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Author Topic:   Chub Frank wins STARS North Coast 100 at Raceway 7
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Chub Frank wins STARS North Coast 100 at Raceway 7

Conneaut, OH (July 27) - On Friday night at Raceway 7, the Renegade STARS Late Models visited for the running of the North Coast 100, presented by The Bolt Place. It was an unbelievable race, as Chub Frank from Sugar Grove, PA drove to victory in the 100-lap main event, earning the $10,000 first place money.

Also winning events during the program of racing were Jay Watson from Conneaut, Ohio in the Jay's Auto Wrecking Steel Block Late Models. The field was split into two features in the MHC Inc. E-Mods, as winners were Mike Hess from Waterford, PA and Ron Roncaglione from Linesville, PA. The Fame Manufacturing Street Stocks also ran two features with a split field, in events sponsored by The Gas House, as Darrell Bossard from Centerville, PA and Rich Howell from Jefferson, Ohio collected victories.

The North Coast 100 presented by The Bolt Place started with Jeff Smith and **** Barton atop the starting grid for the 100-lap distance. Barton took the lead at the start as green flag racing was the order of the day. Dan Armbruster challenged early on, but Barton would extend his lead as race traffic entered the fray on lap 15. Barton would build a big lead before the first yellow flag of the event waved on lap 26 for Smith. Back to green, the leaders would stay close again, with Barton still showing the way. As the lap counter clicked past 40, Barton was pulling away as a three-way battle for second developed as Armbruster had company from Mike Balzano and Randle Chupp.

At the halfway mark, it was Barton leading Armbruster, Chupp, Balzano, Jackie Boggs, Chub Frank, and Bob Close. Barton's pace in front was continuing to remove cars from the lead lap, as it would shrink below ten. The second yellow of the race waved on lap 63, and it would wipe out another substantial lead that Barton had built. The victim of this caution was second running Armbruster, as he was involved with Greg Fenno's spinning car. Barton got away again on the restart, as the battle for second would now involve four cars. Chupp, Balzano, and Frank would all be the next victims of the advancing Close, who had started last in the 27-car starting field. Close would move to second just before the third yellow flag of the race would appear on lap 76.

>From this point the race at the front of the field would be unbelievable. After a lap 77 restart where Balzano had retired from the race, the battle for the lead was simply a side-by-side war. With Barton working high, Close pulled inside and the pair would run the next 14 laps door-to-door, exchanging the lead in every part of the track. A lap 91 caution period would be the start of a rash of late caution flags, as now it was Chub Frank joining the war to hold the lead. Frank grabbed second on lap 94, as another restart came on lap 95. As the war for the lead continued, Frank nosed ahead to lead lap 96. Close came back to lead lap 97, before Frank and Barton slipped by on lap 98. With Frank ahead as the white flag was waving, the cars of Barton and Close made contact at the flagstand. The car of Close turned sideways, hit the front stretch wall and started to flip high in the air. With his car completely destroyed, Close walked away shaken from the incident but seemingly unhurt.

With one lap to decide the event, Frank would lead the one-lap dash to the finish to collect the $10,000 top prize. Boggs would race home second, with Chupp third. Armbruster was fourth, as Barton limped home fifth as the last car on the lead lap. With his Raceway 7 legal Steel Block Late Model, Jay Watson turned in a superb run to finish sixth, ahead of Brian Ruhlman, Matt Miller, and R.J. Conley. Close would be scored in tenth. With a field of 40 Renegade STARS drivers on hand, the fastest qualifier was Randle Chupp with a clocking of 17.883. Heat winners were Chupp, Mike Balzano, Jackie Boggs, and Greg Fenno. The Dash winner was Jeff Smith, as Todd Andrews and Rob Blair took the B-Main events.

The Jay's Auto Wrecking Steel Block Late Models lined up for a 20-lap feature lined up by the luck of the draw. Dave Hess, Jr. gained the lead at the start as Doug Eck was up to challenge. Eck spun while battling for the lead on lap 9, collecting Chris Brockway in the process, as both were eliminated. As this was the final caution period of the race, Hess appeared to be on the way to victory before his car suffered problems on lap 16 to knock him from contention. At this point, Jay Watson assumed command after starting 15th in the 16-car field. Point leader Watson went on to score his sixth victory of the season and his fourth consecutive. Behind him, the top five competitors all notched their best finishes of the season. Bill Henry collected runner-up honors ahead of Brian Huffman, Mike Stoneman, and Chuck Steinle, Jr.

The two 20-lap MHC Inc. E-Mod features were held as both would run without a single yellow flag. The first feature saw Mike Hess claim his second victory of the season. His nephew Dave Hess, Jr. led from the early going, until Mike passed him to gain command on lap 8. From there, Mike Hess raced on to score the win over Jim Frontz, Hess, Jr., Hugo Litwiler, and point leader Todd Roncaglione. The nightcap feature saw Ron Roncaglione lead the entire distance in winning his first feature event of the season. Brent Rhebergen raced home second ahead of Dale Applebee, Jack Andrew, and J.B. Dandy.

The Gas House sponsored both 15-lap Fame Manufacturing Street Stock features as the field was split into two events. The first feature saw Darrell Bossard race to his third feature win of the season. Starting last in the 14-car field, Bossard slowly advanced his way to the front as the race progressed. Jodi Woodworth led early before spinning on lap 3. Bruce Burlingame took over the topspot, before Darren Buell made the pass to take the lead on lap 8. Bossard was up to challenge, making the pass to gain command on lap 13 on his way to the victory. Buell raced home second, ahead of Chip Davis, Barb Bellinger, and Karen Shank. The second feature saw Rich Howell shake off his bad luck for the season by finally claiming his first victory of the season. Point leader Mike Hochschild took the lead at the start from third starting position, but spun from the lead on lap 5. Fifth starting Howell took over at that point, and held command to the finish. Mike Horton turned in his best finish of the season in second, as Brian Douglas, Chuck Sullivan, and Hochschild crossed the line next.

Raceway 7 will be back in action on Friday, August 3, with a four-division program of racing. Roberts' Trucking will sponsor the Steel Block Late Model feature event, as the winner will earn $1,000. It will also be Autograph Night for the Steel Block Late Models and E-Mods. The gates open at 5:30, with racing starting at 7:30. Raceway 7 is located six miles south of Interstate 90 on Ohio Route 7. For more information, please call 814-967-4230 for the office, or 440-594-2222. For the most complete source of Raceway 7 information, please visit the track's web site at

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Upcoming events:

Friday, August 3 - Roberts' Trucking $1000 to win for Steel Block Late Models. Autograph night for Steel Block Late Models and E-Mods. Four division racing.

Friday, August 10 - General Aluminum Extravaganza, featuring the Third Annual "Buckeye Challenge" for York Triathlon Series E-Mods. Four division racing. General Aluminum Night.

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Raceway 7 results for Friday, July 27, 2001

Renegade STARS Late Models - Car Count - 40.
Fastest qualifier - Randle Chupp, 17.883.
Heat winners - Randle Chupp, Mike Balzano, Jackie Boggs, Greg Fenno.
Dash winner - Jeff Smith.
Last Chance Race winners - Todd Andrews, Rob Blair.
Feature - 1)Chub Frank. 2)Jackie Boggs. 3)Randle Chupp. 4)Dan Armbruster. 5)**** Barton. 6)Jay Watson. 7)Brian Ruhlman. 8)Matt Miller. 9)R.J. Conley. 10)Bob Close. 11)Rod Conley. 12)Bill Cunningham. 13)Rusty Whitmore. 14)Rich Gardner. 15)Mike Balzano. 16)Steve Shaver. 17)Ron Davies. 18)Greg Fenno. 19)Bruce Hordusky. 20)Rob Blair. 21)Brent Rhebergen. 22)Matt Urban. 23)Jeff Smith. 24)Rick Briggs. 25)Todd Andrews. 26)Mark Osburn. 27)Jim Dandy, Jr.
Did not qualify - Mickey Wright, Tony Lombardi, Brad Fiesler, Paul Davis, Mike Johnson, Lee Patrick, Kirk Bradley, Ryan Markham, Kevin Santee, Frank Poniatowski, Chris Hackett, Scott Brady, Bryan Durig.
Updated Maloney Tool and Mold Point Standings - 1)2135, 28B, **** Barton. 2)1920, W11, Rob Blair. 3)1640, 19, Jim Dandy, Jr. 4)1610, 61, Dan Armbruster. 5)1445, 1, Rich Gardner. 6)1430, 07R, Brent Rhebergen. 7)1335, 33, Chris Hackett. 8)1320, 11R, Rusty Whitmore. 9)1230, 4, Mark Osburn. 10)1195, 3, Bruce Hordusky.

Jay's Auto Wrecking Steel Block Late Models - Car Count - 17.
No heats were run.
Feature - 1)Jay Watson. 2)Bill Henry. 3)Brian Huffman. 4)Mike Stoneman. 5)Chuck Steinle, Jr. 6)Dan McDonald. 7)Terry Porter. 8)Andy Boozel. 9)Dave Hess, Jr. 10)Wendell Pinckney. 11)Doug Eck. 12)Chris Brockway. 13)Bryan Emory. 14)Greg Barnes. 15)Mill Adkins. 16)Tom Bonanno. Did not race - Jim Dandy, Jr.
Updated Point Standings - 1)1810, 95, Jay Watson. 2)1630, 03, Doug Eck. 3)1505, 44H, Dave Hess, Jr. 4)1495, 14E, Bryan Emory. 5)1460, 21*, Bill Henry. 6)1235, 72, Mike Stoneman. 7)tie 1195, Y9, Wendell Pinckney and 78, Tom Bonanno. 9)1185, 71, Chuck Steinle, Jr. 10)1150, 39, Dan McDonald.

MHC Inc. E-Mods - Car Count - 21.
No heats were run.
Feature 1 - 1)Mike Hess. 2)Jim Frontz. 3)Dave Hess, Jr. 4)Hugo Litwiler. 5)Todd Roncaglione. 6)Bill Watson. 7)Jeff Shank. 8)Kari Petrosky. 9)Don Herman. 10)Shane Applebee. 11)Jim Long.
Feature 2 - 1)Ron Roncaglione. 2)Brent Rhebergen. 3)Dale Applebee. 4)Jack Andrew. 5)J.B. Dandy. 6)Bill Taylor. 7)Jim Abbott. 8)John Kellogg. 9)Chuck List. 10)Kevin Decker.
Updated Point Standings - 1)1845, 00, Todd Roncaglione. 2)1760, 2*, Bill Watson. 3)1735, 0, Ron Roncaglione. 4)1685, 69, Brent Rhebergen. 5)1535, 44, Mike Hess. 6)tie 1430, 66A, Dale Applebee and 94.3, Jim Frontz. 8)1390, 6, Hugo Litwiler. 9)1350, 4, Jeff Shank. 10)1280, 0K, Kari Petrosky.

Fame Manufacturing Street Stocks - Car Count - 31.
No heats were run.
Feature 1 - 1)Darrell Bossard. 2)Darren Buell. 3)Chip Davis. 4)Barb Bellinger. 5)Karen Shank. 6)Paul Pittsenbarger. 7)Kevin Vencill. 8)Roger Barger. 9)Russell Cressley. 10)Bruce Burlingame. 11)Rich Bates. 12)Jodi Woodworth. 13)Ryan Blood. 14)Justin Kreider.
Feature 2 - 1)Rich Howell. 2)Mike Horton. 3)Brian Douglas. 4)Chuck Sullivan. 5)Mike Hochschild. 6)Tim Mann. 7)John Hobbs, Sr. 8)Kevin White. 9)Jim McFadden. 10)Pat Gorton. 11)Ted Westover. 12)Brian Watson. 13)Mike Andrew. 14)Jeremy Stafford. 15)Dave Johnson. 16)Lynn Preston. 17)Mike Boyd.
Updated Point Standings - 1)2115, 88, Mike Hochschild. 2)1925, 22B, Darrell Bossard. 3)1910, 2*, Brian Douglas. 4)1845, 10, Chuck Sullivan. 5)1555, 27B, Darren Buell. 6)1520, 27, John Hobbs, Sr. 7)1505, 96, Jim McFadden. 8)tie 1455, 12G, Pat Gorton and 63, Tim Mann. 10)1445, 1C, Chip Davis.

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