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Author Topic:   Schrader scores Deery Series win after Osborn sidelined
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posted July 11, 2001 12:39 PM UIN: 16262997
Schrader scores Deery Series win after Osborn sidelined
By Kelly Becker
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (July 10) - What looked to be Brad Osborn's night ended with Ken Schrader in the winner's circle.
Osborn started on the pole and led the first 45 laps of the Tuesday night Deery Brothers Summer Series feature at Hawkeye Downs Speedway.
Then a broken torque arm took out his driveshaft and Osborn had to watch from the infield as Schrader, a Winston Cup Series regular, inherited the lead and stayed in front of the I.M.C.A. Sunoco Late Model field the final five times around the half-mile track.
"I just felt sorry for the boy. He drove a good race," said Schrader, who talked briefly with Osborn before driving into victory lane. "He had a better car and he was going to win tonight. Then he had a problem that we capitalized on."
Just 21 years old and making his first-ever start on pavement, Osborn described his run as "pretty awesome."
"We had a good car," he said. "There were three hot lap sessions and we just kept getting better."
Rob Toland followed Schrader across the finish line. Jason Friesen, Todd Cooney and current points leader Mike Smith rounded out the top five.
Also the defending champion, Smith won the race at Hawkeye Downs last year when Schrader made his Deery Series debut.
"These dirt cars on pavement are rockets," Schrader said.
Heat winners were Schrader, Tom Darbyshire and Greg Kastli.
The next series race is Thursday, July 26 at Hamilton County Speedway in Webster City.

Feature Results - 1. Ken Schrader, Fenton, Mo.; 2. Rob Toland, Hillsdale, Ill.; 3. Jason Friesen, Sutton, Neb.; 4. Todd Cooney, Des Moines; 5. Mike Smith, Jewell; 6. Dale Stolte, Springville; 7. Darrel DeFrance, Marshalltown; 8. Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, Ill.; 9. Jeremiah Hurst, DeWitt; 10. John Werner, Davenport; 11. Dave Schrader, Monroe; 12. Terry Ryan, Davenport; 13. Brad Osborn, Janesville; 14. Mike Cothron, Moline, Ill.; 15. Greg Kastli, Waterloo; 16. Brian Hetzler, Davenport; 17. Tom Darbyshire, Morning Sun; 18. Robert Miller, Silvis, Ill.; 19. Jim Sandusky, Coal Valley, Ill.; 20. Gary Russell, Biggsville, Ill.; 22. Boone McLaughlin, Mediapolis; 23. Jason Bahrs, Colona, Ill.

Top 20 Point Standings - 1. Smith, 316; 2. Burgtorf, 304; 3. Friesen, 298; 4. Ryan, 278; 5. Russell, 270; 6. Toland, 262; 7. DeFrance, 236; 8. Slocum, 222; 9. Darbyshire and McLaughlin, both 220; 11. Cothron, 190; 12. Osborn, 186; 13. Tommy Elston, Keokuk, 170; 14. Chris Smyser, Lancaster, Mo., 160; 15. Bill Tuckwell, Washington, Ill., 124; 16. Hurst, 130; 17. Stolte, 128; 18. Terry Schlipman, Mendon, Ill., and Jody Wood, Donnellson, both 120; 20. Schrader, 116

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posted July 12, 2001 02:20 PM
That Kenny Schrader is certainly a true gentlemen...what a class act!!
I met him 15 years ago and he is one of the nicest people in NASCAR.
After the races he stayed and signed autographs until the last fan left.

Don't hit the brakes 'till you see God.

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