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Author Topic:   Mid Delta Speedway..MS
Dirt Freak

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posted July 29, 2001 07:36 PM
Pure Street Heat
KO Lester Williams
3B Gene Rodgers
13r Rusty the Clown ???????
29 Scott Thomas
Z28 Lane Warner
88 Frankie Roncalli Dnf

KO Williams
24 ???????
29 Scott Thomas
88 Roncalli
Z28 Warner
3B Rodgers
13R Rusty

Pure Mini Heat
6S Guy Wilson
5 Mike Minchu
125 Lynn Bowie
184 greg Campanova
99 Pinky Farmer
83 Brian Price DNF

6S Wilson
5 Minchu
184 Campanova
125 Bowie
99 Farmer

28 Jim Hunt
29 Ronny Henly
3 Mike Spencer
7 Lynn Hamilton Dnf

28 Hunt
29 Henly
3 Spencer
7 dnf

Mini Mods Heat
48 Mike Myers
5K Kelly Gressitt

48 Myers
5K Gressitt

Super Street Heat
88b Tony Kuhn
DB7 Mike Tharp
3 Pete Roncalli
46 Kenny Carpentar
HD1 Bubba Harrison
00 Alex Kitchens Dnf

DB7 Tharp
46 Carpentar
3 Roncalli
88b Kuhn
33 Stokes DNF
00 Kitchens DNF
HD1 Harrison DNS

Late Model Heat
G400 Kenny Runnels
D8 Doug Showah
28 Larry Chillcot
16 Mike poyner DNF

G400 Runnels
D8 Showah
28 Chillcot
16 Poyner DNS

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