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posted August 19, 2001 03:32 PM UIN: 16262997

Minersville, PA - August 17 - Keith Hoffman of Whitehall, PA and Duane Howard
of Oley, PA split the Twin-20-lap NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Modified
features at Big Diamond Raceway on Nabisco's "Nilla Night at the Races" on
Friday. It was Hoffman's third Big Diamond win of the year and Howard's sixth.
Rookie Jesse Sterling of Lehighton, Pa piloted his 414 NASCAR ShorTrack
Sportsman to his second feature win of the year while dominant Dave Miller of
Pine Grove, PA took his fifth Roadrunner 15-lap feature win.
In the first 20-lap Modified feature Laureldale's Rick Stankiewicz led
the first seven laps just ahead of Bob Ebersole (Hummelstown, PA) and Jack
Hartnett (Telford, PA). Glenn Strunk (Bechtelsville, PA) and Dennis Bailey
(Kutztown, PA) began battling for fourth at the close of lap one but Keith
Hoffman, who started 15th was flying with Craig Von Dohren (Barto, PA) and
Duane Howard (Oley, PA) on his rear bumper. Hoffman took fourth on lap 4 and
third on lap 7. Keith then took charge on lap eight with a bold inside move
entering turn one to go from third to first. Howard and Von Dohren got
bottled up in traffic as Hoffman made the right move to take to lead. By the
time Howard worked his way past the two cars between he and Hoffman, Keith
was long gone.
Keith Hoffman won by a full straightaway over Duane Howard, Glenn
Strunk, Craig Von Dohren, Kyle Weiss (Hamburg, PA), Bob Ebersole, Jeff
Strunk, Rick Stankiewicz, Jack Hartnett and Ron Mawson, Jr. (Pittston, PA).
The second 20 saw the top 13 inverted putting Hoffman 13th and Howard
12th. Again this duo charged through the field as though they were tied
together. Ryan Moyer (Schuylkill Haven, PA) paced the field through the first
two laps that seemed like many more with numerous cautions interrupting the
event's progress. Jim Hauer (Lebanon, PA), Jeff Strunk, Dennis Bailey and Ron
Mawson, Jr. were battling for second when Hauer and Bailey got together
collecting Mawson while Jeff Strunk slipped through. Strunk was second to
Moyer on the restart with Howard already third. Howard made a big move on the
restart to move under both leaders to take the lead while Hoffman, this time,
got caught behind these two cars. Hoffman got by Moyer and battled with
Strunk for second while Von Dohren, who pitted and restarted 28th on lap one,
was blowing through the field. Von Dohren took fourth from a strong Glenn
Strunk on lap 12 and actually passed Hoffman on lap 15. Craig edged in front
of Jeff Strunk on lap 19 but at the finish line one lap later officials found
it too close to call and declared a dead heat for second.
Duane Howard took the win over Jeff Strunk and Craig Von Dohren with
both getting second place points and splitting the second and third place
money. Keith Hoffman finished fourth followed by Glenn Strunk, Jim Hauer,
Terry Meitzler (Kutztown, PA), Kyle Weiss, Shawn Reimert (Oley, PA) and Todd
Bashore (Bethel, PA).
Heat winners in the 46-car Modified field were Ron Seltmann (Pottstown,
PA), Jason Andrews (Palmerton, PA), Craig Von Dohren and Bob Ebersole while
Jim Hauer and Tim Fitzpatrick (Branchdale, PA) took the consolation wins.
Hoffman and Howard continue their war for the 2001 Big Diamond point
championship as Howard gained 15 points on leader Hoffman with a win and a
second to Hoffman's win and a fourth to close to win 69 points. Meanwhile
third place Craig Von Dohren recorded a fourth and a second, losing 5 points
to Hoffman leaving him 118 points out of first.
The 20-lap NASCAR ShorTrack Sportsman feature saw Rusty Lesher of
Reading, PA take the early lead. Lesher started his first year at Big Diamond
with the Modifieds this year but found it wiser to move to the Sportsman
class after two months of not qualifying in the tough modified. Lesher looks
more competitive as a rookie in the Sportsman class and led until lap 3 when
Tom Solderich (Bethlehem, PA) took over. But another rookie, Jesse Sterling,
who started racing two months into this season, moved from his eighth
starting spot to fourth by lap three and overtook Lesher for second on lap 5.
Solderich was running the race of his career but finally yielded the lead to
Sterling on lap 13. In fact pressure from behind from Joe Biasi, Jr. (New
Ringgold, PA) was likely forced Sterling to drive a bit harder and go to the
front. Point leader. Dave Dissinger of Mohrsville, PA took third on lap 17 to
join the chase but neither he nor Biasi could over-power or rattle the


Jesse Sterling took his second win over Joe Biasi, Jr., Dave Dissinger,
Tom Solderich, Brent Boyer (Bloomsburg, PA), John Patchoski (Scranton, PA),
Gary Hager (Stewartsville, PA), Mike Schane (Lake Arial, PA), Jeff Ebersole
(Palmyra, PA) and Brad Force (Milford, NJ). Heat winners were Sterling, Boyer
and John Heckler (Hatfield, PA), while Andy Fayash (Mary-D, PA) took the
consolation win.
Dave Winslow of Leesport, PA led the opening lap of the roadrunner
15-lap main with Kirby Schlappich (Temple, PA) in tow. Dave Miller started
12th but blew into the lead by lap two as the leaders bobbled in anticipation
of a caution that never occurred bottling up the field. Miller had Marc
Berzowski (Llewellyn, PA) right behind from lap 2 on but he never looked back
in the Roadrunner 15-lap main. Miller took the win over Berzowski, John Ulsh
(Summit Station, PA), Barry Schrader (Orwigsburg, PA) and Chris Bowers
(Minersville, PA). Bowers was spun by Steve Fessler (Schuylkill Haven, PA) on
the final lap and still finished sixth but was placed back in front of
Fessler in the final order for the infraction with Fessler dropping back to
sixth. Heat winners were Miller and Kirby Schlappich (Temple, PA).
Racing continues this Friday night (August 24) at Big Diamond Raceway on
J. R. Trucking Night featuring the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Modifieds,
NASCAR ShorTrack Series Sportsman and NASCAR Roadrunners.
NASCAR WEEKLY RACING SERIES MODIFIEDS - 1st 20-lap Main: 1. 5 Keith Hoffman,
2. 126 Duane Howard, 3. 357 Glenn Strunk, 4. 114 Craig Von Dohren, 5. 21K
Kyle Weiss, 6. 27 Bob Ebersole, 7. W9 Jeff Strunk, 8. 91 Rick Stankiewicz, 9.
73 Jack Hartnett, 10. 3X Ron Mawson, Jr., 11. 55 Dennis Bailey, 12. 9 Jim
Hauer, 13. X1 Ryan Moyer, 14. 10G Dave Gerhart, 15. 33 Ray Swinehart, 16. 58S
Shawn Reimert, 17. 10 Scott Albert, 18. 14 Terry Meitzler, 19. 102 Tim
Fitzpayrick, 20. 4 Todd Bashore, 21. 81 Randy Bailey, 22. 2T Tracy Readinger,
23. R19 Ron Seltmann, 24. 70D Barry Readinger, 25. L70 Larry Kelleher, 26. 8
Tom Umbenhauer, 27. R1 Johnny Ray, 28. 21T Jason Andrews (77H Steve Bottcher
scratched). No Time. . . . . . 2nd 20-lap Feature: 1. 126 Howard, 2. 114 Von
Dohren, 2. W9 J. Strunk, 4. 5 Hoffman, 5. 357 G. Strunk, 6. 9 Hauer, 7. 14
Meitzler, 8. 21K Weiss, 9. 58S Reimert, 10. 4 Bashore, 11. 8 Umbenhauer, 12.
33 Swinehart, 13. 102 T. Fitzpatrick, 14. L70 Kelleher, 15. 3H Gene
Hornberger, 16. X1 R. Moyer, 17. 2T T. Readinger, 18. 27 B. Ebersole, 19. 10G
Gerhart, 20. 9 Hauer, 21. R19 Seltmann, 22. 3X Mawson, 23. 55 D. Bailey, 24.
81 R. Bailey, 25. 73 J. Hartnett, 26. 10 Albert, 27. 21T Andrews, 28. 77H
Bottcher. (70d Barry Readinger and R1 Johnny Ray Scratched). . . . . 10-lap
Heats - 5 Qualify, 4 Handicapped; 8-lap Consolations - 4 Qualify….. Heat 1:
R19 Seltmann, 33 Swinehart, 21K Weiss, 77H Bottcher, 70D B. Readinger, 81 R.
Bailey, 027 Bruce Williams, L70 Kelleher, 82 Tom Benner, 6 Dale Roth, 39E
Mike Glass, 101 Kevin Graver, Jr. No Time….. Heat 2: 21T Andrews, R1 Ray, 126
Howard, 58S Reimert, W9 J. Strunk, 9 Hauer, 4 Bashore, 2T Readinger, 99K Don
Keefer, 7L Jeff Bomgardner, 30 Mike Missimer, 3H Hornberger. Time: 3:08.89…..
Heat 3: 114 Von Dohren, 5 Hoffman, 91 Stankiewicz, 55 D. Bailey, X1 R. Moyer,
102 T. Fitzpatrick, 14S Todd Biever, 8 Umbenhauer, 18C Craig Whitmoyer, 64
Bob Becker, 91A Mark Stofflet. Time: 3:07.89….. Heat 4: 27 B. Ebersole, 73 J.
Hartnett, 357 G. Strunk, 14 Meitzler, 3X Mawson, 10 Albert, 10G Gerhart, 2W
Mike Enders, 47 Chuck Kaline, TV2 Bobby Gunther Walsh, 69T Bob Trapper. Time:
3:07.34….. Consolation 1: 9 Hauer, 81 R.Bailey, 4 Bashore, L70 Kelleher, 2T
T. Readinger (1st Alternate), 82 Benner, 30 Missimer, 7L Bomgardner, 39E
Glass, 027 Williams, 6 Roth, 99K Keefer, 101 Graver. Time: 2:30. 88…..
Consolation 2: 102 T. Fitzpatrick, 10 Albert, 10G Gerhart, 8 Umbenhauer, 3H
Hornberger (2nd Alt.), 14S Biever, 2W Enders, TV2 Gunther-Walsh, 91A
Stofflet, 18C Whitmoyer, 47 Kaline, 64 Becker, 69T Trapper. No Time.
NASCAR SHORTRACK SERIES SPORTSMAN - 20-lap Feature: 1. 414 Jesse Sterling, 2.
B1 Joe Biasi, Jr., 3. 88X Dave Dissinger, 4. 28 Tom Solderich, 5. 19 Brent
Boyer, 6. 3X John Patchoski, 7. 44 Gary Hager, 8. M16 Mike Schane, 9. 72 Jeff
Ebersole, 10. 8 Brad Force, 11. 505 Randy Mohn, 12. 21 Chris Clemens, 13. 17
Billy Moyer. Jr., 14. 97 Andy Fayash, 15. 26 Tom Brennan, 16. 00 Jim Payne,
17. 7 Rick Hendricks, 18. 114 Terry Bensinger, 19. 77 Jeff Graby, 20. KB1
Rusty Lesher, 21. 50 Troy Moyer, 22. 39 Tom Cremer, 23. 7X Scott Singley, 24.
55 John Heckler, 25. 35 Lance Hoch, 26. 102 Shawn Fitzpatrick. N/T.
8-lap Heats - 6 Qualify, 5 Handicapped; 8-lap Consolation - 8 Qualify….. Heat
1: 414 Sterling, 88X Dissinger, 35 Hoch, 72 J. Ebersole, 39 Cremer, 3X
Patchoski, 97 Fayash, 00 Payne, 505 Mohn, 114 Bensinger, 4 Chris Gambler, 25
John Deatrich, Jr. N/T….. Heat 2: 19 Boyer, 102 S. Fitzpatrick, 21 Clemens,
7X Singley, 8 Force, 77 Graby, 611 Brad Grim, 7 Hendricks, 50 T. Moyer, 26
Brennan. N/T….. Heat 3: 55 Heckler, B1 Biasi, KB1 Lesher, 28 Solderich, 44
Hager, M16 Schane, 17 B. Moyer, 93 Paul Marra, 187 Steve Young, 83 Carl
Koehn, 002 Ed Scott, 15 Dale Hartz. N/T….. Consi: 97 Fayash, 17 B. Moyer, 505
Mohn, 26 Brennan, 00 Payne, 7 Hendricks, 114 Bensinger, 50 T. Moyer, 187
Young (1st Alt.), 15 Hartz, 93 Marra, 83 Koehn, 4 Gambler, 611 Grim, 002
Scott, 25 Deatrich. Time: 2:35.99.
NASCAR ROADRUNNERS - 15-lap Feature: 1. 1 Dave Miller, 2. 25M Marc Berzowski,
3. 5 John Ulsh, 4. 77 Barry Schrader, 5. 8 Chris Bowers, 6. 7 Steve Fessler,
7. 29 Mark Purcell, 8. 39 Phil Levering, 9. 85 Chris Eckert, 10. 18 Jason
Oswald, 11. 77X Kirby Schlappich, 12. 19W Deric Bender, 13. 76 Buck Crossley,
14. 27X Dave Winslow, 15. Corey Renninger, 16. 22 Mike Allar. No Time…...
6-laps Heats - All Qualify, 6 Handicapped….. Heat 1: 1. D. Miller, 27X
Winslow, 3C Renninger, 77 Schrader, 25M Berzowski, 19W Bender, 76 Crossley,
22 Allar. Time: 2:24.88….. Heat 2: 77X Schlappich, 5 Ulsh, 39 Levering, 7
Fessler, 8 Bowers, 18 Oswald, 85 Eckert, 29 Purcell. Time: 2:27.81.

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