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posted August 18, 2001 06:26 PM UIN: 16262997
For immediate release August 17, 2001

STRONGSTOWN, PA - Paul Michny of Pine Flats his first #1 Cochran Late Model
feature at Dog Hollow Speedway this year on Indiana Agway Trophy night. It
is his second career at the track. Bob Garvey of Morrisdale won his first
Small Block/Six Cylinder Modified feature at the speedway.
Repeat winners included: Shawn McGarvey of Coalport in the Hugill Sanitation
Limited Late Models, Terry Benton of Hollidaysburg in the street stocks and
John Kuzemchak of Fallentimber in the pure stocks.
Paul Michny lined up outside of Tony Raneri at the start of the late model
feature, and took the lead immediately. Once out front he had to hold off A
fast moving Mike Shoemaker and George Fultz, eventually John Britsky and
then Rodney Phillips came into the battle, with Michny holding off all the
competition and taking his first win at the Hollow this season. Shoemaker,
Fultz, Phillips and Bobby Stokes completed the top five. Phillips and
Britsky split the heats.
Jerry Timchak beat Bob Kelly into the first turn at the start of the
limited late model feature, with Timchak holding off several challengers. A
caution on lap 11 tightened the field, and put Shawn McGarvey on Timchaks
bumper. ON the restart McGarvey went to the outside and took the lead, never
to be challenged again. He was chased by Timchak, Dwayne Taneyhill, Dan Lee
and Duane Bash. Bash and McGarvey won the prelims.
Connie Allen led the opening three laps of the small block/six cylinder
modified feature, before ob Garvey used the outside lane to take the lead.
Once he had the top spot, he went on to hold off Mike Stine the rest of the
way. The win was Garvey's fist at DHS. Stine, Chetter Johnson, Red Fordyce
and Allen completed the top five. Heat wins went to Lou Gentile and Stine.
Leroy Pershing was setting the pace in the street stock feature before Bill
Lyons got too close and spun Pershing exiting turn two. Pershing was given
the lead back, and Lyons tailed the field. On the restart, Terry Benton went
to the outside of Pershing and took the lead. Mike Laughard worked his way
into second and pressured Benton, but Benton was not to be denied. The top
five were: Benton, Laughard, Pershing, John Weaver and Bill Pluta. Heat wins
went to Lyons and Shawn Mogle.
Dave McClellan was the one who came out on top after a four wide first lap
and took the lead at the start. He was setting the pace for two laps, before
John Mazey took the lead. Mazey led until lap ten when George Scanlin took
the lead and temporary win. During the post race inspection both Scanlin and
Mazey were disqualified. The top five were: John Kuzemchak, Terry Nihart,
Bill Sigafoes, Boring and Scott Wagner. Preliminary wins went to Ron Hanna,
Nihart and Sigafoes.
DOG TRACKS: 90 cars filled the pits, including: 16 late models, 17 limited
late models, 11 modifieds, 22 street stocks and 24 pure stocks.This week is
autograph night...There will also be a regular show for the late models,
limited late models, street stocks and pure stocks.Gates will open at 5 in
the pits, six in the stands racing is at 7 p.m.

#1 COCHRAN LATE MODELS: 1. Paul Michny, Pine Flats; 2. Mike Shoemaker,
Hesston; 3. George Fultz, Beech Creek; 4. Rodney Phillips, Punxsutawney; 5.
Bobby Stokes, Milton; 6. Dave Peterman, Indiana; 7. John Britsky, Indiana;
8. Tony Raneri, Johnstown; 9. Jerry Redden, Mahaffey; 10/ Rick Davis,

HUGILL SANITATION LIMITED LATE MODELS: 1. Shawn McGarvey, Coalport; 2. Jerry
Timchak, Houtzdale; 3. Dwayne Taneyhill, Bellwood; 4. Dan Lee, Windber; 5.
Duane Bash, Clymer; 6. Denny Petyak, Gallitzin; 7. Dave Kline, Marion
Center; 8. Jeff Weakland, Hastings; 9. Dave Day, Colover; 10. Bob Kelly,
East Freedom.

SMALL BLOCK/SIX CYLINDER MODIFIEDS: 1. Bob Garvey, Morrisdale; 2. Mike
Stine, Smithmill; 3. Chetter Johnson, Penn Run; 4. Red Fordyce, Strongstown;
5. Connie Allen, Warren, OH; 6. Jimmy Holden, Tiona; 7. Mark Frankhouser,
Philipsburg; 8. Chris Henry, Clearfield; 9. Jerry Bowser, Punxsy; 10. Dave
George, Leechburg.

STREET STOCKS: 1. Terry Benton, Hollidaysburg; 2. Mike Laughard, Twin Rocks;
3. Leroy Pershing, Cookport; 4. John Weaver, Commodore; 5. Bill Pluta,
Carinbrook; 6. Tom Truxell, Plum Borough; 7. Ron Lute, Loretto; 8. Shawn
Mogle, Ernest; 9. Bob Roseman, Sykesville; 10. Jim Boyer, Indiana.

PURE STOCKS: 1. John Kuzemchak, Fallentimber; 2. Terry Nihart, Ebensburg; 3.
Bill Sigafoes, Blairsville; 4. Charlie Boring, Bolivar; 5. Scott Wagner,
Irvona; 6. Bernie Whetstone, Irvona; 7. Tim Laughard, Strongstown; 8. Doug
Reed, Cresson; 9. Dave McClellan, Bloivar; 10. Matt Luther, Ebensburg.

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