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Author Topic:   Ostrowski Makes It Back to Back EWSC Super Mod
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posted August 05, 2001 05:15 PM UIN: 16262997
Ostrowski Makes It Back to Back EWSC Super Mod
A-Main Wins

by Sheila Karstaedt
Plymouth, WI
August 4, 2001

Milwaukee's Pete Ostrowski extended his points lead by winning the cautionless EWSC Winged Super Modified 30 lap A-Main.

Paul Pokorski, West Bend, took the lead from the pole with Ostrowski keeping close tabs on him. Ostrowski would take the

lead on lap 9 as Pokorski and himself came upon lapped traffic. Ostrowski and Pokorski would run wing to wing and exchange the

lead several times until lap 15 when Pokorski took control.

With lapped traffic now causing a problem and holding up the leaders, Ostrowski took the lead for good on lap 18. Pokorski

would continue to chase Ostrowski only to run out of laps. Crossing the finish line behind Ostrowski was Pokorski, Plymouth's

Dave Deicher, Tim McMullen, Plymouth, and Whitelaw's Chuck Tuschl.

Setting fast time was Barry Maas, Cascade, with a lap of 13.683 seconds. Sharing the Tuschl Septic Systems Hard Charger

Award was Manitowoc's Kris Hansen, Dennis Klumb, Grafton, and Cedar Grove's Billy Hafemann.

The Winged Super Modified B-Main was also a cautionless race. Pole sitter KenJay Fiedler, Sheboygan Falls, was a man on a

mission and took the lead from the start and never looked back. Maneuvering smoothly through lapped traffic by lap 6, Fiedler went

on to claim the checkered flag followed by Klumb, B. Hafemann, Campbellsports Robert Enders, Jeff Fritz, Plymouth, Hansen,

West Bend's Tony Wondra, and Craig Perko, Plymouth.

The 25 lap Limited Late Model feature saw several cautions as Oostburg's Nate Winkel took the early lead. The ride of Howie

Weiss, Glenbeulah, brought out the first yellow by spinning on the track. On the restart it was Winkel, Kiel's Jeremy Becker,

Jason Parrish, Waldo, Sheboygan's Keith Borth, and Dave Herr, Sheboygan.

At the drop of the green flag, the cars of Kohler's Mark Zimmermann and Dingel Bros., Sheboygan, got together and brought out

the caution for a second time. The field was reset and Winkel continued to set the pace until lap 3 when Becker took over.

Lap 3 saw the caution for the third time as the car of Herr came to a halt on the track. The pack was reset with Becker,

Plymouth's Brian Kessler, Zimmermann, Winkel, and Steve Ziegelbauer, Sheboygan.

The caution would come out one more time on lap 17 for debris on the track. Becker would continue to lead the field being

followed by Kessler, Zimmermann, Oostburg's JJ Walvoord, who, starting in last, was making his way through traffic, and Winkel.

Becker crossed the line first followed by Kessler, Zimmermann, Walvoord, and Dan Dippel, Plymouth.

Fast time was set by Walvoord with a lap of 15.591 seconds and the Bob Akright Memorial Hard Charger Award went to

Walvoord also passing 14 cars.

Plymouth's Scott Haugstad took the Limited Late Model semi-feature from green to checkered with no cautions. Finishing

behind Haugstad was Henry Dickmann, Sheboygan, Elkhart Lake's Nate Ruh, Dan Singer of Waldo, and Chilton's Steve DeKerf.

The Super Stock feature saw Bradley Ruh of Elkhart Lake take control of the race and hold on to it through many cautions in a

race shortened by time.

On lap 2, Donny Kulow, Plymouth, and Plymouth's Brian Kaat got tangled together. The restart saw Terry McCoy, Hingham,

Sheboygan's Brian Goetsch, Shawn Goetsch of Sheboygan, Oostburg's Mark Scholten, and Kyle Odekirk, Plymouth, chasing


The caution came out again on lap 3 for the car of Sheboygan Falls Todd Jensema coming to a rest against the guard rail in

turn 1. The restart saw Ruh, McCoy, B. Goetsch, Odekirk, and Jeff Muehlbauer of Elkhart Lake.

One lap later, Plymouth's Brian Gilles, brought out the caution again by getting caught up on an infield tire. The restart was

again paced by Ruh.

The caution came out again on lap 8 for the car of Muehlbauer spinning on the track. Chasing Ruh on the restart was McCoy,

Mike Plate of Newton, Cleveland's Steve Schad, and B. Goetsch.

B. Goetsch spun on lap 13 bringing out the caution once again. The time limit had now expired for this race so the restart saw

the green, white, checkered. Making a dash to the checkers was Ruh, Schad, Plate, Brian Genske, Sheboygan Falls, and


Oostburg's Mark Scholten lost a tire on the restart bringing out the caution for the final time. Ruh went on to claim the victory

followed by Plate, Genske, Doug Teunissen, Sheboygan Falls, and Schad.

Fast time was claimed by D. Teunissen with a lap of 17.094 seconds and the WHBL Hard Charger Award was claimed by


Sheboygan's Jeff Leonhard took the lead in the 15 lap Super Stock semi feature. Mayhem on lap 3 collected several cars.

Jeremy Bushman, Kiel, Sheboygan's Mike/Dale Damrow, Ken Childre of New Berlin, Random Lake's Tony Miller, who was

transported to the hospital for precautionary measures, and Dave Holm, Kewauskum, were all involved. Leonhard continued to

pace the field followed by Sheboygan's Tony Ehaney, Mike TeStrote, Sheboygan, Plymouth's Eric Mueller, and Chad Ninmer,


The cars of Mueller and Ninmer spun on lap 5 bringing out the caution. Chasing Leonhard was TeStrote, Oostburg's Curt

Teunissen, Ehaney, and Abe Meinnert, Elkhart Lake.

Leonhard came upon lapped traffic on lap 7, and on lap 11 Sheboygan's Brian Konitzer spun, bringing out the caution. Leonhard

was followed by C. Teunissen, TeStrote, Meinnert, and Bushman on the restart.

TeStrote stopped on the track on lap 12 with the restart seeing Leonhard, Teunissen, Paul Perronne, Plymouth, Meinnert, and


The final caution of the race came out on lap 14 when Ehaney , Ninmer, and Meinnert got together.

Leonhard went on to victory lane with Teunissen in second, Perronne in third, Childre in fourth, and Damrow in fifth.

Belgium's Rich Miske took a quick lead in the Mighty 4's until lap 2 when Dennis Moehring took over with Elkhart Lake's Scott

Baldock close behind. Baldock took control on lap 4 with lapped traffic coming into play on lap 7.

Jeremy Goetsch of Sheboygan brought out the caution on lap 9 by stopping on the track. Baldock held on to the lead with

Sheboygan Falls Jeremy Sauter, Moehring, Erin Veldboom, Oostburg, and Plymouth's Tim Sauter following.

Baldock went on to win followed by Moehring, Veldboom, J. Sauter, and T. Sauter.

Racing resumes next Saturday night at the Sheboygan County Fair Park in Plymouth. On the agenda for then is the Jr. Fan

Club Picnic, the Super Stock Mechanics Race, and it will also be autograph night. Everyone is invited in the pits after the races to

get the drivers autographs and a few treats.


Super Winged Modifieds
Heat 1: 1.Tony Wondra 2.Jeff Fritz 3.Tom Johnson
Heat 2: 1.Kris Hansen 2.Dennis Klumb 3.Brian Portschy
Heat 3: 1.Pete Ostrowski 2.Paul Pokorski 3.Robert Enders
Heat 4: 1. KenJay Fiedler 2.Dave Deicher 3.Tim McMullen
B-Main: 1.KenJay Fiedler 2.Dennis Klumb 3. Billy Hafemann 4.Robert Enders 5.Jeff Fritz 6.Kris Hansen 7.Tony Wondra 8.Craig Perko
A-Main: 1.Pete Ostrowski 2.Paul Pokorski 3.Dave Deicher 4.Tim McMullen 5.Chuck Tuschl 6.Tim Melis 7.Dennis Klumb 8.Billy Hafemann 9.KenJay Fiedler 10.Butch Hafemann
Fast time: Barry Maas.............................13.683 sec

Limited Late Models
Heat 1: 1.Nate Winkel 2.Mark Zimmermann 3.Dan Dippel
Heat 2: 1.Brian Kessler 2.Charlie Schmidt 3.Dave Herr
Heat 3: 1.Scott Haugstad 2.Richard Hed 3.Henry Dickmann
Feature: 1.Jeremy Becker 2.Brian Kessler 3.Mark Zimmermann 4.JJ Walvoord 5.Dan Dippel 6.Nate Winkel 7.Steve Ziegelbauer 8.Richard Hed 9.Charlie Schmidt 10.Terry Goetsch
Semi-feature: 1.Scott Haugstad 2.Henry Dickmann 3.Nate Ruh 4.Don Singer 5.Steve DeKerf 6.Todd Humphrey
Fast time: JJ Walvoord.........................15.591 seconds

Super Stocks
Heat 1: 1.Bradley Ruh 2.Luke Scholten 3.Mike Plate
Heat 2: 1.Brian Gilles 2.Brian Kaat 3.Mark Scholten
Heat 3: 1.Curt Teunissen 2.Dean Horneck 3.Jeremy Bushman
Heat 4: 1.Jeff Leonhard 2.Tony Ehaney 3.Chad Ninmer
Feature: 1.Bradley Ruh 2.Mike Plate 3.Brian Genske 4.Doug Teunissen 5.Steve Schad 6.Brian Gilles 7.Jeff Muehlbauer 8.Terry McCoy 9.Brian Kaat 10.Ben Schmidt
Semi feature: 1.Jeff Leonhard 2.Curt Teunissen 3.Paul Perronne 4.Ken Childre 5.Mike/Dale Damrow 6.Tony Ehaney
Fast time: Doug Teunissen.....................17.094 seconds

Mighty 4's
1.Scott Baldock 2.Dennis Moehring 3.Erin Veldboom 4.Jeremy Sauter 5.Tim Sauter 6.Duane Dippel 7.Tammy Dickmann 8.Dennis Goelzer 9.Carl Gabrielse 10.Aaron Schmidt

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