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Author Topic:   No Northwest Speedweek Sweep Kent Spins, Crockett Wins
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posted July 22, 2001 12:09 PM UIN: 16262997
No Northwest Speedweek Sweep
Kent Spins. Crockett Wins.

Opening night of the Evergreen State Sprint Challenge had Steve Kent
looking to be headed to win number five in the hy-per-lube Northern Sprint
Tour's "Northwest Speedweeks" until a spin exiting the fourth turn on the
last lap dashed his chances. Kent, of Fresno, CA had moved from his 7th
place start position to challenge Roger Crockett for the win. After several
unsuccessful tries to get under Crockett in the corners and losing the drag
race on the straights, Kent 's move to the out side for momentum to carry
him past Crockett may well have worked had he not spun to a stop.
Following Crockett, current Northern Sprint Tour points leader from Rio
Linda, CA, for podium finishes at grays HArbor Raceway Park in Elma, WA were
Jason Solwold of Burlington, WA and Rick Fauver of Everett, WA who picked up
six spots to make the podium.
Kent started picking off the competition on the second lap, getting past
third place Johnny Rodriguez on the 6th lap after several tries. Rodriguez,
who had set fast time, brought out the yellow flag with a flat tire on lap
12 and then spun on a lap 16 restart to bring out a second yellow and end
his night of racing.
With Kent trailing by a 10 car gap, Jason Solwold was carrying the battle
to Crockett in the corners but couldn't make a pass. Farther back, Dale
Smith and Shawna Wilskey were waging a good race that came to a stop when
they caught Jay Harkness and then Smith and Harkness got together in turn
four on lap 16.
On the restart Kent went to work on Solwold getting in the pass as they
came out of turn two the next lap. Wilskey got in the only pass in the last
three laps of the 20 lap preliminary feature, getting by Brandon Harkness
but coming up short in her try on Marc Dupperon.
At the line it was Crockett, Solwold, Fauver, Dupperon, Wilskey and B.
Harkness the first six.
The B-main could have been dubbed the yellow flag race as it was waved six
times in 15 laps.
Kent kept a 5 - 10 car lead over Rick Fauver and the field during the
racing action, as Randy Ridge put on the best show by moving up 12 positions
to get fifth place. Chad Bauer gave Ridge a good fight for seventh mid race
and then Ron Myska was able to hold onto 5th until Ridge took the spot on
the white flag lap.
Several times during the week the Harkness brothers have found themselves
doing battle with each other, sometimes with disastrous results, but this
time it was a good race with Brandon third and Jay fourth. Shawn Rice
stepped up 10 spots, going from last to 8th.
Ridge went wire to wire to the C-main win over Jay Cole with Rice in third.
Scott Adams and Cale Carder had some good wing to wing racing for fourth
with Scott getting the position at the finish line.
The heats had some great racing action. Rodriguez took the win in the
night's first race, but the action was mid pack for the last transfer spot.
Kaylene Vervilla made her first feature event of Northwest Speedweek with
her fourth place finish after holding off Bauer and Adams who finished with
less than a wheel width difference just behind the Arizona visitor.
Gary Morgan won the second heat, getting the lead when Kent broke something
in the drive train. Chad Hillier had some wing to wing laps with Crockett
and Jeff Hodgson before dropping back late in the race with a smoking
Heat three had Jayme Barnes taking the lead at the line on the white flag
lap over Geoff Beck following a race long chase. Dupperon and Smith's dicing
for third was close several times also.
The final heat went to Stan Yockey over Glenn Borden, Jr. Scott Aumen
challenged Borden the last four laps but had to settle for third with
Solwold getting the last transfer.
Crockett took the dash for the pole position over Solwold, Dupperon,
Rodriguez, Barnes and Borden.
Fast time of the evening went to Rodriguez with a 13.828 lap.

Fast Time - Johnny Rodriguez - 13.828
Heat 1 - Johnny Rodriguez, Shawna Wilskey, Jeremy Cooper, Kaylene Vervilla,
Chad Bauer, Scott Adams, Rick Fauver. John Tharp, Donny Fry, Dawn-L
Heat 2 - Gary Morgan, Jeff Thompson, Roger Crockett, Jeff Hodgson, Barry
Martinez, Randy
Ridge, Chad Hillier, Dan Dunlap, Rob Johnson, Mark Ellis.
Heat 3 - Jayme Barnes, Geoff Beck, Marc Dupperon, Dale Smith, Ed Evans, Ed
Weirsma, Shawn Rice, Wade Fleming, Ron Myska, Randy Van Aagten, Cale Carder,
Mike Gable.
Heat 4 -Stan Yockey, Glenn Borden, Jr. Scott Aumen, Jason Solwold, Brandon
Harkness, Steve Walker, Tony Menard, Mike Crawford, Robert McNulty, Jim
Cress, Melissa Yates, Jim Walker.
Dash - Crockett, Solwold, Dupperon, Rodriguez, Barnes, Borden.
C-Main - Ridge, Cole, Rice, Adams, Carder, Crawford, Van Aagten, Dunlap,
Ellis, Morrison, Yates, Johnson, J. Walker, Cress, Gable, Tharp.
B-Main - Kent, Fauver, B. Harkness, Ridge, Myska, Bauer, Rice, McNulty,
Hillier, Fleming, S. Walker, Evans, Weirsma, Martinez, Fry, Menard, Cole.
A-Main - Crockett, Solwold, Fauver, Dupperon, Wilskey, B. Harkness, Barnes,
Aumen, Borden, Morgan, Hodgson, Thompson, Beck, Smith, Cooper, Jay R.
Harkness, Kent, Yockey, Vervilla, Rodriguez.

The Northwest's finest in
'Action Packed' 360 Sprint Car Racing

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