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Author Topic:   Riverside Speedway Results
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posted August 05, 2001 12:03 PM UIN: 16262997
SPRINTS - 20 Cars
Heat Race Winners:
Jody Roland, Bryce Vowan, Mike Ward.
Feature results:
1) Eddie Gallagher, 2) Mike Ward, 3) Bryce Vowan, 4) Jim Bowden, 5) Henry Gustavus, 6) Jody Roland, 7) Jessie Easley, 8) Corey Herring, 9) A.G. Raines, 10) Kenny Conrad, 11) Sonny Sayre, 12) Shorty Chambliss, 13) D.J. Masner, 14) Kevin Kilpatrick, 15) Mitch Williams, 16) Robert Gant, 17) Kevin Gaut, 1 8) Jeff Leach, 19) Bennie Chesteen, 20) Michael Craddock.
Bryce Vowan led the first 3 laps of the feature before Eddie Gallagher turned on the domination and took the lead on a restart. Gallagher would go onto run off from the field and lap about 8 of the cars twice. Mike Ward got around Vowan in traffic late in the race to finish second and Vowan came home third.

Heat Race Winners:
Rudy Bobo, Jamie Elam
Lovelady Graphics Trophy Dash:
1) Mike Carr, 2) Lyle Seltmann, 3) Bubba Wilburn, 4) Eddie Woods.
Feature results:
1) Jamie Elam, 2)Jamie Dacus 3) Bubba Wilburn, 4) Mike Carr, 5) Sammy Hood, 6) James Braswell, 7) Eddie Woods 8) Calvin Shrader, 9) Steven Knight, 10) Rudy Bobo, 11) Lyle Seltmann, 12) Larry Potter, 13) Duane Bierman, 14) Troy Withers, 15) Ronnie Brown, 16) Ray Alexander (dns).

(This is how I (Ben Shelton) scored the feature, not the Riverside staff. There is a controversy over who finished second.)

Jamie Elam took off at the drop of the green and never looked back en route to his feature win.

Heat Race Winners:
William Berryhill, Chris Brandon.
Feature results:
1) Chris Brandon, 2) William Berryhill, 3) Tim Sawyer, 4) Ricky Vandergriff, 5) Rodney Vaughn, 6) Lynn Irwin, 7) Joey Melton, 8) James Godsey, 9) John Howard, 10) Murray Vaughn, 11) Randy Berryhill, 12) Tommy Ray, 13) Dwayne Honeycutt, 14) Brandon Poppenheimer, 15) Howard Kimbrough, 16) Ben Reed, 17) David Frederick (dns).

Chris Brandon led green to checkered to take another feature win.

Heat Race Winner:
Marc Jackson.
Feature results:
1) Ricky Vandergriff, 2) Marc Jackson, 3) Dennis Shepherd, 4) Winfred Gatlin, 5) David Freeman, 6) Scott Petty, 7) Allen O'Brien, 8) Brian Defries, 9) Raymond Gustavus.

Having to go to the back after a flat tire early on did not prevent Ricky Vandergriff from finding his way into victory lane. He overcame race long leader Marc Jackson with one lap to go to take the win.

Heat Race Winner:
Greg Vandergriff.
Feature results:
1) Greg Vandergriff, 2) Tim Howard, 3) Jeff Richardson, 4) Ronnie Jackson, 5) Kevin Prince, 6) Donnie Adams, 7) Greg Kirkman, 8) Mike Bowles, 9) Frankie Rowe (dns), 10) Robby Williams (dns).

Greg Vandergriff ran off and hid in the hobby division II feature.

Have a good night everyone.

Results Courtesy of Joe McAdams

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