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posted July 29, 2001 09:45 AM

HAGERSTOWN, MD - " I'm just glad to come back here and get a win so close to
home," said Stevie Smith of New Oxford, PA after winning his fourth Pennzoil
World of Outlaw feature before a packed house at the Hagerstown Speedway
Saturday night. Smith started sixth and tracked down Mark Kinser to take the
lead with three laps remaining to win the 20-lap Pennzoil World of Outlaw

"We've been pretty good late in the race, so we've been setting the car
up for the end lately. My crew did a great job and gave me a great car
tonight. I had a car that could win the race last night, and I didn't get it
done. We were committed to running the middle or the bottom here tonight:
Alot of times at Hagerstown if you can get locked down on the bottom you can
really make up some ground because it's so much shorter down there."

Jake Raudabaugh of Carlisle, PA scored his third win on the KARS circuit
in a come from behind rally of his own in the 20-lap KARS Doors Unlimited
sprint main event.

Smith started sixth in the Pennzoil World of Outlaw feature as Mark
Kinser jumped out in front from the pole at the drop of the green. Smith
quickly moved past James Myers and Steve Kinser for fourth on the first lap
as Mark Kinser pulled away from the field with Donny Schatz in pursuit. On
lap 13, Kinser's large lead was wiped out when the caution was waved for Curt
Michael who was running third at the time. Kinser continued to set the pace
on the restart with Smith now in third. On lap 20, Smith pulled even with
Schatz right before the second caution was waved. Two laps after the restart
on lap 22, Smith passed Schatz to take second and began to zero in on Kinser.
Smith stuck to the middle of the track and closed in on Kinser who toured the
half-mile high against the top. On lap 27, right before the third and final
caution for Billy Wilburn, Smith moved in front of Kinser for the lead. Smith
had no trouble the final three laps to pick-up the win over Schatz. Dale
Blaney came on strong for third after starting eighth with Mark Kinser
holding on for fourth. Steve Kinser rounded out the top five. Finishing out
the top ten were James Chesson, Johnny Herrera, 18th starting Lance Dewease,
Danny Lasoski and James Myers. Heat winners for the 29 Outlaws were Myers,
Schatz and M. Kinser. Tim Shaffer won the B-Main and M. Kinser won the
Channellock Dash. Curt Michael set fast time of 15.969 seconds.

Greg Hodnett got together with Blake Feese on the frontstretch at the
start of the B-main, sending Feese's car in to the inside guardrail and
collecting Judd Shepard, Mike Dllman, and Michael Markey. All drivers were
uninjured, but only Dillman and Markey were able to continue.

In the 20-lap KARS 358 sprint feature, Jeremy Gardner grabbed the early
lead from the pole as Jake Raudabaugh started back in seventh. Dean Kline
kept the pressure on Gardner until lap six when Gary Gollub moved into second
bringing Raudabaugh with him. Two laps later, Raudabaugh passed Gollub for
second as Gardner was setting the pace way out in front. Once Raudabaugh
cleared Gollub for second, he began to close in on the leader and was on
Gardiner's bumper by the 11th lap. On lap 13, Raudabaugh grabbed the lead and
once in front pulled away to a 10 car length win over Gollub. Dale Hammaker
came from ninth for third with 10th starting Brian Buckwalter fourth. Gardner
held on to settle for fifth. Completing the top ten were Bill Albright, Rich
Carnathan, Kevin Drury, Kline and Tim Hershey. Preliminary winners for the 28
cars were Gollub, Albright and Raudabaugh. Mark Moody won the consolation.

Next Saturday, August 4th, Hagerstown returns to action with the 40-lap
Richard Bonebrake Memorial for the ITSI late models paying $2,000-to-win.
Joining the late models will be the Hoosier Tires/Mid-Atlantic late model
sportsman, the Ernie's Salvage Yard pure stocks and the enduro dash. Race
time is 7 P.M.

RESULTS: TIME TRIALS: 1. Curt Michael, Ocean View DE, 15.969; 2. Stevie
Smith, New Oxford PA, 15.992; 3. Steve Kinser, Bloomington IN, 16.059; 4.
Paul McMahan, Bristol IN, 16.139; 5. Donny Schatz, Minot ND, 16.163; 6. Dale
Blaney, Hartford OH, 16.171; 7. James Chesson, Far Hills NJ, 16.195; 8. Joey
Saldana, Brownsburg IN, 16.227; 9. Andy Hillenburg, Broken Arrow OK, 16.245;
10. Jason Meyers, Clovis CA, 16.303; 11. Tim Shaffer, Aliquippa PA, 16.305;
12. Mark Kinser, Oolitic IN, 16.332; 13. Brad Furr, Pleasonton CA.16.348; 14.
Johnny Herrera, Higley AZ, 16.358; 15. Danny Wood, Norman OK.,16.373; 16.
Craig Dollansky, Elk River MN, 16.420; 17. Danny Lasoski, Dover MO, 16.430;
18. Lance Dewease, Fayetteville PA, 16.478; 19. Randy Hannagan, Pittsboro
IN.16.613; 20. Jac Haudenschild, Wooster OH, 16.640; 21. Jeff Shepard,
Upperco MD.16.682; 22. Blake Feese, Saybrook IL, 16.907; 23. Billy Wilburn,
Mooresville NC. 16.988; 24. Greg Hodnett, Memphis TN, 17.094; 25. Mark
Richard, Landisburg PA.,17.524; 26. Danny Murray, Hagerstown MD, 18.017; 27.
Michael Markey, New Oxford PA.,18.131; 28. Judd Shepard, Hampstead MD,
18.143; 29. Mike Dillman, Sykesville MD., 18.534. (HEAT 1) 1. Jason Meyers,
2. James Chesson, 3. Paul McMahan, 4. Dollansky, 5. Curt Michael, 6. Brad
Furr, 7. Blake Feese, 8. Mark Richard, 9. Judd Shepard, 10. Randy Hannagan.
(HEAT 2) 1. Donny Schatz, 2. Joey Saldana, 3. Stevie Smith, 4. Danny Lasoski,
5. Johnny Herrera, 6. Jac Haudenschild, 7. Mike Dillman, 8. Danny Murray, 9.
Billy Wilburn, 10. Tim Shaffer, (HEAT 3) 1. Mark Kinser, 2. Andy Hillenburg,
3. Steve Kinser, 4. Lance Dewease, 5. Dale Blaney, 6. Jeff Shepard, 7. Greg
Hodnett, 8. Danny Wood, 9 Michael Markey. (CHANNELLOCK DASH) 1. Mark Kinser.
2. Donny Schatz. 3. Jason Meyers. 4. Curt Michael. 5.Steve Kinser. 6. Stevie
Smith. 7. Paul McMahan. 8. Dale Blaney. 9.James Chesson. 10. Joey Saldana. (B
FEATURE) 1. Tim Shaffer. 2. Danny Wood. 3. Greg Hodnett. 4. Randy Hannagan.
5.Mark Richard. 6. Billy Wilburn. 7. Michael Markey. 8. Danny Murray. 9.Mike
Dillman. 10. Blake Feese. 11. Judd Shepard.
(A FEATURE 30 Laps) 1. Stevie Smith. 2. Donny Schatz. 3. Dale Blaney. 4. Mark
Kinser. 5. Steve Kinser. 6. James Chesson. 7. Johnny Herrera. 8. Lance
Dewease. 9. Danny Lasoski. 10. Jason Meyers. 11. Andy Hillenburg. 12. Danny
Wood. 13. Tim Shaffer. 14. Paul McMahan. 15. Greg Hodnett. 16. Jeff Shepard.
17.Randy Hannagan. 18. Craig Dollansky. 19. Curt Michael. 20. Brad Furr.
21.Joey Saldana. 22. Jac Haudenschild. 23. Billy Wilburn. 24. Mark Richard.
KARS SPRINTS 20-LAP FEATURE: Jake Raudabaugh; 2. Gary Gollub; 3. Dale
Hammaker; 4. Brian Buckwalter; 5. Jeremy Gardiner' 6. Bill Albright; 7. Rich
Carnathan; 8. Kevin Drury; 9. Dean Kline; 10. Tim Hershey; 11. Mark Richard;
12. Dan Richcreek; 13. Rusty Pressley; 14. Daryl Stimeling; 15. Kenny Foor;
16. Vance Snyder; 17. ay Miller; 18. Brian Powell; 19. Scott Kerschner; 20.
Mark Moody; 21. Brain Marriott; 22. Keith Wetzel'; 23. Dan Shetler; 24. Rick
Horn. DNS: Bob Gutshall; Mike Creaghan; Billy Heltzel; Kevin Bastian.

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