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posted August 05, 2001 10:31 AM UIN: 16262997

Jimmy Bernheisel of Lebanon, PA took the lead on the eighth lap and never
looked back as he won the 35-lap Richard "Boney" Bonebrake Memorial for the
ITSI late models at the Hagerstown Speedway Saturday night.

"We always love racing at Hagerstown. We raced here regularly but
business demands us to race other places, but we always enjoyed racing here",
said Bernheisel in Victory Lane $2,000 richer. "We have won some races here
but we have never won a major race. It is a great honor to win a race in
honor of Denny's Dad, Wesley's grandfather. We beat some good guys tonight, I
know we started in front of them but I know they were behind me at the end."
Bernheisel's first win of the season was his first since August 26th, 1995.

Wayne Walls, Jr. of St. Thomas, PA ended a long winless streak dating
back to June 24th of last year edging Marvin Winters at the finish line by
inches after an exciting pass on the final lap to win the 20-lap Hoosier Tire
Mid-Atlantic late model sportsman feature. Ronnie Dennis of Jessup also ended
a winless streak dating back to 1994 to score his first win of the year in
the Ernie's Salvage Yard pure stock 15-lap feature and Kevin Durst of Hancock
won his second 30-lap enduro dash.

While the full moon was covered with clouds, it still affected the
evening with caution filled feature events. After three attempts to get the
ITSI late model Bonebrake Memorial underway, the cars were lined-up single
file as two more attempts were needed before the first lap was recorded in
the record book. Mark Elksnis set the early pace from the pole as Jim
Bernheisel started back in fourth spot. Bernheisel moved into second by the
end of the second lap and tagged onto Elksnis as the pair began to pull away
from the field. Bernheisel pulled even with Elksnis on the seventh lap, then
used the high groove around the leader to move in front. By the time the next
caution was waved on the 19th lap, Bernheisel had opened a half lap lead over
Elksnis and the rest of the field. Bernheisel continued to set the pace on
the restart as Roy Deese Jr worked his way past Doug Burkholder for third and
Nathan Durboraw broke into the top five after starting 24th. Deese moved into
second on the 24th lap with Durboraw right behind before the final caution
was waved on the 28th lap wiping out another large Bernheisel lead. Deese
tried to stay with the leader on the restart, but Bernheisel was able to pull
away to score his first Bonebrake Memorial win by ten car lengths. Deese
finished second with Durboraw coming from 24th to nail down third for the
Ernie's Salvage Yard/Timber Wolf Hard Charger Award. Burkholder finished
fourth with Gary Stuhler coming from the rear after a flat tire in the
opening laps to round out the top five. Frankie Plessinger, James Adkins Jr.,
Charlie Schaffer, Devin Friese were next as Timmy Booth rallied from 21st to
finish out the top ten. J&K Toys heat winners for the 25 late models were
Stuhler, Plessinger and Deese.

In the 20-lap late model sportsman feature, Scott Palmer grabbed the
early lead from the outside pole with Richard Walls following right behind.
Marvin Winters, who started 10th, blasted his way through the field to move
into second right before the caution was waved on the fourth lap. On the
restart, Winters toured the outside route to take the lead from Palmer and
began to pull away from the field. Richard Walls moved into second on the
seventh lap as he tried to keep pace with Winters. Cautions on laps 11 and 16
kept Winters close to the pack as Wayne Walls Jr slowly worked his way into
third from his 20th starting spot. Cautions on the next two laps kept the
field on Winters' bumper to set-up a final lap shootout that electrified the
crowd. With one lap remaining, Wayne Walls made a daring slide move to the
front going into the first turn to take the lead away from Winters dropping
Winters back to third. Winters recovered and pulled even with Wayne as the
two entered the third turn. The two cars made heavy contact coming off the
fourth turn with both cars coming across the finish line with Wayne Walls
just inches in front. Walls received the St. Thomas Towing Hard Charger award
and the first place prize money in the hotly contested event over Winters who
looked like he had his eighth win locked up before the final cautions. Barry
Miller slipped in for third as Richard Walls and Richard Clipp rounded out
the top five. Completing the top ten were Palmer, Robert Weaver, Robert
Friese, Scott Sipe and Daryl Kendall. Will Fair, Winters and Clipp were the
heat winners for the 23 cars.

After three attempts were needed to start the pure stock feature, Ronnie
Dennis started fifth in the single file of cars as Pete Gems grabbed the
lead. Dennis moved in front on lap four as Mike Warrenfeltz moved into second
a lap later after starting 11th. Warrenfeltz kept the pressure on Dennis as
the two raced side-by-side for several laps. On lap 11, Warrenfeltz pulled
down to the inside of Dennis going into turn four, but was unable to stay
with the leader as Warrenfeltz looped his car to bring out the caution.
Dennis led the rest of the way holding off Brian Miller for the win. Jeff
Bennett was third with Hans Stamberg and Jeff Johnson finishing out the top
five. Heat winners for the 33 cars were Warrenfeltz, Dave Mikolasjki and
Johnson. Kim Ramer won the consolation and the Turners Bowling Centers Hard
Charger Award.

Kevin Durst started 29th in the 32-car field enduro dash as Sam Shank led
the first four laps before giving way to Patrick Murphy. Tony Ford worked his
way from 14th to take the lead on the eighth lap as Durst moved into the top
five at the half-way mark. Durst moved into second on lap 22 and four laps
later passed Ford for the lead. Durst then cruised to his second win with
Ford, Kenny Thomas, Krazy Kenny Thomas and Murphy finishing out the top five.

This Saturday, August 11th, the AMA motorcycles will return to the
Hagerstown Speedway for the Home Depot Hub-City Classic Grand National Flat
Track Championship. Rain date is Sunday, August 12th at 1 P.M. Gates open at
5 P.M. with warm-ups at 6 P.M.

1-7; Bernheisel 8-35. 1. Jim Bernheisel; 2. Roy Deese Jr.; 3. Nathan
Durboraw; 4. Doug Burkholder; 5. Gary Stuhler; 6. Frankie Plessinger; 7.
James Adkins Jr.; 8. Charlie Schaffer; 9. Devin Friese; 10. Timmy Booth; 11.
Bill Palmer; 12. Mark Elksnis; 13. Buck Tomblin; 14. Ron Ellis; 15. Wayne
Walls Jr.; 16. Alan Sagi; 17. Don Zechman; 18. Ray Kable Jr.; 19. Wesley
Bonebrake; 20. Andy Anderson; 21. Donnie Farlling; 22. Brent Smith; 23.
Dwayne Woolford; 24. Jeff Friese. DNS: Rodney Franklin.

Palmer 1-4, Winters 5-18; Walls 19-20. 1. Wayne Walls Jr.; 2. Marvin Winters;
3. Barry Miller; 4. Richard Walls; 5. Richard Clipp; 6. Scott Palmer; 7.
Robert Weaver; 8. Robert Friese; 9. Scott Sipe; 10. Daryl Kendall; 11. Laudan
Seigfried; 12. Nick Pappas; 13. Rick Steele; 14. Dave Rice Jr.; 15. Todd
Bowers; 16. Charles Hagerge; 17. Will Fair; 18. Kenny Day; 19. Chris Weaver;
20. Mike Walls. DNS: James Mongan; Bill Stivers; Darrin Younker.

Dennis 4-15. 1. Ronnie Dennis; 2. Brian Miller; 3. Jeff Bennett; 4. Hans
Stamberg; 5. Jeff Johnson; 6. Bruce Leibowitz; 7. Eugene Conlee; 8. Mike
Warrenfeltz; 9. Kim Ramer; 10. Keith Reed; 11. Steve Lowery; 12. Greg Moats;
13. Frank Dibella; 14. William Reitober; 15. Pete Gems; 16. Greg Hockensmith;
17. Harold Prince; 18. Bill Funk; 19. Phil Madagan; 20. John Williams; 21.
Jim Snyder; 22. Glenn Holder; 23. Steve Kent Jr.; 24. Dave Mikolasjki. DNS:
Don Ivosenvich; Corey Oberholzer; Danny Shirley; Wayne Hawbaker; Mike
Sanders; Jesse Coleman; James Andrews; Mark Vegh; Andrew Frustaci.

ENDURO DASH: 1. Kevin Durst; 2. Tony Ford; 3. Kenny Thomas; 4. Krazy Kenny
Thomas; 5. Patrick Murphy; 6. Steve Thompson; 7. Derek Riley; 8. Bobby Moore;
9. Steve Dillon; 10. Alfred Twig; 11. Rick Deller; 12. Darrin Williams; 13.
Danny Holmes; 14. Jim Exfoliate; 15. Scott Dudley; 16. William Crook; 17.
Larry Hurley; 18. John Graves; 19. Kevin Herein; 20. William Silkworth; 21.
Jessica Stouffer; 22. Craig Kline; 23. J.L. Eichelberger; 24. Michael
Kendrick; 25. Jimmy Parrill; 26. John Poole; 28. Sherman Lynn; 29. Jim
Mullendore; 30. Barry Jones; 31. Sam Shank; 32. Mark Straley.

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