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Author Topic:   Deicher, Winkel, Jensema Win EWSC
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Deicher, Winkel, Jensema Win EWSC
Mid-Season Feature Events

By Sheila Karstaedt

July 7, 2001
Plymouth, WI

Fast and furious Dave Deicher of Plymouth won the EWSC Winged Super Modified, mid-season, 40 lap A-main, sponsored by

Sheboygan Chevrolet.

Pole-sitter, Ben Schmidt of Cedar Grove, jumped out to the early lead and by lap 7, Schmidt was maneuvering through lapped

traffic. A flip on the front stretch by Plymouth's Bob Brion, after coming in contact with the car of Billy Hafemann, Cedar Grove,

brought out the red flag on lap 11. After getting the mishap cleaned up, Schmidt was being chased by Deicher, Plymouth's Tim

Melis, Dennis Klumb of Grafton, and Glenbeulah's Gary Laack.

Schmidt got off the pace and came to a halt on the track, due to transmission problems, bringing out the caution on lap 19,

handing the lead over to Melis. Chasing Melis was Deicher, Laack, Klumb, and Brian Portschy, Oostburg.

Once again, the yellow came out for an infield tire that was pushed on to the track on lap 26. Hounding Melis on the restart was

Deicher, Laack, Klumb, and Milwaukee's Pete Ostrowski. The car of Greenbush's Dave Becker came to a rest, on the restart, in

turn 1, when his drive shaft broke. The field would be reset with Deicher keeping a close eye on Melis. Deicher made his move on

lap 33 to take the lead and would go on to the victory. Following Deicher across the line was Melis, Ostrowski, Klumb, and Butch

Hafemann, Campbellsport.

Fast time was set by KenJay Fiedler, Sheboygan Falls, with a 13.965 sec.lap and the Tuschl Septic Systems Hard Charger

Award was claimed by Plymouth's Jeff Fritz by passing 9 cars.

The 15 lap B-main saw Billy Hafemann take the lead, with a caution on lap 3, for an infield tire. Hafemann would set the pace on

the restart being followed by Robert Enders, Campbellsport, Brion, Becker, and Sheboygan Falls Fred Clatt. A strong looking

Hafemann was dealing with lapped traffic by lap 10. Lap 11 saw the yellow flag for debris on the track.

Hafemann, still looking strong, held on to the lead on the restart with Brion, Enders, Clatt, and Becker all setting their sights on

him. Hafemann would take the checkers followed by Enders, Brion, Clatt, and Becker.

Kewaskum's Chad Espen took the lead of the Limited Late Model feature. The car of John Scharenbroch, Sheboygan Falls,

stopped in turn 4, bringing out the caution on lap 3. The restart saw Espen leading Oostburg's Nate Winkel, Tim Carman of

Sheboygan Falls, Sheboygan's Henry Dickmann, and Scott Haugstad of Plymouth.

Winkel was reeling in Espen and on lap 11 would take control of the race. Debris on the track, on lap 18, would bring out the

caution. Espen, Cedar Grove's Charlie Schmidt, Haugstad, and Steve Ziegelbauer, Sheboygan, were all chasing down Winkel on

the restart. On the last lap, Winkel and Schmidt were running door to door, with Winkel pulling ahead by a nose, as they crossed

the stripe. Crossing behind Winkel was Schmidt, Espen, Plymouth's Dan Dippel, and Richard Hed, Sheboygan Falls.

Setting the pace for fast time, with a lap of 16.132 sec., and picking up the Bob Akright Memorial Hard Charger Award, by

passing 14 cars, was Dippel.

The Limited Late Model semi-feature saw pole-sitter Jeremy Becker, Kiel, take the lead with the only caution of the race coming

out on lap 4, when the cars of Dave Schaetzer, Sheboygan Falls, and Sheboygan's Tim Lombardo got together eliminating them

both. Crossing the line first was Becker, followed by Dave Herr, Sheboygan, and Waldo's Don Singer.

Bob Duncan, Sheboygan, found the fast lane to take the lead in the Super Stock feature. Lap 9 found Hingham's Terry McCoy

and Todd Jensema, Sheboygan Falls, knocking on the door of Duncan. McCoy would take the lead on lap 10. By lap 18,

Jensema was closing in and would take the lead on lap 22. Crossing the finish line after Jensema was McCoy, Elkhart Lakes Jeff

Muehlbauer, Brian Gilles, Plymouth, and Brian Genske of Sheboygan Falls.

Fast time was claimed by Doug Teunissen, Sheboygan Falls, with a lap of 18.050 sec. and there was a tie for the WHBL Hard

Charger Award between Gilles and Muehlbauer, each passing 13 cars.

In the Super Stock semi-feature, Elkhart Lakes Abe Meinert took control early. An infield tire that was pushed on to the track

on lap 1 brought out the caution. The restart saw Meinert, Tony Ehaney of Sheboygan, and Sheboygan's Chad Ninmer.

Meinert got sideways on lap 3 and Curt Teunissen, Oostburg, shot up to take the lead. Several cars getting together on lap 4

brought out the caution. Chasing Teunissen on the restart was Plymouth's Kyle Odekirk, Meinert, Jeremy Bushman, Kiel, and

Kewaskum's Dave Holm. Meinert spun on lap 7 bringing out the caution. With Teunissen leading the pack, Mark Scholten,

Oostburg, was now closing in on lap 10. Scholten would run wheel to wheel with Teunissen until Sheboygan's Shaun Goetsch

spun to bring the yellow out once more. Teunissen would hold on to the lead and go on to win. Crossing after Teunissen was

Scholten, Bushman, Plymouth's Paul Perronne, and Bill Greiveldinger, Fredonia.

Carl Gabrielse took the lead from the front row in the 20 lap Mighty 4's race. During the first lap, Rich Miske, Belgium, took over.

Scott Baldock was quickly closing in on Miske by lap 8. Baldock would pass Miske for the lead on lap 9 and go on to claim his

second victory in as many nights. Hounding Baldock to the line was Plymouth's Duane Dippel, Gabrielse, Jaydee Sipiorski, and

Tammy Dickmann.

Racing resumes next Saturday night at the Sheboygan County Fair Park in Plymouth with the racing program being sponsored

by Sargento. This will also be the Pat Rand Memorial Race of Champions and the Winged Super Modified A-Main will be extended

to 40 laps with driver introductions prior to that. Kris Hansen, Manitowoc, will carry the black flag in memory of Pat.

Also on the agenda for then will be the American Cancer Society Relay For Life Charity Night. A collection will be taken in the

grandstands and in the pits for the Relay For Life.


Winged Super Modifieds:
Heat 1: 1.Paul Pokorski 2.Jeff Fritz 3.Tony Wondra
Heat 2: 1.Billy Hafemann 2.Dave Becker 3.Tim Warner
Heat 3: 1.Gary Laack 2.Dennis Klumb 3.Fred Clatt
Heat 4: 1.Tim Melis 2.Pete Ostrowski 3.Matt VanWyk
B-Main: 1.Billy Hafemann 2.Robert Enders 3.Bob Brion 4.Fred Clatt 5.Dave Becker 6.Wayne Goetsch 7.Jeff Fritz 8.Lee Mohs
A-Main: 1.Dave Deicher 2.Tim Melis 3.Pete Ostrowski 4.Dennis Klumb 5.Butch Hafemann 6.Tim McMullen 7.KenJay Fiedler 8.Paul Pokorski 9.Brian Portschy 10.Jeff Fritz
Fast time: KenJay Fiedler.....13.965

Limited Late Models:
Heat 1: 1.Dave Schaetzer 2.Nate Winkel 3.JJ Walvoord
Heat 2: 1.Richard Hed 2.Dingel Bros 3.Scott Haugstad
Heat 3: 1.Mark Zimmermann 2.Don Singer 3.Brian Kessler
Feature: 1.Nate Winkel 2.Charlie Schmidt 3.Chad Espen 4.Dan Dippel 5.Richard Hed 6.Keith Borth 7.Steve Ziegelbauer 8.Dingel Bros. 9.Mark Zimmermann 10.Brian Kessler
Semi-Feature: 1.Jeremy Becker 2.Dave Herr 3.Don Singer 4.Dave Schaetzer 5.Tim Lombardo
Fast time: Dan Dippel......16.132 sec.

Super Stocks:
Heat 1: 1.Todd Jensema 2.Brian Gilles 3.Terry McCoy
Heat 2: 1.Brian Genske 2.Brian Goetsch 3.Mike/Dale Damrow
Heat 3: 1.Mark Scholten 2.Curt Teunissen 3.Bill Greiveldinger
Heat 4: 1.Chad Ninmer 2.Abe Meinert 3.Tony Wiltzius
Feature: 1.Todd Jensema 2.Terry McCoy 3.Jeff Muehlbauer 4.Brian Gilles 5.Brian Genske 6.Mike Plate 7.Bob Duncan 8.Doug Teunissen 9.Ben Schmidt 10.Steve Schad
Semi-feature: 1.Curt Teunissen 2.Mark Scholten 3.Jeremy Bushman 4.Paul Perronne 5.Bill Greiveldinger

Mighty 4's:
1.Scott Baldock 2.Duane Dippel 3.Carl Gabrielse 4.Jaydee Sipiorski 5.Tammy Dickmann 6.Rich Miske 7.Scott Jeffries/Brion 8.Joe Schmidt 9. Erin Veldboom

Eastern Wisconsin Stock Car Point Standings

As of July 7, 2001

Super-Winged Modifieds Limited Late Model Super Stock Mighty 4's

7 Pete Ostrowski 704 8 Dan Dippel 292 7 Brian Gilles 174 77 Rich Miske 106
11 Tim Melis 674 81 Jeremy Walvoord 271 62 Jeff Muehlbauer 150 5 Duane Dippel 96
95 Kenjay Fiedler 668 6 Richard Hed 265 87 Brian Genske 150 51 Joe Schmidt 68
4 Paul Pokorski 666 52 Mark Zimmermann 262 15 Brian Kaat 146 93 Scott Jefferies 38
98 Tim McMullen 586 22 Charlie Schmidt 262 89 Todd Jensema 131 90 Karl Gabrielse 30
62 Gary Laack 565 69 Rick Thompson 254 48 Doug Teunissen 122 24 Scott Baldock 28
72 Dennis Klumb 496 65 Keith Borth 245 85 Stephen Schad 120 71 Tammy Dickmann 20
26 Dave Deicher 475 79 Jim Schmidt 232 55 Michael Plate 109 13 Marcus Wenzel 19
55 Brian Portschy 472 88 Steve Ziegelbauer 225 35 Ben Schmidt 101 32 Don Emrich 13
18 Butch Hafemann 419 21 Dingel Bros. 222 80 Luke Scholten 99 81 Jaydee Sipiorski 11
28 Ben Schmidt 390 18 Nate Winkel 215 3 Dean Horneck 83 98 Jeremy Goetsch 9
8 Kris Hansen 382 38 Scott Haugstad 214 14 Terry McCoy 81 89 Jeremy Sauter 8
99 Chuck Tuschl 381 16 Brian Kessler 212 84 Brad Ruh 81 17 Erin Veldboom 6
3 Robert Enders 351 85 Tim Carmen 210 37 Jeff Leonhard 76
2 Billy Hafemann 339 57 John Scharenbroch 200 95 Donny Kulow 76
93 Bob Brion 295 11 Howie Weiss 194 0 Mark Scholten 71
19 Dave Becker 256 72 Chad Espen 189 6 Bob Duncan 71
5 Fred Clatt 217 71 Henry Dickmann 180 12 Brian Goetsch 66
O3 Tim Warner 207 2 Dave Herr 180 47 Paul Perronne 64
42 Matt VanWyk 167 5 Terry Goetsch 139 77 Bob Albinger 64
0 Butch Wondra 166 67 Don Singer 101 40 Curt Teunissen 62
15 Jon Schraufnagel 163 25 Jason Parrish 94 42 Jeremy Bushman 51
97 Tony Wondra 159 24 Dave Schaetzer 94 2 Mike/Dale Damrow 46
77 Wayne Goetsch 139 1 Jeremy Becker 76 50 Bill Greiveldinger 45
68 Craig Perko 136 64 Todd Humphrey 60 67 Josh Gierke 44
9 Lee Mohs 115 77 Brian Caesar 44 59 Dan Holm 42
88 Tom Johnson 91 O5 Nate Ruh 34 58 Dave Holm 41
20 Robert Lublow 51 54 Matt Yancey 28 21 Kyle Odekirk 39
14 Jeff Fritz 47 41 Scott Sohrweide 18 63 Scott Landgraf Sr. 39
76 Tim Lombardo 17 9 Tony Miller 36
32 Tony Wiltzius 16 74 Chad Ninmer 32
O8 Robert Cullen 13 8 Abe Meinnert 27
27 Tony Ehaney 20
11 Shawn Goetsch 12
81 Mike TeStrote 12
31 Eric Mueller 4
32 Tony Wiltzius 4
24 Brian Konitzer 3

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