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Author Topic:   Whittington tops field of Cajun Sprinters
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posted July 22, 2001 12:03 PM UIN: 16262997
Whittington tops field of Cajun Sprinters
Sue DuRoy July 21, 2001 Pike County Speedway
Right at race time down came the rain. Just a steady rain, but cars and
fans piled in anyway from other tracks rained out. Several SUPR cars showed
up after they rained out. The pits and the woods was filled with over 136
race cars. In spite of bad weather the fans kept coming too. When the rain
stopped finally it took trucks, 4 wheelers and race cars to get the track
groomed and ready for racing.
Lane Whittington, Kelly Angelette, Harold Henderson and Michael
Herrington all shared heat wins for the sprinters. Butch David sat on the
pole for the start of the feature. By turn one David was in the lead followed
by Whittington, Herrington and Henderson. Yellow flew on the first lap when
Cary Farmer went into the guard rail in turn two. David leader spun in two
bringing out the yellow. On the restart it was Herrington and Whittington.
Yellow flew because Michael Herringtons front wing was flopping so they
removed it. Herrington and Whittington swapped the lead twice. Yellow flew
when Herman Carrier spun in four. While under yellow Herrington went in. On
the restart it was Whittington the rest of the way , second was Harold
Henderson and third Kelly Angelette.
Novice B main Jamie McCaffery led from green to checkered and scored the
win. Henry Carroll ran second till Austin Butler took it over and finished
second Claude Thigpen moved to third. Henry Carroll finished fourth.
Novice A main Trudy Jackson took over the lead. Chambliss swiftly moved
up through the field and then took the lead and went on to score the win
followed by Jackson, Fred Hastings finished third, 10 fourth and Rustin Cain
fifth. Novice heat winners were , Stephen Polk and Tudy Jackson.
Randy Jamison and Kerry Vicknair took the street stock heat wins.
Vicknair took the lead but went up in blue smoke on the front straightaway,
Jamison took over as leader from that point Matthew Simeon ran second till
mechanical problems sent him to the pits. Yellow flew when Jamie McClendon
went in four two hard making contact with McKey but spinning himself out. On
the restart it was Jamison all the way to make it a two win week end after
winning at Baton Rouge Friday night. Second went to Gary Talbert, third Brad
McKey, fourth Jamie McClendon and fifth 19.
Sam Patrick and David Ashley shared late model heat wins. Patrick on the
pole for the start of the feature found himself in a three wide battle for
the lead with David Ashley and Marlon Wild. Patrick got the lead but not for
long. A spin by Seavy Clemons in four brought out the first yellow. Marlon
Wild took over the lead then ran off and hid .Donald Watson moved to second,
Sam Patrick took third, Curt Lipsey moved up to finish fourth and Rob Litton
took fifth.
Jarrett Durrett, Wayne Morrison and Dow Hillhouse shared heat wins for
UMP. Dow Hillhouse from outside the front row took the lead on the start .
Jason Taylor ran second and took the lead from Hillhouse but a caution send
Taylor back to second. On the restart Taylor worked at Hillhouse till he took
the lead again. Hillhouse sun on the front straightaway and Glendale Shoemake
nailed him in the drivers door. Both drivers were okay cars well that's a
different story! Taylor in his FORD powerhouse took his first win of the
season. Jarrett Durrett took second, Ron Grandel third, Wayne Morris fourth
and Patrick Barrett fifth.
David Brown and Justin Bowman took pure stock heat wins. Brown took the
lead on the start, but soon Billy McDaniels had worked his way to second and
then blew past Brown on the back straightaway. Justin Bowman on the last lap
went up in blue smoke. McDaniels won followed by Ryan Whitehead, Randy
Brownell, David Brown and Leonard Barrileou.
Joey Humphreys and Donald Collins took super stock heat wins. Humphreys
jumped into the lead on the start. Robert Moral ran second David Knight
third. Donald Collins put the petal down on his Ford and took third from
Knight second from Morel, then went after Humphreys for the lead. Collins
made the pass for the lead, but Tim Thornton spun and brought out the yellow
and sent Collins back to second on the restart. Again Collins passed
Humphreys for the lead this time it counted. Collins went on to rack up
another win followed by Robert Morel, Billy Gordon worked his way up to
finish third, David Knight finished fourth and Joey Humphreys fifth.

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