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Author Topic:   Butler Motor Speedway Results 7/14
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posted July 15, 2001 02:13 PM UIN: 16262997
Quincy MI (July 14, 2001) - A near capacity crowd was on hand for the All Star Circuit of Champions race at the Butler Motor Speedway. Eunice Louisiana driver Jason Johnson picked up his first career win in the All Star Sprints. Fourteen year old Rusty Schlenk picked up his third feature of the year in the Street Stocks.

Jason Johnson led wire to wire to win his first career All Star Circuit of Champions feature event at the Butler Motor Speedway in Quincy, Michigan. Johnson, "the Cajun Sensation", was able to hold off Kenny Jacobs and Jerrod Hull during numerous late race restarts to take the victory in Jack Elden's Maxim Chassis.

Jason Johnson Picks Up First Career All Star Victory By TJ Buffenbarger "This is great to get my first All Star victory", exclaimed Johnson in victory lane. "I am just getting my career started, and it is great to get a victory here with the All Stars".

Greg Wilson in the Hampshire #63 and Johnson started on the front row for the 35-lap feature event. Johnson moved out in front at the start as Wilson, Jacobs in the Honecker/Jacobs #6 car, and fast qualifier Jerrod Hull in the Webb #51 moved up from sixth to fourth at the very start of the event. Hull was on Jacobs for third when Marvin Pifer and Mark Stemen tangled on the frontstrech sending Stemen for a wild slide. Both cars were able to restart at the tail of the field.

Johnson was able to pull away at the restart, while the best battle on the track was with Chad Kemenah in the Harble #15 and Danny Smith in the Baker #4 for the fifth position. Smith was able to dive under Kemenah in turn three on lap four to get the position.

On lap six Johnson started to catch slower traffic, and this allowed for Wilson to make up on the straightaway lead Johnson had built up. Wilson was all over Johnson on lap 10 as the lapped car of Gerry Hart served as a pick. On lap 12 Johnson may well have made the move that helped win him the race when he diamonded off the high side and dove under Hart, while the remainder of the front cars were stacked up behind. It took Wilson two more laps to clear Hart and set sail after Johnson. Wilson caught a break though when the caution came out on lap 17 for Kelly Kinser's spin in turn four. Kinser restarted at the tail of the field.

This put Wilson, third place Kenny Jacobs, and fourth running Jerrod Hull were right on the leaders bumper. Johnson pulled away on the restart when Bob Thoms spun off the track in turn four and retired from the event. Johnson pulled away again on the next restart. Johnson quickly approached lapped traffic during lap 24, and the field once again began to catch him. The caution again appeared on lap 28 when Gerry Hart spun off turn four.

Johnson once again pulled away on the restart, but the event took a strange twist on lap 30 when the second place car of Wilson blew a right rear tire in turn two to bring out another caution flag. Wilson changed the tire and rejoined the feature at the tail of the field. The field only made it one more lap when Brian Ellenberger spun and also had a right rear tire going down. Ellenberger also rejoined the field.

Johnson had Kenny Jacobs, all time leading feature winner in the All Star Circuit of Champions, right on his back bumper. Johnson was able to once again get the jump in turn four and pulled away from Jacobs. Johnson opened up a sizeable advantage and had the checkered flag in sight when Bill Rose crossed up and Mike Wagner slammed into Rose. Rose retired from the event while Wagner restarted at the tail.

Johnson brought the field down to a two-lap showdown for the win. Johnson once again got the jump at the restart and held on for the win over Kenny Jacobs, Hull, Smith, Kemenah, Travis Rilat, Todd Kelly, Dean Jacobs, Chuck Wilson, and Byron Reed.

Jerrod Hull set fast time over the 46-car field with a lap of 13.423 seconds around the 3/8-mile oval. The KT Equipment Rental First Heat Race was won by Dean Jacobs, the JB Enterprise Second Heat Race was won by Bob Thoms, The Crown Battery Third Heat Race was won by Season Robinson, and the Engler Tool & Machine Fourth Heat Race was won by Byron Reed. Randy Stuckey won the Georgia Marketing and Promotions "C" Feature event while Brian Ellenberger won the "B" Feature event. Danny Smith won the Haulmark Dash.

All Star Circuit of Champions
Butler Motor Speedway, Quincy, Michigan
Saturday July 14th, 2001, Event #30

Qualifications: 1. Jerrod Hull, Webb 51, 13.423; 2. Danny Smith, Baker 4, 13.620; 3. Kenny Jacobs, Jabobs/Honecker 6, 13.689; 4. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15K, 13.715; 5. Jason Johnson, Elden 22E, 13.784; 6. Greg Wilson, Hampshire 63, 13.942; 7. Bill Rose, Benic 6B, 14.008; 8. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4K, 14.027; 9. Dean Jacobs, Daugherty 7R, 14.034; 10. Mike Wagner, Wagner 55, 14.229; 11. Brian Ellenberger, Ellenberger 20, 14.248; 12. Brett Mann, Mann 19, 14.253; 13. Charlie Baker, Fischer 75, 14.262; 14. Todd Kelly, Kelly 21K, 14.267; 15. Travis Rilat, Archer U2, 14.331; 16. Steve Zabonic, Zabonic 40Z, 14.348; 17. Chuck Wilson, Jones 55J, 14.413; 18. Bob Thoms, Thoms 91, 14.460; 19. Rodney Duncan, Harrison 22, 14.530; 20. Byron Reed, Reed 5R, 14.545; 21. Jeremy Miton, Miton 7M, 14.560; 22. Chad Blonde, Blonde 5B, 14.680; 23. Sean Robinson, Robinson 1R, 14.717; 24. Mark Aldrich, Aldrich 1a, 14.728; 25. Gerry Hart, Hart 39, 14.755; 26. Ken Mackey, Mackey 25M, 14.786; 27. Scott Bailey, Bailey 67, 14.845; 28. Norman Carpenter, Carpente C49 14.982; 29. Corey Bevard, Blakley 8 15.048; 30. Mark Stemen, Stemen 17S, 15.338; 31. Kevin Atkins, Atikins 7K, 15.406; 32. Marvin Pifer, Pifer 32, 15.443; 33. Bill Shaffer, Shaffer 29, 15.637; 34. Roger Speith, Speith 83S, 15.698; 35. Greg Wheeler, Wheeler 16c, 15.730; 36. Terry Wilber, Wilber 0W, 15.738; 37. Randy Stuckey, Blakley 5s, 15.834; 38. Patrick Shaffer, Shaffer 94s, 15.882; 39. Jeff Smurr, Smurr 3S, 15.885; 40. Micheal Shumacher, Shumacher 24, 15.903; 41. Danny Shaffer, Shaffer 04, 15.940; 42. Carl Fry, Jr., Fry 57, 16.048; 43. Barry Ruble, Ruble 63R, 16.053; 44. Mark Boyer, Boyer 11B, 16.136; 45. Ken Quimby, Quimby 9Q, 16.483; 46. Nathan Bevard, Koss 87, 16.502.

KT Equipment Rental First Heat Race (10 laps): 1. Dean Jacobs, 2. Chuck Wilson, 3. Jason Johnson, 4. Jerrod Hull, 5. Gerry Hart, 6. Charlie Baker, 7. Darryl Shaffer, 8. Corey Bevard, 9. Randy Stuckey, 10. Danny Schafer, 11. Ken Quimby (first 5 qualified to the "A" Feature)

JB Enterprise Second Heat Race (10 Laps): 1. Bob Thoms, 2. Chad Blonde, 3. Mike Wagner, 4. Greg Wilson, 5. Danny Smith, 6. Todd Kelly, 7. Ken Mackey, 8. Carl Fry, Jr., 9. Mark Stemen, 10. Nathan Bevard, 11. Roger Speith, 12. Patrick Shaffer (first 5 qualified to the "A" Feature)

Crown Battery Third Race (10 Laps): 1. Sean Robinson, 2. Kenny Jacobs, 3. Barry Ruble, 4. Bill Rose, 5. Travis Rilat, 6. Scott Bailey, 7. Rodney Duncan, 8. Greg Wheeler, 9. Jeff Smurr, 10. Brian Ellenberger, 11. Kevin Atkins, (first 5 qualified to the "A" Feature)

Engler Machine & Tool Fourth Heat Race (10 Laps): 1. Byron Reed, 2. Chad Kemenah, 3. Marvin Pifer, 4. Kelly Kinser, 5. Terry Wilbur, 6. Mark Aldrich, 7. Mark Boyer, 8. Steve Zabonic, 9. Brett Mann, 10. Norman Capenter, 11. Micheal Shumacker (first 5 qualified to the "A" Feature)

Halmark Dash (4 Laps): 1. Danny Smith, 2. Jerrod Hull, 3. Kenny Jacobs, 4. Greg Wilson, 5. Chad Kemenah, 6. Jason Johnson. (Points are earned for the season ending Halmark Trailer Dash)

Georgia Marketing & Promotions "C" Feature (10 Laps): 1. Randy Stuckey, 2. Greg Wheeler, 3. Jeff Smurr, 4. Carl Fry, Jr., 5. Mike Schumaker, 6. Mark Boyer, 7. Nathan Bevard, 8. Danny Shaffer. DNS - Patrick Shaffer, Ken Quimby (first 6 qualified to the "B" Feature)

"B" Feature (12 Laps): 1. Brian Ellenberger, 2. Todd Kelly, 3. Ken Mackey, 4. Mark Stemen, 5. Rodney Duncan, 6. Brett Mann, 7. Randy Stuckey, 8. Charlie Baker, 9. Jeff Smurr, 10. Mike Schumaker, 11. Corey Bevard, 12. Steve Zabonic, 13. Norman Carpenter, 14. Carl Fry, Jr. 15. Greg Wheeler, 16. Mark Aldrich, 17. Scott Bailey, 18. Daryl Shaffer, 19. Roger Speith. DNS - Jeremy Minton (first 4 qualified to the "A" Feature)

"A" Feature (35 Laps): 1. Jason Johnson, 2. Kenny Jacobs, 3. Jerrod Hull, 4. Danny Smith, 5. Chad Kemenah, 6. Travis Rilat, 7. Todd Kelly, 8. Dean Jacobs, 9. Chuck Wilson, 10. Byron Reed, 11. Ken Mackey, 12. Mike Wagner, 13. Greg Wilson, 14. Brian Ellenberger, 15. Barry Ruble, 16. Bill Rose, 17. Gerry Hart, 18. Marvin Pifer, 19. Kelly Kinser, 20. Chad Blonde, 21. Bob Thoms, 22. Terry Wilbur, 23. Mark Stemen, 24 Sean Robinson

Lap Leaders: Johnson 1-35

Schlenk started on the front row along side Carl Forsythe and jumped out to the early lead. Randy Nichols started in the 20th position and was to 12th on lap 2. A caution on lap two for the spinning car of Kent Dirschell bunched up the field.

On the restart Wilson moved past Donovan Mathe and Randy Patton. Another man on the move was current points leader Eric Wilson who started in the 15th position but quickly moved eighth on lap 4. Carl Forsythe was bumper to bumper with Schlenk and trying to go for the lead but Schlenk was able to hold on. A caution on lap 13 bunched the field once again and put Schlenk, Forsythe, Rick Spieth and Wilson bumper to bumper for the restart. Wilson passed Forsythe and Spieth on the restart to take over the second position with Schlenk still leading. Mechanical problems forced Forsythe to the pits on lap 17 of the 20 lap feature.

Schlenk held on to take the feature win over Wilson, Spieth, Joel Sherman, Don Kittle, Mike Brennamen, Mark George, Kent Dirschell, Chuck Merritt and Jack Redding rounded out the top 10.

The first heat race went to Jeff Wadsworth over Patton, Sherman and Mathe. Wilson took the second heat over Spieth, Brennamen and Redding. The third heat was won by Schlenk followed by Dirschell, Kittle and AJ Burns. The fourth heat went to Forsythe over George, Eric Loveland and Tom Hosmer. The first B Main went to Steve Kidney Jr over Merritt, Grady Jarrell and Brian Harris. The second B went to Justin VanWyck over Nichols, Dustin Danke and Steve Denbrock.

Next Saturday night Butler will host a big three in one show with the 410 Sprints, UMP type Late Models and the Street Stocks. Be sure to check out our website at




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