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Author Topic:   Devil's Bowl Speedway
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posted July 16, 2001 06:29 PM UIN: 16262997
Devil's Bowl Speedway

Results for July 15, 2001

WEST HAVEN, Vt. - It's amazing what some fresh horses will do for you.
After struggling with engine problems early in the season, Gene Munger has a
fresh engine under the hood of the Richardsdale Farms modified, and cruised
to victory Sunday night in the 30-lap feature at Devil's Bowl Speedway. The
win was the second of the season for Munger, but his other win came when he
was behind the wheel of Dave Camara's backup car, while the motor in the
Mike Richards-owned modified was getting freshened.

Since dropping the fresh motor back in the Richardsdale Farms car,
Munger has been on a roll, as he also had a second-place finish at
Albany-Saratoga Speedway with the new powerplant. Munger easily drove away
from Tim Laduc Sunday night, finishing with a 2.87-second margin of victory.
Brian McKenzie had his best finish ever, coming in third, but was another
second and a half behind the second-place car of Laduc. Don Ackner finished
fourth in the Sput Shaw-owned 57, with Vince Quenneville Jr. fifth.

Dave Camara, who was looking for his second straight win, instead had a
night he'd like to forget. Early in the feature, Jim Ryan and McKenzie made
contact, forcing the rest of the field to check up behind them. When Mike
Perrotte slowed, Camara tried to get to the high side of the speedway, but
went over the front end of Perrotte's car and did a series of violent flips.

Joe Santoro got his third win of the season in the 20-lap pro-street
stock feature, outrunning Pete Kimball and Carl Vladyka, the only other
drivers who have won features at the Bowl in that division this season.

Double features were run in the hobby stock division, but there was only
one winner, as Curt Condon took the checkered flag in both events, beating
Mike Tholin to the finish line each time. In the first feature, Tholin was
1.24 seconds behind; in the second event, he cut Condon's winning margin to
.041. The victories were Condon's first two of the season at Devil's Bowl

Chris Busta and Jason Kerr won the twin cruiser division features. Devil
's Bowl Speedway will be back in action with Seniors/Alumni Night Sunday.
Senior citizens 62 years of age and over will be admitted free, while a
number of former modified drivers will be honored at intermission.

MODIFIEDS: GENE MUNGER, Tim Laduc, Brian McKenzie, Don Ackner, Vince
Quenneville, Frank Hoard Sr., Butch Jelley, John Harrison, Ray Hoard, Chris
Donnelly, C.V. Elms, Frank Hoard Jr., Brian Whittemore, Brent Lacoste, Stan
Lemiesz, Jim Ryan, Don Mattison, Ron Proctor, Robert King, Mike Perrotte,
Dave Camara, Kevin Perry, Paul Cirincione.

PRO-STREET STOCKS: JOE SANTORO, Pete Kimball, Carl Vladyka, Mike Paquin,
Mike Haines, Bill Bryden, Steve Burega, Woody Woods, Ed Pieniazek, Denny
Martin, Donny Williams, Jack Swinton, D.J. Mabb, Carol Parker, Ed Thompson,
Terry Stacy, Jon Trudeau.

HOBBY STOCK (7-8): CURTIS CONDON, Mike Tholin, Roy Fifield, Lori Cary, Mike
Ostrander, Chuck Knowlton, Ken Towne, Vince Santoro, Richard Stone, Doug
Cram, Dave Cook, Joe Barone, Jody Davis, Robert Wedin, Mark Burch, Pat
Porch, Jon Coon, Bob smith, Joey Trudeau, Joe Ladd, Bart Amerio, Billy
Lussier, Tony Condon, Randy Alger, Jeff Washburn.

HOBBY STOCKS (7-15): CURTIS CONDON, Mike Tholin, Lori Cary, Chuck Knowlton,
Mike Ostrander, Roy Fifield, Richard Stone, Doug Cram, Jon Coon, Jeff
Washburn, Randy Alger, Dave Cook, Jody Davis, Joey Trudeau, Robert Wedin,
Vince Santoro, Bob smith, Pat Porch, Joe Ladd, Bart Amerio, Billy Lussier,
Mark Burch, Joe Barone.

CRUISERS (7-8): CHRIS BUSTA, Jeff Monroe, Robert Cole, Jason Kerr, Jon
Atwell, Mike Clark, Charles Burns, John Sweet, Duke Whitney, Ed Rozell, Cary
Lafond, Tim Whitney, Jennifer Brokaw.

CRUISERS: (7-15): JASON KERR, Jon Atwell, Tim Whitney, Cary Lafond, Mike
Clark, Charles Burns, John Sweet, Chris Busta, Robert Cole, Ed Rozell, Jeff

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