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Author Topic:   McCaughey, Pauch Star In New Egypt Twin 20s
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posted July 22, 2001 12:11 PM UIN: 16262997
McCaughey, Pauch Star In New Egypt Twin 20s

New Egypt, NJ (July 21) - Darren McCaughey of New Egypt and Billy Pauch of
Frenchtown, NJ, were the stars at New Egypt Speedway on Saturday, as the duo
split double 20-lap Modified features on Twins Night, sponsored by
Reclamation Inc. of Kingston, NY.

It was the McCaughey show in the first 20-lapper, as Darren's #301 grabbed
the lead on lap 2 and walked away from the competition. Although two
cautions bunched the field in the final going, McCaughey continued to
cruise, sliding under the checkered for his third win of the season at the
central Jersey half-mile. Tom Carberry, Tim Tanner Jr., Scott VanGorder and
Eddie Bohn followed McCaughey across the stripe.

Reclamation Inc. presented McCaughey with a big decision at the conclusion
of the first race: accept a $500 bonus on the spot, or go for double or
nothing in the second round. If he took the gamble, McCaughey would receive
$1,000 if he recorded the best overall finish in both races. But Darren
turned down the dare, pocketing the $500 cash in hand.

"After wrecking last week and just buying a new house, I'm taking the
money," McCaughey said.

With 10 cars inverting for the second 20, defending Modified champ Billy
Pauch started third, powered to the fore and held off all of Keith Hoffman's
advances to score his sixth of the year. Hoffman settled for second, with
Sam Martz third, Darren McCaughey fourth (a finish that would've won him the
$1,000!) and Mark Bitner fifth.

"The track was pretty difficult, and we had to fight our way from 23rd in
the first one," Pauch admitted. "We're real glad we started third in the
second race. It was crucial."

Doug Liedl was elated after the Sportsman feature, as the Hillsborough, NJ,
driver aced his first-ever career win. Liedl's gutsy lowdown move on lap 7
made him the leader and netted him the victory in the 20-lap event over Gene
Stravinsky, Gary Hager, Jack Swain and Mickey Kessler.

Al Cheney III of Cranbury, NJ, passed a strong Ralph Gargiulo with three
laps left to ink his fourth win of the season in the Street Stock class. Pat
Freiberger, Billy Bauer and Evan Berardi completed the top five.

The Herman's Trucking Lightning Lap Awards for fastest lap in a feature
event were won by McCaughey (Mods, 19.264), Hager (Sportsman, 20.323) and
Cheney (Street Stock, 21.306).

Art's Radiator of Flemington, NJ, presented $450 racing radiators to a
random fan position pick in each division. John Miloszar (Modified), Gary
Hager (Sportsman) and Carol Whitehouse (Street Stock) won the radiators.

In honor of the twin-20 program, all twins were admitted free at the front
gate and all received prizes. Reclamation Inc. tossed over 100
custom-designed T-shirts into the grandstands and gave away a pair of

Next Saturday, it's AMSOIL Scout Night at New Egypt, with all scouts in
uniform, ages 7-12, admitted free. Adult admission is $13, children 7-12 are
$4, and kids 6 and under are free. For more information, call the track at
(609) 758-1900.

1st Heat: 1.McCaughey 2.Drayton 3.Miloszar 4.Bitner 5.Tanner Jr.
2nd Heat: 1.Hoffman 2.VanGorder 3.McVay 4.Grosso Jr. 5.Bohn 6.Cozze
3rd Heat: 1.Carberry 2.Butler 3.Moss 4.Martz 5.Radd 6.Rue
B Main: 1.Laureno 2.Brightbill 3.Hendershot 4.Pauch 5.Weaver 6.R. Infante
(Fan Prov: Velenger)
Feature (20 laps): 1.Darren McCaughey 2.Tom Carberry 3.Tim Tanner Jr.
4.Scott VanGorder 5.Eddie Bohn 6.Mark Bitner 7.Keith Hoffman 8.Billy Pauch
9.Roger Laureno 10.Sam Martz 11.Kenny Brightbill 12.John Miloszar 13.Donnie
Radd 14.Rick Grosso Jr. 15.Mike Hendershot 16.Gary Butler 17.Ralph Rue
18.Fred Dmuchowski 19.Bob Drayton 20.Rocco Infante 21.Larry McVay 22.Gary
Velenger 23.Frank Cozze 24.Brian Weaver DQ: Steve Moss.
Feature (20 laps): 1.Billy Pauch 2.Keith Hoffman 3.Sam Martz 4.Darren
McCaughey 5.Mark Bitner 6.Eddie Bohn 7.Roger Laureno 8.Scott VanGorder
9.Kenny Brightbill 10.Tom Carberry 11.Gary Butler 12.Mike Hendershot
13.Rocco Infante 14.Tim Tanner Jr. 15.Rick Grosso Jr. 16.Donnie Radd 17.John
Miloszar 18.Bob Worthington 19.Fred Dmuchowski 20.Gary Velenger 21.Korey
Keimig 22.Brian Weaver 23.Larry McVay 24.Bob Drayton 25.Ralph Rue.
DNQ: Bob Worthington, Korey Keimig, Ron John Koczon, Phil Cox, Doug
Ostwald, Stan Frankenfield, Art Adams, Tom Hager, Matt Kaminskas, Chuck

1st Heat: 1.Ely 2.R.Godown 3.Ploski III 4.M.Papiez 5. Leote
2nd Heat: 1.Meisner Jr. 2.Flesch 3.Kessler 4.Singley 5.Liedl
3rd Heat: 1.Stravinsky 2.D.Kline 3.B.Godown 4.Buffalino 5.Fleming
4th Heat: 1.Hager 2.Hoffman 3.Roth 4.Geiges 5.J.Papiez
1st B Main: 1.Lyons 2.Carpenter 3.Mears 4.Pfister
2nd B Main: 1.Swain 2.Tomasko 3.B.Butler 4.Search
Feature (20 Laps): 1.Doug Liedl 2.Gene Stravinsky 3.Gary Hager 4.Jack Swain
5.Mickey Kessler 6.Keith Fleming 7.Brian Godown 8.Dominick Buffalino 9.Phil
Meisner Jr. 10.Stan Ploski III 11.Donnie Kline 12.Matt Papiez 13.Ryan Godown
14.Jeff Geiges 15.J.C. Mears 16.Tom Tomasko 17.Brett Butler 18.Scott Singley
19.Rob Pfister 20.Joe Papiez 21.Kenny Roth 22.Jeff Carpenter 23.Brien Ely
24.Mick Search 25.Chuck Flesch 26.Mike Lyons 27.Bruce Leote 28.Dave Hoffman.
DNQ: John Bush, Jim Scherer, Keith Foster, John McClelland, Dave Woolston,
Rick Raisner, Rich McTighe, Chris Wasson, Pat McBride, Larry Kline, Mike
Mongiello III, Rich Scagliotta, Mike Reutter Jr., Chris Wasson, Joey Tinnes
Jr., Rick Beavers, Kyle Morrison, Bob Kaelin, Rick Holsten, Brian Pearson,
Mike Toth, Phil McCloughan, John Dixon.

1st Heat: 1.Berardi 2.Mongiello 3.Whitehouse 4.Nixon 5.R. Page 6.Conaway
2nd Heat: 1.Freiberger 2.Cheney 3.Reed 4.Jm.Hewitt 5.Bauma 6.Miscoski
3rd Heat: 1.Unfried 2.Gargiulo 3.Bauer 4.Gerber 5.M.Page 6.Apgar
B Main: 1.Hansen 2.Melton 3.Jn. Hewitt 4.Quinlan 5.Garey 6.Fleming
Feature (15 laps):1.Al Cheney III 2.Ralph Gargiulo 3.Pat Freiberger 4.Billy
Bauer 5.Evan Berardi 6.George Quinlan 7.John Hewitt 8.Brian Nixon 9.Mario
Page 10.Bryan Reed 11.Billy Bauma 12.Carol Whitehouse 13.Wayne Hansen
14.George Unfried 15.Kory Fleming 16.Bill Miscoski 17.Tim Apgar 18.Jim
Hewitt 19.Rich Page II 20.Joe Garey 21.Pat Conaway 22.Steve Mongiello
23.Robert Melton 24.Bill Gerber.
DNQ: Joel Quick, Jason Seredy, Jake Roveda, Spider Ensinger, Bob Vaccaro,
Marvin Saxton, Steve Barnes, Tim Horner, George Idell Sr., Richie Byrne,
Paul Johnson, Weldon Collier.

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