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posted August 14, 2001 12:28 PM UIN: 16262997

AUGUST 13, 2001
WEST LEBANON, NY- A capacity crowd was on hand Monday night as Lebanon Valley
presented it's first ever "Eve of Destruction". A host of novelty races had
the crowd on their feet all night long. Nationally known stuntman J.J. Steel,
better known as CAPTAIN EXPLOSION was in action and delighted the crowd with
several amazing stunts. CAPTAIN EXPLOSION spent the whole evening trying to
avoid Sheriff Rodney of the fictitious Lebanon Valley Speedway Police Force.
The Pro Stock division was also on hand Monday night and Robbie Speed won
that feature. The local Fox News affiliate, FOX 23 TV, home of FOX FAST TRACK
and the INSTITUTE for ENTREPRENEURSHIP were responsible for this very fun
night of mayhem.
The Pro Stocks ran a 20-lap feature as part of the activities Monday night.
Buddy Hencke started on the pole, but had problems on the start and dropped
from the event. Ed Bachand looked very strong winning his heat race by half a
straightaway and was looking to duplicate that feat in the feature. Rob
Yetman was looking to make some noise early as he took over fourth on lap
one. The top four cars began to pull away from the rest of the field by lap
six. Danny Sanchez started to show smoke from his right rear tire just before
the halfway point. Sanchez was hesitant to go pitside because he was running
third at the time.
The first caution flag of the race came on lap eleven when Paul Rogers
went up in smoke going down the backstretch. Sanchez went to the pits under
the caution, but did return to finish seventh. Mechanical problems for the
leader while under the yellow flag forced him to go to the pits. Robbie Speed
inherited the lead when Bachand exited the event. The race for the lead
really heated up on the restart as Speed and Yetman went door to door. There
was contact between the two, but both continued without losing any positions.
Smoke began pouring out of Bachand's car on lap 13 completely obscuring the
frontstretch. Don Ely's car blew a hose and spun in his own fluid going into
turn one. This would bring out the second caution flag of lap 13.
The race for the lead started to heat up again in the final five laps.
Yetman started to apply some heavy pressure on race leader. Yetman would try
a little too hard going into turn one on lap 16 and spun out. The allowed
Butch Irwin to move into second and Al Blackburn into third. Irwin was never
able to make a serious challenge as Speed cruised home for the victory. In
victory lane Speed was quick to thank the Blackburn family for lending Speed
the motor that he used to win. Al Blackburn would finish third, Paul
LaRochelle fourth and Bob Duzlak rounded out the top five.
As part of the preliminary events a Spin 2 Win contest was held. Cars
were lined up backwards at the start finish line and raced backwards into the
2nd turn, they then spun the cars around and raced forward back to the start
finish line the opposite way the cars normally go on the speedway. Don Ely
was the winner of the Spin 2 Win contest.
The first novelty event was the rollover contest. Competitors in this event
had to go over a ramp and see how many times they could roll their car over.
The ladies cannonball came right down to the wire. Jenny Moffit led almost
every lap of the event, but Laura Saunders would pass her on the last lap
coming down for the checkered flag. There was also a cannonball run feature
for the men as well and Al Relyea won that race.
One of the best races of the night was the school bus race. Twelve buses
ran 12-laps for $1,000 to win. Joseph Reehl won in a near photo finish over
Nathan Sanford. Pro Stock feature winner, Robbie Speed, also in competed in
the bus race and started last in the field. Speed put on quite a show getting
up to third by the end of the race.
The last race of the night was a trailer race. Every car had to have a
trailer attached to it at the end of the race to be eligible. Ricky Duzlak
and Robbie Speed also ran in this event with their Pro Stocks and had to
start a lap behind the rest of the field. Duzlak was able to make up the
distance and take the lead with two laps to go. Duzlak would hang on for the
$1,000 payday. Bill Davis would finish second and Speed would have to settle
for third for the second time tonight.
The final competitive event of the evening was the dual demolition derby,
between eight and four cylinder cars Richard Bowman was the winner. The show
ended with the Green Mamba jet car melting Sheriff Rodney's Police Car and
illuminated the sky with a massive shower of molten steel.

1) Robbie Speed, 2) Butch Irwin, 3) Al Blackburn, 4) Paul LaRochelle, 5) Bob
Duzlak Jr, 6) Tom Brandt, 7) Danny Sanchez, 8) Jim Langenback, 9) Rob Yetman,
10) Ricky Duzlak, 11) Ed Bachand, 12) Don Ely, 13) Paul Rogers, 14) Dan Burl,
15) Buddy Hencke

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