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posted August 13, 2001 12:19 AM UIN: 16262997

Randy Chrysler has made shambles of the local speedways since the
delivery of his Bicknell Chassied racer. This Sunday evening at Gasport
Speedway was no exception. The 20 lap Sportsman Chrysler took the lead
on lap 11 from the early leaders Dwayne Winfield and Rob Ledingham.
Chrysler used the outside to his advantage as the inside has been fast
in the past. Behind the battle of Chrysler and Ledingham was another for
3rd which was a 3 car battle between Ken Winfield, Darrell Ebersole and
Paul Gaboury with Gaboury wrestling the 3rd spot. At the end of the 20
cautionfest the winner was Chrysler, Ledingham, Gaboury, Ebersole and
Winfield. Gaboury and Chrysler were the heat winners.
Stan Zanchin and Jeff Dayman led the 15 lap Pro Stock feature to
the green with Dayman as the leader with Billy Bleich in tow. Dayman led
until the lap 4 mark when Danny Gilbert had a flat tire bringing out the
only yellow. Ken Sargent was the leader on the restart and would
continue on and pick up his 5th feature of the season. Next in lie was
Bleich, Roger Chrysler, Dayman, and Danny Gilbert. Zanchin was the heat
Lloyd Cichocki and Jason Fontaine set the pace in the 15 lap
Street Stock feature with Fontaine as the leader. He had a side by side
war with Cichocki with Fontaine gaining the advantage. Fontaine's next
battle was with Nick Micallef for the next 3 laps. The yellow flew on
lap 5 for debree. Micallef was the leader on the restart. The yellow
flew one final time on lap 6 for Aaron Vasas. The restart would see a
great battle between Micallef and Mark Loveland with Micallef using the
upper groove and Loveland the bottom. They went at it for several laps
with Micallef taking the close finish at the end by a half car length.
Next inline was Chris Crawford, Cichocki, and Dave Vogt. Vogt and
Micallef won the heats.
Brian Lawrie and Mike Baxter led the 15 lap Mini Stock field to
the green and Baxter led Jamie Gilbert in a close race until Gilbert's
VW blew on lap 8. Norm Mark put up resistance but was unable to gain the
advantage giving Baxter the win. Lawrie was 3rd followed by Jake Adair
and Carol Reece. Gilbert and Mark picked up the qualifier.
A full car Demolition Derby was held and Ed Dmytrow Jr. was the
repeat winner in the same car as the last Demo derby held at Gasport.
Pit Notes: Brad Rouse used a backup car in tonights races as well as
Adam Ferri who borrowed the Bill Gill racer. A fast show was competed in
2 and a half hours. Tonight's program was presented by Caninet
Communicatons, Niagara's largest Internet provider and it was double
points in all classes. Next up on August 19 will be Kacey Lynn Memorial
Night. It will be a full program plus the rained out WAR Division event
for the 4 Cylinder cars plus the Mini Sprints will be on hand. Pit gates
open at 4:30 grandstands at 5 with racing at 6:30. For more details call
gasport at (905)834-4797 or visit on the internet at:
SPORTSMAN FINISH: RANDY CHRYSLER, Rob Ledingham, Paul Gaboury, Darrell
Ebersole, Ken Winfield, Dave Flannigan, Brad Rouse, Jack McKinney, Adam
Ferri, Kevin Sharpe, Brian Page, Dwayne Winfield, Brian Elliottson, Jeff
Leggett, Rob Pietz and Guy Bougie.

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