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For immediate release August 10, 2001

STRONGSTOWN, PA - The skies were overcast and the temperature was hot, but
the STARS were still out Friday night at Dog Hollow Speedway, Chub Frank of
Sugar Grove, PA was the brightest star shining as he won the Lias Tire #1
Cochran Late Model Short Track Auto Racing Series event. It was his first
ever win at the facility.
Bernie Whetstone of Irvona won his first career DHS pure stock main, while
repeat winners included: Shawn "Sheets" McGarvey of Coalport in the Hugill
Sanitation Limited Late Models and Tom Truxell of Plum Boro in the street
By virtue of his fast dash win, Bob Close started the STARS Late Model
feature on the pole, with "Hot Rod" Rodney Phillips alongside for the start.
When the green flag dropped it was Close who took the lead with Phillips in
second and Jackie Boggs third. Boggs moved into second and Phillips began to
fade. As the 1P was falling back, the 1* of Chub Frank was headed to the
front, as he took to the outside and began working to the front from his
sixth place starting spot. By the sixth lap, passing a car-a-lap, Frank had
assumed the lead. He was pulling away from Close and Phillips, who had
reeled in Close.
Close moved back in on Frank as the duo closed in on lapped traffic. The
three car battle heated up when Phillips went to the inside of Close on lap
25 and moved into second. He was still reeling in Frank, but Frank had his
act together, as he took his first career Dog Hollow win. Phillips held on
to second, with Scott Haus, Scott Rhodes and Close completing the top five.
Chub Frank, Scott Rhodes and George Fultz won the heats, while Bobby Stokes
won the B-Main.
Bill Krause led the limited late models to the green flag and was setting
the pace with a sizable lead. He held on the top spot until a series of
cautions slowed the event. On the re-start, Shawn McGarvey went to the
outside and led the event from the 9th lap. Once McGarvey is in the lead,
the race becomes a fight for second. Jerry Lower and Jerry Timchak moved in
to battle Krause, and relieved him of second late in the race. The win then
went to McGarvey, followed by Lower, Timchak, Krause and Dwayne Taneyhill.
Jerry Timchak and Eric Corella split the heats.
The street stock feature saw Mike Laughard take the lead at the start,
with Tom Truxell going to the inside in turns three and four on lap two to
take the lead. Once he had the lead he had to fight off Jim Boyer, and
dropped out, then Shawn Mogle. Mogle tried every trick short of crashing the
leader to get the lead, but had to settle for second. The top five were:
Truxell, Mogle, Laughard, Bill Lyon and Leroy Pershing. Jim Laughard and Jim
Kirsch won the prelims.
The pure stock feature was an all Irvona front row with Scott Wagner on
the inside and Bernie Whetstone on the outside. At the start, Whetstone took
the lead. He held off John Mazey first, and then Bill Sigafoes. As the race
entered the final laps, Tim Laughard began to pursue Whetstone, but
Whetstone held tough and took his career first DHS checkered flag. Laughard,
Val Johnson, Mazey and Terry Nihart completed the top five. Heat wins went
to Laughard and Ron Hanna.
DOG TRACKS: 87 teams filled the pits, including 28 late models, 19 limited
late models, 18 street stocks and 22 pure stocks*The STARS were represented
by five states, including: PA, OH, MD, WV and KY*Dave Satterlee was
noticeably absent. His son, Andrew, was seriously injured in an accident at
the beach*

#1 Cochran/Renegade STARS Late Models: Time Trials: 1. 1* Chub Frank,
Sugar Grove, Pa - 16.60; 2. 30 Steve Shaver, Parkersburg, WV - 16.70; 3. 4B
Jackie Boggs, Grayson, KY - 16.70; 4. 71R Rod Conley, Wheelersburg, OH -
16.80; 5. 04 Bob Close, Eldred, PA - 16.82; 6. 1P Rodney Phillips,
Punxsutawney, PA; 7. 33 Scott Haus, Hamburg, PA - 16.85; 8. 61 Dave
Peterman, Home, PA - 16.90; 9. 231 George Fultz, Beech Creek, PA - 16.91;
10. 10 Paul Michny, Pine Flats, PA - 16.92; 11. 83R Scott Rhodes, Somerset,
PA - 16.95; 12. 71C R.J. Conley, Wheelersburg, OH; 13. 27 Bobby Stokes,
Milton, PA - 17.00; 14. E1 Mike Balzano, Parkersburg, WV - 17.01; 15. 42
Todd Andrews, Eldred, PA - 17.07; 16. 15 Jason Carnahan, Indiana, PA -
17.24; 17. 99s Duane Stiner, Houtzdale, PA 17.24; 18. 2J Mike Johnson,
Imperial, PA - 17.26; 19. 18 John Britsky, Indiana, PA - 17.33; 20. 7 Matt
Miller, Mooreville, OH - 17.34; 21. 47 Matt Gaston, Punxsutawney, PA -
17.40; 22. 2s Sam Stile, Charlori, PA - 17.38; 23. 18B David Blazavich,
Indiana, PA - 17.45; 24. 70 D.J. Myers, Hagerstown, MD - 17.48; 25. 9
Frankie Plessinger, McConnelsburg, PA - 17.73; 26. 21 Bob Cessna, Cherry
Tree, PA - 18.02; 27. 5R Jerry Redden, Mahaffey, PA - NT; 28. 1A Audie
Swartz, Midford, OH - NT.

LATE MODEL HEATS; Top six qualified.
HEAT 1. 1. 1* Frank; 2. 33 Haus; 3. 10 Michny; 4. 71R R. Conley; 5. 42
Andrews; 6. 2J Johnson
HEAT 2. 1. 83R Rhodes; 2. E1 Balzano; 3. 04 Close; 4. 18 Britsky; 5. 30
Shaver; 6. 61 Peterman
HEAT 3. 1. 231 Fultz; 2. 1P Phillips; 3. 71C R. J. Conley; 4. 70 Myers; 5.
99s Stiner; 6. 4B Boggs
B MAIN: 4 Qualify: 1. 27 Stokes; 2. 5R Redden; 3. 7 Miller; 4. 47 Gaston
FAST DASH: 1. 04 Close; 2. 1P Phillips; 3. 4B Boggs; 4. 30 Shaver; 5. 71R
R. Conley; 6. 1* Frank.

A MAIN 40 Laps: 1. Chub Frank, Sugar Grove; 2. Rodney Phillips,
Punxsutawney; 3. Scott Haus, Hamburg; 4. Scott Rhodes, Somerset; 5. Bob
Close, Eldren; 6. Todd Andrews, Eldred; 7. George Fultz, Beech Creek; 8.
Matt Miller, Mooreville, OH; 9. Steve Shaver, Parkersburg, WV; 10. Paul
Michny, Pine Flats; 11. Jerry Redden, Mahaffey; 12. Mike Balzano,
Parkersburg, WV; 13. Dave Peterman, Home; 14. Rod Conley, Wheelersburg, OH;
15. R.J. Conley, Wheelersburg, WV; 16. Frankie Plessinger, McConnelsburg;
17. Bobby Stokes, Milton; 18. Matt Gaston, Punxsutaweny; 19. John Britsky,
Indiana; 20. Jackie Boggs, Grayson, KY; 21. D. J. Myers, Hagerstown, MD; 22.
Duane Stiner, Houtzdale; 23. Mike Johnson, Imperial; 24. David Blazavich,

Time of the race was 32 minutes. There were seven cautions. Leaders: Bob
Close 1-6; Chub Frank 7-40.
Failed to qualify: Audie Swartz, Jason Carnahan, Bob Cessna and Sam Stile.

Jerry Lower, Williamsport; 3. Jerry Timchak, Houtzdale; 4. Bill Krause,
Houtzdale; 5. Dwayne Taneyhill, Bellwood; 6. Denny Petyak, Gallitzen; 7.
Eric Corella, Hollsopple; 8. Duane Bash, Clymer; 9. Jeff Weakland, Hastings;
10. David Kline, Marion Center.

STREET STOCKS: 1. Tom Truxell, Plum Borough; 2. Shawn Mogle, Ernest; 3.
Mike Laughard, Twin Rocks; 4. Bill Lyons, Shelocta; 5. Leroy Pershing,
Cookport; 6. Jim Laughard, Strongstown; 7. Ron Lute, Loretto; 8. Andy mock,
Barr Slope; 9. Bob Jones, Altoona; 10. John Weaver, Commodore.

PURE STOCKS: 1. Bernie Whetstone, Irvona; 2. Tim Laughard, Strongstown; 3.
Valerie Johnson, Hollidaysburg; 4. John Mazey, Bolivar; 5. Terry Nihart,
Ebensburg; 6. Charlie Boring, Bolivar; 7. Scott Wagner, Irvona; 8. Ron
Hanna, Mundy's corner; 9. Josh Jacoby, Fernwood; 10. Dave McClellan,

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