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posted July 09, 2001 04:30 PM UIN: 16262997

July 9, 2001 - Greenwood, NE - Al Zeitner finally has the monkey off of his
back. All of the pieces fell together for the veteran driver.a fast car,
fast track and flawless driving. Despite having to deal with lap traffic
and a late caution flag, Zeitner was able to hold off late charges by Joe
and Ed Kosiski to win Sunday night's second Late Model feature race in front
nearly 3,500 fans at Nebraska Raceway Park.

Zeitner, who had one of the fastest cars the entire night, started on the
pole for the second Super Late Model A feature. After running out to a
commanding lead, the caution flag came out with just seven laps remaining in
the 25-lap feature and brought the field back within striking distance.

When the green flag flew again, Zeitner held his lead, riding the high side
of the track for his first victory of the season. Joe Kosiski finished
second just ahead of his brother Ed Kosiski.
"It doesn't always turn out this way," Zeitner said of his battle. "On the
restart, I just told myself to stay smooth. The high side of the track was
working well for me and I knew I could win if I stayed up there. My car has
worked real good all year. I just hadn't been able to win one."

In the first Super Late Model A feature, Joe Kosiski became the season's
first two-time winner in NRP's top class. Kosiski started 12th, but worked
his way through the field to earn his second consecutive feature win at NRP
by running on the low side of the track. He charged past Jay Cooper Jr.
with a few laps remaining to take the lead and eventual win.

Kosiski was not sure how his car would handle the track, running the first A
feature earlier than usual. "I wasn't sure how good the racetrack was going
to be after some of the earlier races tonight, but it was a lot better than
I thought it would be," Kosiski said. "It reminded me a lot of the old
Omaha track."

In the first Walker Uniform Rental Grand Nationals A feature, rookie Brian
Kenkel edged Mike Collins by a nose at the finish line. Collins overtook
Kevin Hamele on a restart with eight laps to go and held the lead until
Kenkel's late surge coming off the turn.

Collins made sure that would not happen again as he blew away the field in
the second A feature. Collins drove into the lead, from his third row
starting position in just two laps and lengthened that lead to nearly half
of the track by finish. Mike Wallace was a distant second and Rick Stolley

The O'Reilly Auto Parts Pro-Am A feature produced an exciting finish as Rick
Negrete took his first victory of the season. Negrete finished first in the
lead pack of cars as they crossed the finish line. Scott Anderson, Scott
Carlson and Curt Drake were next in line at the checkered flag.

Another first-time winner took home the checkered flags in the Jasper
Engines and Transmissions Hobby Stocks A feature. Joe Feyen, who thanked
his family and crew for all of their hard work this season, held off Eric
Hanson to get the win. Feyen was able to hold on for the victory despite a
yellow flag and restart late in the race. Hanson finished in second with
Ben Heyne in third.

Fans enjoyed a variety of events throughout the night at Nebraska Raceway
Park. In addition to the racing action, the American Dairy Association of
Nebraska was taking milk mustache photos of fans and showing the "Got Milk"
race car. During intermission, fans were entertained by bed races, in which
selected drivers and crew members pushed wives, girlfriends and children
down the walkway in custom-built rolling bed frames. and games
were played for the fans throughout the night and fireworks lit up the sky
for the final race of the night. All of the action helps make Nebraska
Raceway Park the only place to be on Sunday night.

The hot racing action continues Sunday, July 15 as WIX Filters and Auto
Value Parts Stores present the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series and Demo Derby
II. Plus.staff will be handing out free "Got Milk" 2001 schedule posters
featuring NRP drivers to fans while supplies last. Front gates open at 4:30
p.m. with racing at 6:00 p.m.. Call (402) 944-2233 or visit for more information.

Sunday night's results:

A-Feature #1: 1. Joe Kosiski, 2. Davey Nall, 3. Bill Murphy, 4. Scott
Koskovich, 5. Al Zeitner, 6. Donnie McClellan, 7. Ed Kosiski, 8. John
Hampel, 9. Jason Hobscheidt, 10. Jay Cooper Jr., 11. Leon Zeitner, 12. Jason
Humphrey, 13. Todd McKee, 14. Al Humphrey, 15. Mark Wyman, 16. Mike Nanfito,
17. Mel Zeitner, 18. Landon Smith, 19. Bill Mlnarik, 20. Chad Inserra, 21.
Vic Lovejoy, 22. Jim Jorgensen

A-Feature #2: 1. Al Zeitner, 2. Joe Kosiski, 3. Ed Kosiski, 4. Jason
Hobscheidt, 5. John Hampel, 6. Jason Humphrey, 7. Mark Wyman, 8. Scott
Koskovich, 9. Davey Nall, 10. Leon Zeitner, 11. Donnie McClellan, 12. Bill
Murphy, 13. Todd McKee, 14. Jim Jorgensen, 15. Mike Nanfito, 16. Bill
Mlnarik, 17. Vic Lovejoy, 18. Landon Smith, 19. Chad Inserra, 20. Jay Cooper
Jr., 21. Mel Zeitner, 22. Al Humphrey

Heat Race Winners: Todd McKee, Al Zeitner

Points Leaders: 1. Joe Kosiski 366, 2. Ed Kosiski 326, 3. Scott Koskovich,

A-Feature #1: 1. Brian Kenkel, 2. Mike Collins, 3. Mike Wallace, 4. Dave
Jorgensen Sr., 5. Kevin Hamele, 6. Scott Waldron, 7. Rick Stolley, 8. Bill
Leighton, 9. Jody Krug, 10. Curt Pritchard, 11. Rob Wagner, 12. Al Dreusdow,
13. Russ Hadan, 14. Gary Leapley, 15. Ron Dake, 16. Cliff McKinney, 17. Dave
Doll, 18. Mike Meyer, 19. Virgilee Haase, 20. Chris Roberts, 21. Brian
Barrett, 22. Craig Preble, 23. Dave Cook, 24. Rick Havenridge, 25. Kathy
Cook, 26. Butch Levell

A-Feature #2: 1. Mike Collins, 2. Mike Wallace, 3. Rick Stolley, 4. Jody
Krug, 5. Dave Cook, 6. Mike Meyer, 7. Jeff Tilley, 8. Curt Pritchard, 9.
Russ Hadan, 10. Ron Dake, 11. Dave Doll, 12. Butch Levell, 13. Brian Kenkel,
14. Rick Havenridge, 15. Dave Jorgensen Jr., 16. Pat Krug, 17. Dave
Jorgensen Sr., 18. Rob Wagner, 19. Fred Miller, 20. John Kinney Jr., 21. Al
Dreusdow, 22. Gary Leapley, 23. Bill Leighton, 24. Dennis Smith, 25. Kathy
Cook, 26. Scott Waldron

B-Feature #1: 1. Brian Kenkel, 2. Butch Levell, 3. Russ Hadan, 4. Dave
Jorgensen Jr., 5. John Kinney Jr., 6. Kevin Hamele, 7. Tyler Lee Ray, 8.
Cliff McKinney, 9. Doug Newcomer, 10. Ron Tilley, 11. Corey Zeitner, 12.
Harry Nixon, 13. Chris Roberts

B-Feature #2: 1. Jody Krug, 2. Gary Leapley, 3. Dave Jorgensen Sr., 4. Rob
Wagner, 5. Bill Leighton, 6. Craig Preble, 7. Matt Myers, 8. Jason Waite, 9.
Brian Barrett, 10. Virgilee Haase, 11. Mike Houston

Heat Race Winners: Scott Waldron, Rick Havenridge, Mike Collins, Jeff

Points Leaders: 1. Mike Wallace 318, 2. Rick Stolley 290, 3. Mike Collins

A-Feature: 1. Rick Negrete, 2. Scott Anderson, 3. Scott Carlson, 4. Curt
Drake, 5. Mark Day, 6. Rick Feldman, 7. Bob Tanner, 8. Alan Schmitt, 9.
Brian Scott, 10. Jeff Bonney, 11. Larry Robinson Jr., 12. Don Mohr, 13. Dan
Jackson, 14. Kevin Gigax, 15. Ron Tex Jr., 16. Chuck Dillon, 17. Nick
Steier, 18. Larry Robinson Sr., 19. Nick Hermsen, 20. Jerry Turek, 21. Denny
Berghahn, 22. Dan Vincent, 23. Bob Wallace, 24. Steve Peoples

B-Feature: 1. Jeff Bonney, 2. Nick Steier, 3. Ron Tex Jr., 4. Larry
Robinson Sr., 5. Dan Vincent, 6. Bob Wallace, 7. Todd Schmitt, 8. Scott
Gourley, 9. Dan Hall, 10. Joe Copeland, 11. Jason Longmeyer, 12. Denny
Haukas, 13. Trevor Millikan, 14. Ray Dessel, 15. Andy Thompesen, 16.
Dan/Rich Steier

Heat Race Winners: Steve Peoples, Mark Day, Curt Drake

Points Leaders: 1. Scott Anderson 1464, 2. Mark Day 1401, 3. Scott Carlson

A-Feature: 1. Joe Feyen, 2. Eric Hanson, 3. Ben Heyne, 4. Chris Earith, 5.
Kurt Mackie, 6. Jeremy Mass, 7. David Christensen, 8. Greg Houdesheldt, 9.
Tony Pavic, 10. Herbie Ziemann, 11. Mike Hansen, 12. John Austin, 13. Ron
Allen, 14. Tim Terry, 15. Travis Alley, 16. Tim Pritchett Jr., 17. Adam Von

Heat Race Winners: Joe Feyen, Travis Alley

Points Leaders: 1. Joe Feyen 1264, 2. Tony Pavic 1251, 3. Travis Alley 1227

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