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posted August 11, 2001 09:50 AM UIN: 16262997


Hartford(OH)…As the dark clouds turned to sunshine and the week long heat
wave finally abated, Marty Ling, finally broke his bridesmaid jinx to garner
his first ever feature win in the Sunburst Environment Sprints, in only his
6th season of racing. Jim Rasey who has been knocking on the door also
gathered up his first win at Sharon, in the Gibson-Governor Insurance V-8
Modifieds. Scott Stiffler repeated for the 3rd time in the Coy-Bros. Trucking
E-Mods and Bobby Whitling doubled for the season in the Burghill Auto Salvage
Stock Cars.

Bringing the 21 car Sprint car field to the green was pole setter Marty
Ling and Shawn Barris. As the green flag dropped Ling grabbed the lead for
the first 3 circuits with Mike Kekich going by on the 4 lap. Kekich survived
a red flag on lap 5 for Jeff Schrum who broke coming off turn 4 resulting in
a flip. Schrum escaped injury. Kekich continued to lead until Ling recaptured
the top position on lap 7. Ling stated in victory lane that he made a slight
wing adjustment allowing him to pass for the win. Rounding out the top five
was Jarod Larson from 9th to 2nd, Andy Priest, 11th to 3rd, Gary Edwards and
Jamie McKinney. Heats where won by Priest and Larson.

On the pole for the Gibson-Governor Insurance V-8 Modifieds was the 65 of
Rex King with outside pole sitter John Braymer. When flag dropped King moved
solidly out front for the first 7 laps to the first caution. On the restart
Jim Rasey motored by King to the lead for the next 5 laps when 11th place Lou
Blaney drove by Rasey leading until breaking on lap 16. As the field
restarted yet another time Rasey again assumed the lead going to the checker.
Rob Kristyak, Harold Michaels, Dave Schrader and Skip Moore finished the top
five. Heat winners, Blaney and Michaels.

The Coy-Bros. Trucking E-Mods where paced to the green by Scott Stiffler
and Rich Jaeger. Stiffler moved to the lead for the entire 13 lap time
shortened feature, surviving 8 cautions. The battle for second ensued
between Jim White and Shawn Domhoff with Domhoff winning the bridesmaid
position. White settled for 3rd, Rick Robinson from 16th to his 4th place
finish and Brian Taft rounding out the top five. Heats winners Russ Dunn and
Scott Jones.

Bobby Whitling and Ed Cornell led the 32 car Burghill Auto Salvage Stock
car field to their opening laps, with Whitling not giving up the first
position for yet another timed event. Russ Kapalan drove from his 7th place
starting place to the second place position keeping constant pressure on
Whitling. A five car battle for third was eventually decided by Steve Babos.
Twelve place starter Steve D'Apolito 4th and fifth went to Carl Davis.
Capturing heat wins where, Rich Allen, Dwayne Clay and Dave Ferringer.

Sprints: 1)Ling, 2)Larson, 3)Priest, 4) Edwards, 5)McKinney, 6)Schuller,
7)Stimeling, 8)McCollum, 9)Ripper, 10) M.Kekich, 11)Barris, 12)Hartzell,
13)O'Malley, 14)D.Kekich, 15)Cochran, 16)Harshman, 17)Schrum, 18)Jones DNS
Barbara, Beasley, Etzel

Modifieds: 1)Rasey, 2)Kristyak, 3)Michaels, 4)Schrader, 5)Moore, 6)Cronister,
7)Weller III, 8)Snyder, 9)Miller, 10)Boyer, 11)Kuchta, 12)Blaney, 13)King,
14)Braymer, 15)Hoffman, 16)Weller, 17)Turk. DQ Mattocks

E-Mods: 1)Stiffler, 2)Domhoff, 3)White, 4)Robinson, 5)Taft, 6)Myers,
7)J.Mechling, 8)Willison, 9)Rector, 10)R.Jaeger, 11)Jr.Mechling, 12)Crouch,
13)Jones, 14)Phillips, 15)Dunn, 16)Johnson, 17)B.Crouch DQ Lesky

Stocks: 1)Whitling, 2)Kapalin, 3)Babos, 4)D'Apolito, 5)Davis, 6)Ferringer,
7)J.Davis, 8)Willougby, 9)Waldele,10)Porter, 11)Robinson, 12)Wheat,
13)Hudzik, 14)Williams, 15)Gregory, 16)Love, 17)Dillon, 18)Upshire,
19)Kowalski, 20)Miller, 21)Allen, 22)Canter, 23)Weber, 24)Calvert,
25)Cornell, 26)Flavell, 27)Felicetty, 28)Moody, 29)Riffe, 30)Carothers,
31)Haas, 32)Clay DNS Pupino

Coming to the speedway on August 17th will be our Friday Night's
Mightiest, Parking Lot Drags, Micro Sprints, and Bike races for the
youngsters. Yankee Lake is the sponsor for the evening, with points ending
for the E-Mods only.

Our final regular show finds ABC Supply Co. sponsored, Coy-Bros.
Classic/York Triathlon 20 lap E-Mod feature. Appearing along with the E-Mods
are the V-8 Modifieds, 410 Sprints, and Stock Cars. Also the Reese Services
X-10 Paving Parking Lot Drags rescheduled from the August 3rd show. $25 lap
sponsorships are still available for the 20 lap Coy-Bros. E-Mod feature and
may be secured by contacting the track office or Fran Harshman at

Bringing the 2001 racing season to it's conclusion at this grand ol' lady
of speed is the running of the 21st annual SHARON NATIONALS for a two day
engagement on Saturday September 1st and Sunday Sept 2nd. Headlining the
event will be the ALL STAR SPRINT series for both dates with a 30 lap $5000
to win feature on Saturday and a 40 lap $10,000 to win feature on Sunday.
Appearing with the sprinters on Saturday is the Russ King/BRP tour for the
V-8 Modifieds paying $2000 for the 20 event. Along with the sprints and
modifieds will be a special appearance by the Vintage Auto Racing Club. The
points chase will end for the Stock Cars, V-8 Modifieds and Sprint Cars.

Coming back on Sunday finds the ALL STAR SPRINTS and the crowd pleasing
Stock Cars putting on a 20 lap show for $500 to win. The Vintage cars also
return for an encore performance.

During the 20 year history of the SHARON NATIONALS the win list reads like
the who's who of sprint car racing with Steve Kinser, Lee Osborne, Kelly
Kinser, Doug Wolfgang, Dave Blaney, Kenny Jacobs, Mark Kinser, Todd Shaffer,
Joey Kuhn, Fred Rahmer, Dale Blaney, Tyler Walker, Greg Hodnett, Joey Saldana
and Phil Cressman walking away with the top prize.

For those of you that are interested in purchasing lap sponsorships, they
are available for the Sprints and Modifieds on Saturday and Sprints and Stock
Cars on Sunday at $25 per lap, and may be purchased by contacting the track
office or Fran Harshman at 330-772-5481.

Campers are always welcome at this historical event with a limited behind
the grandstand sites going for $25 per site with free camping available in
the north field and across the street from the track.

Ticket prices the Saturday event are $20 for adults, children ages 13-16,
$5.00, 6-12, $3.00, 6 and under free, with pit passes going for $25. Sunday
Admissions being $25 for adults, and children prices staying the same as
Saturday, pit passes being $30. Gates will be opening at 4:00 on both days.

For information call the track office at 330-772-5481 or 724-287-4938 or
visit our web site at www. Sharonspeedway. com. Sharon Speedway is located
1mile east of route 7 on route 305 then south on Custer-Orangeville Rd.

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