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posted July 16, 2001 06:47 AM UIN: 16262997

Afton, NY… Jeff Rudalavage, of
Olyphant, PA, made it two wins in a
row in the DIRT 358 Modified
division at Afton Speedway on
Friday night.
Windsor native John Siedlecky
commanded the early part of the 30
lap Modified event, with North
Norwich's Mitch Gibbs giving chase.
Gibbs caught Siedlecky by lap
five as the two hooked up into a six
lap side-by-side battle that had the
crowd standing on their feet. Gibbs
finally took over the top spot on lap
Jeff Rudalavage, who started
eighth in the field, was making his
way to the front, as he took over third
from George Hoffmier, Jr. on lap
thirteen, and moving past Siedlecky
into second on lap fourteen.
After sitting back watching for a
few laps, Rudalavage took his
machine to the extreme low side
going into turn three to take the lead
from Gibbs on the 18th lap.
Rudalavage went on to a five car
length victory with his Parts Plus
machine. The win was his fifth of
the season, and puts him just two
points away from Gibbs in the points
battle. Gibbs finished second,
followed by Hoffmier, Jr., Mike
Clapperton and J.R. Hurlburt.
Crowd Favorite and rookie
sensation 15 year old Jessica
Zemken, of Canajoharie, took off
into the lead from her outside pole
starting position in the 20 lap DIRT
Sportsman feature.
Chad Cook, of Deposit, followed
through from his fourth starting spot
to challenge Zemken for the lead as
Craig Pope brought out the race's
first caution on lap two.
Cook took the lead at the start,
with Zemken falling back to second,
Cook was later placed back one spot
during a tenth lap caution for
jumping the start on the lap two
This gave the lead back to
Zemken, with Walton's Butch
Klinger riding in third. Her lead was
short lived though, as Cook took over
the spot by the time they crossed for
lap twelve.
Klinger took over the runner-up
spot from Zemken two laps later,
while Tim French and Arnie Slade
battled for fourth.
Cook went on to capture his fifth
feature win of the season, with
Klinger, Zemken, French and Slade
completing the top five.
Guilford's Todd Hurlburt, in his
second season in a Pro Stock, looked
like he was on his way to his first
feature win of the season, as he lead
the early way in the 20 lap Main
Roger Lewis, of Satrucca, PA,
fell in behind outside pole sitter
Hurlburt for second, with Unadilla's
Jason Youngs running third.
The race seemed to be all
Hurlburts, as James Cornell, of
Harpursville, moved up past Lewis
into second as the field hit the half-
way mark, and the caution flag fell.
Hurlburt suddenly took his ride
pit-side with problems during the
caution, handing the lead over to
Cornell. Another caution on lap ten
for Norwich's Harold Humphrey
saved Hurlburt from going a lap
down as he returned to racing action.
Cornell went on to pick up the
win, his second in a row and fifth on
the season. Lewis, a rookie in the
Pro Stocks this year, finished with an
impressive second place run,
followed by Youngs, Pat Nolan, and
Hurlburt, who made it back up to
fifth in just 10 laps.
Rob Loucks, of Bainbridge,
started on the outside pole in the 15
lap Pure Stock feature, and took the
lead at the start from pole sitter
Butch Green.
Buck Mills, of Guilford, and
Deposit's Denny Decker quickly
made their way up to the second and
third spots, putting the pressure on
Decker took sole possession of
the number two spot as something
went away on the Mills car on lap
six. Decker tried hard to mount a
challenege against Loucks as the two
ran hard and clean inside and out.
Loucks was able to hold on and
lead wire to wire for the win, his
second of the year. Decker came in
for second, followed by Shaun
Walker, Dennis Valentine and Butch
In Four Cylinder Stock action,
youngster Jason Jaindl, of Afton,
dominated the early going in the 15
lap feature, despite having a horrible
push through the turns.
It looked as if Jaindl was going to
be on his way to victory lane as he
opened up a sizeable lead, but with
just three laps left to go his handling
problem got worseand he took a hard
shot into the fourth turn wall. He was
fine, but the car was done for the
Scott Johnson, of Norwich,
inherited the lead and went on for the
win, his second of the year.
Sherburne's Duane Knapp led
from start to finish picking up the
win in the 12 lap Dwarf Car feature.
Berkshire's Louie Gordinier
made a late race effort for the lead,
but came up short and had to settle in
for second behind Knapp.
This Friday night is Fair night at
the Speedway. All race teams must
use the far entrance at the end of the
Fairgrounds to enter the pit area.

RUDALAVAGE, Mitch Gibbs, George
Hoffmier Jr, Mike Clapperton, J.R.
Hurlburt, John Siedlecky, Aaron Excell,
Dave Rosa, Skip French, Steev Walsh,
Jim Witko Jr, **** Schoonover, Allen
Shiffler, Rich Price, Aaron Cross, Brent
COOK, Butch Klinger, Jessica Zemken,
Tim French, Arnie Slade, Craig Pritchard,
Don Hart Jr, Chris Ostrowsky, Ray
Zemken, Billy Price, Chad O'Hara, Bob
Conklin, Craig Pope, Ladd Yeomans.
CORNELL, Roger Lewis, Jason Youngs,
Pat Nolan, Todd Hurlburt, John Walker,
Jason Schlafer, Terry Mudge, Winnie
Winchester, Brian Steigerwald, Jason
Bartsch, Harold Humphrey, Nail Palladino,
Wade Decker, Russ Card, Bob
Zimmerman Jr.
LOUCKS, Denny Decker, Shaun Walker,
Dennis Valentine, Butch Green, Charlie
Holcomb, Rob White, Buck Mills.
JOHNSON, George Crippen, Ken
Hotaling, Skip Pickwick, Ralph Cuozzo Jr,
Ralph Jennings Jr, Ed Leslie, Ron
Cummings, Jason Jaindl, Danielle Smith,
Tim Clapper, Russ Hendrickson, Rob
Coulman (DNS).
KNAPP, Louie Gordinier, Alan Barker,
Steve Tourje, Max Moshier Jr, Ed Knapp,
Erik Knudson, Tim O'Neill, Floyd Clark Jr,
Chris Thompson, Gordie Isham.

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