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Author Topic:   Nick Jones finally wins at Challenger
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Nick Jones finally wins at Challenger

Indiana, PA (July 14) - Nick Jones from Pittsburgh, PA finally won the 25-lap Pittsburgh Crankshaft Late Model feature on Saturday night at Challenger Raceway. After being close to winning on numerous occasions this season, something would happen to see the victory get away from him. Tonight he would finally put everything together to collect his first victory of the season.

Also scoring his first feature win of the season on the night of racing sponsored by Marion Center Supply, was Ken Herman of Connellsville, PA in the Townsend Gas & Oil Modifieds. Taking his second victory of the season in the Stewart Bus Line Pure Stock feature was Chris Schneider from Tarentum, PA. Notching his third victory of the season in the North East Locators Strictly Stock feature was Don Rodgers from Homer City, PA. As an added attraction, the Pittsburgh Circle Track Club Zoresco Senior Series made a visit with Terry Wheeler from Stoneboro, PA scoring the win.

The 25-lap Pittsburgh Crankshaft Late Model feature had Dave Norton and Gary Lyle leading the field on the starting grid. Norton grabbed the lead at the drop of the green flag, as third starting Nick Jones grabbed second just prior to a lap 2 caution period. When a double file restart would start Jones to the outside of Norton, Jones would capitalize on that to gain the lead. It would be a caution filled event, as five laps would be the longest distance completed under green flag racing. By halfway, it was still Jones leading Norton, as Lyle was working to try to gain second. Point leader Dave Satterlee had charged from 12th starting spot to ride fourth. Jason Carnahan was making a charge as he advanced to third place by lap 15, but would be a part of a lap 17 yellow flag. Norton would give Jones a run for the lead in the closing laps, but Jones would hold on to score his first victory of the season. Norton is another one who is overdue for a victory, as he scored his third runner-up finish of the season. Lyle raced home third ahead of Satterlee and Rob King. Rounding out the top ten were Wally Fox, Chuck Kennedy, Carnahan, Bob Cessna, and Mike Shoemaker. Heat race winners were Jones and Dave Peterman.

Ken Herman and Jim Fry led the 20-lap Townsend Gas & Oil Modified feature to green with Herman gaining command. This race progressed very slowly, as green and yellow took turns through the first five rounds. The race finally settled down, as Herman would lead ninth starting Jeff Taylor and 12th starting Chuck Kennedy. Taylor used an outside pass to take the lead at the halfway mark. Taylor continued to show the way until the final yellow flag of the race appeared on lap 14. On the restart, Herman gained the lead back with a pass off of turn four to regain the lead on lap 15. Leading to the finish, Herman would go on to collect his first victory of the season. Taylor would finish second, but still maintains the division point lead. Kennedy was third, ahead of Kenny Hall and Bobby Watt. Taylor, Rich Logan, and Bobby Bertges were the heat race victors.

The 15-lap Stewart Bus Line Pure Stock feature started with Chris Schneider and Jason Fosnaught leading the field to green. Schneider took the lead at the start, as green flag racing was the order of the day. With Schneider racing away from the field, the battle was left for second as Rob Kosecki felt a challenge from point leader Jeff Walters. Walters took second on lap 7, and would get his break to catch Schneider when the only caution period of the race would appear on lap 12. Schneider and Walters battled hard over the final three laps for the win, with Schneider holding on to score his second victory of the season. Walters finished a close second, ahead of Kosecki, 12th starting Butch Lambert, and Mike Hilla, Jr. Heat winners were Walters and Schneider.

Don Rodgers led the entire distance to take his third victory of the season in the 15-lap feature for the Strictly Stocks. John Mazey challenged Rodgers in the early laps as Rodgers held command. Tom Taylor gained second just past halfway, and made a bid for the lead. Taylor got into turn three too hard, bumping Rodgers and spinning him out. The call was made to charge Taylor with the caution, allowing Rodgers to continue in the lead that he would hold to the finish. Mazey would finish second, as Taylor recovered to finish third. Bill Hebenthal was fourth, with newcomer Sean Zeiler fifth. Joe Starcher raced home sixth, and was drawn to collect the $100 bonus money and car discount from division title sponsor North East Locators Auto Sales. Mark Marian finished seventh after suffering a flat tire in the feature, but gained enough points with a Heat race win to end the night tied with Mazey for the division point lead.

Terry Wheeler picked up the victory in the Zoresco Pittsburgh Circle Track Club Senior Series feature race. Wheeler endured a race-long challenge from Don Gamble, but would score the win to pad his Series point lead. Gamble settled for a close second, but did score the Heat race win. Bud Holben raced home third, with Pat Wilcox and Sid Haas filling the top five.

Challenger Raceway will return to racing with a doubleheader program over the coming weekend. On Saturday, July 21, it will be Stewart Bus Line Night as the York Triathlon Series Modifieds will visit to headline the program. It will be Scout and Little League Night, as there will be bike races and free candy for the kids. On Sunday, July 22, the Mid-Atlantic Championship Series Late Models will visit as past of the MACS Thunder in the Mountains Tour. The Stewart Bus Line Pure Stocks will also be a part of that card, and the Late Models will not be a part of the Saturday program in observance of the MACS Tour events.

The gates for all racing programs open at 5:30, with racing starting at 7:30. Challenger Raceway is located 6.4 miles southwest of US 422 on PA 286, then one mile north on McIntyre Road. For more information, please call 724-726-5494 for the office, or 724-726-9808 for the track. For the most complete source of Challenger Raceway information, visit the track's web site at

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Upcoming events:

Sat. July 21 - Stewart Bus Lines Night. York Triathlon Series Modifieds plus Pure Stocks and Street Stocks. No Late Models. Scout and Little League Night, bike races, free candy.

Sun. July 22 - Mid-Atlantic Championship Series Late Models, plus Stewart Bus Line Pure Stocks.

Sat. July 28 - Evergreen Motors Night, four-division racing plus P.C.T.C. Night. Rescheduled Fan Appreciation Night.

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Challenger Raceway results for Saturday, July 14, 2001.

Pittsburgh Crankshaft Service Late Models - Car Count - 18.
Heat winners - Nick Jones, Dave Peterman.
Feature - 1)Nick Jones. 2)Dave Norton. 3)Gary Lyle. 4)Dave Satterlee. 5)Rob King. 6)Wally Fox. 7)Chuck Kennedy. 8)Jason Carnahan. 9)Bob Cessna. 10)Mike Shoemaker. 11)Rodney Phillips. 12)Randall Paxton. 13)Bobby Bertges. 14)Tom Decker. 15)Dave Peterman. 16)Dave Day. 17)Matt Lux. 18)D.J. Troutman.
Current Point Standings - 1)935, 79, Dave Satterlee. 2)925, 24X, Dave Norton. 3)896, 15J, Nick Jones. 4)893, 1P, Rodney Phillips. 5)889, 10, Gary Lyle. 6)876, 90, Wally Fox. 7)851, K1, Rob King. 8)828, 43, Tom Decker. 9)777, 21, Matt Lux. 10)776, 6A, Chuck Kennedy.

Townsend Gas & Oil Modifieds - Car Count - 26.
Heat winners - Jeff Taylor, Rich Logan, Bobby Bertges.
Feature - 1)Ken Herman. 2)Jeff Taylor. 3)Chuck Kennedy. 4)Kenny Hall. 5)Bobby Watt. 6)Jim Fry. 7)Jim Struble. 8)Carl McKinney. 9)Kari Petrosky. 10)Steve Artrip. 11)Jeff Jones. 12)Bob Skwara. 13)Ron Roncaglione. 14)Brad Stiles. 15)Will Cochran. 16)Jim Baker. 17)Bruce Dreistadt. 18)Bob Sheesley. 19)Brian Jakosh. 20)Bob Rougeaux. 21)Denny Perigo. 22)Rich Womeldorf. 23)Kris Pisarcik. 24)Bobby Bertges. 25)Rich Logan. Did not start, Butch Lambert.
Current Point Standings - 1)951, 3, Jeff Taylor. 2)934, A1, Chuck Kennedy. 3)908, 50, Jim Bertges. 4)883, 35, Bob Skwara. 5)879, 6M, Carl McKinney. 6)tie 852, 33, Rich Logan and 47X, Bruce Dreistadt. 8)801, 66*, Joe Kelley. 9)796, 15, Jeff Jones. 10)770, 9, Jim Struble.

Stewart Bus Line Pure Stocks - Car Count - 14.
Heat winners - Jeff Walters, Chris Schneider.
Feature - 1)Chris Schneider. 2)Jeff Walters. 3)Rob Kosecki. 4)Butch Lambert. 5)Mike Hilla, Jr. 6)Tommy Dembowski. 7)Jason Fosnaught. 8)Randy Caldwell. 9)Terry Faas. 10)Fred Pfeifer. 11)Rob Shook. 12)Charles Stewart. 13)Herb Loper. Did not start, Nick Reges.
Current Point Standings - 1)1074, 18, Jeff Walters. 2)1036, 36D, Rob Kosecki. 3)973, 27, Butch Lambert. 4)963, J19, Jason Fosnaught. 5)956, 12, Randy Caldwell. 6)946, 00H, Mike Hilla, Jr. 7)933, 79, Tommy Dembowski. 8)929, 55, Chris Schneider. 9)854, 66, Joe Kelley. 10)732, 8, Jim Swezey.

North East Locators Auto Sales Strictly Stocks - Car Count - 9.
Heat winner - Mark Marian.
Feature - 1)Don Rodgers. 2)John Mazey. 3)Tom Taylor. 4)Bill Hebenthal. 5)Sean Zeiler. 6)Joe Starcher. 7)Mark Marian. 8)Sam Lydic. Did not start, Brian Noel.
Current Point Standings - 1)tie 947, 3M, Mark Marian and 55, John Mazey. 3)940, 68, Joe Starcher. 4)936, 19H, Bill Hebenthal. 5)872, 91D, Don Rodgers. 6)531, 51, Dan Mazzaferro. 7)511, 15, Tom Taylor. 8)462, 35, Larry McBryar. 9)459, 25, Dennis Aukerman. 10)440, 77, Joe Rubcic.

Pittsburgh Circle Track Club Zoresco Senior Series - Car Count - 10.
Heat winner - Don Gamble.
Feature - 1)Terry Wheeler. 2)Don Gamble. 3)Bud Holben. 4)Pat Wilcox. 5)Sid Haas. 6)Bill Wheeling. 7)Jim Edwards. 8) Bob McWilliams. Did not start, Gene Pennington, William Reges.

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