Rodney Phillips. 4)Chuck Kennedy. 5)Jason Carnahan. 6)Gary Lyle. 7)Dave Norton. 8)Tony Raneri. 9)Tony Burke. 10)Wally Fox. 11)Jack Thornton. 12)Dave Day. 13)Tom Decker. 14)Loyd Swain. 15)Matt Lux.
Current Point Standings - 1)1283, 24X, Dave Norton. 2)1255, 1P, Rodney Phillips. 3)1249, 10, Gary Lyle. 4)1238, 15J, Nick Jones. 5)1227, 90, Wally Fox. 6)1181, 43, Tom Decker. 7)1134, 6A, Chuck Kennedy. 8)1129, 79, Dave Satterlee. 9)1018, 21, Matt Lux. 10)963, 23, Tony Burke.

Townsend Gas & Oil Modifieds - Car Count - 25.
Heat winners - Blackie Watt, Chuck Kennedy, Jim Bertges.
Feature - 1)Jeff Jones. 2)Jim Bertges. 3)Carl McKinney. 4)Bob Rougeaux. 5)Craig Perigo. 6)Chuck Kennedy. 7)Randy Hall. 8)Kris Pisarcik. 9)Jim Baker. 10)Brian Jakosh. 11)Bob Sheesley. 12)Kenny Hall. 13)Bruce Dreistadt. 14)Blackie Watt. 15)Jim Struble. 16)Will Cochran. 17)Bryan Byers. 18)Brad Stiles. 19)Adam Taylor. 20)Bob Skwara. 21)Jeff Taylor. 22)Rich Logan. 23)Kevin Perigo. 24)Kenny Rogers. 25)Butch Lambert.
Current Point Standings - 1)1414, 3, Jeff Taylor. 2)1413, A1, Chuck Kennedy. 3)1330, 35, Bob Skwara. 4)1312, 6M, Carl McKinney. 5)1293, 50, Jim Bertges. 6)1272, 47X, Bruce Dreistadt. 7)1216, 15, Jeff Jones. 8)1167, 33, Rich Logan. 9)1165, 64, Bob Rougeaux. 10)1099, 9, Jim Struble.

Stewart Bus Line Pure Stocks - Car Count - 17.
Heat winners - Butch Lambert, Jeff Walters.
Feature - 1)Joe Kelley. 2)Tommy Dembowski. 3)Herm Bertolini. 4)Nick Reges. 5)Fred Pfeifer. 6)Chuck Cook. 7)Butch Lambert. 8)Pat Hanley. 9)Jeff Stepp. 10)Mike Hilla, Jr. 11)John Hartman. 12)Charles Stewart. 13)Rob Kosecki. 14)Randy Caldwell. 15)Jeff Walters. 16)Jeremy Zufall. 17)Herb Loper.
Current Point Standings - 1)1635, 18, Jeff Walters. 2)1584, 36D, Rob Kosecki. 3)1484, 79, Tommy Dembowski. 4)1482, 00H, Mike Hilla, Jr. 5)1479, 12, Randy Caldwell. 6)1436, 27, Butch Lambert. 7)1311, 55, Chris Schneider. 8)1207, 38R, Nick Reges. 9)1137, J19, Jason Fosnaught. 10)1135, 03H, John Hartman.

North East Locators Auto Sales Strictly Stocks - Car Count - 8.
Heat winner - Bill Hebenthal.
Feature - 1)Tom Taylor. 2)John Mazey. 3)Don Rodgers. 4)Bill Hebenthal. 5)Cliff Abbott. 6)Jeff Bastin. 7)Steve Meckley. 8)Mark Marian.
Current Point Standings - 1)1420, 55, John Mazey. 2)1419, 3M, Mark Marian. 3)1409, 19H, Bill Hebenthal. 4)1352, 91D, Don Rodgers. 5)1298, 68, Joe Starcher. 6)982, 15, Tom Taylor. 7)536, 67, Bill Sigafoes. 8)534, 77, Joe Rubcic. 9)531, 51, Dan Mazzaferro. 10)462, 35, Larry McBryar.

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