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posted July 08, 2001 12:53 PM UIN: 16262997

EL CAJON, CA. Fathers and sons don't win too many races at Cajon Speedway
on the same night. But that was exactly the story Saturday night at the 3/8
mile paved oval as Ron and Rob Overman both made their ways to the NASCAR
Weekly Racing Series victory lane. Ron Overman outran the late model
sportsman field to gain his third win of the season and cement his position
in second place in the point standings. A persistent Rob Overman picked up
his first street stock main event trophy in that division's 25-lapper.

Sharing victory lane were Jeff Coskey in the bombers and Michael Wright in
the Pro-Four modifieds. It marked Coskey's first victory. The pony stock
main event turned into a non-race. It was called about four rounds due to
the 11:00 pm curfew; no points were awarded.

The elder Overman was a full straightaway in front of Jerry Gay when the
checkered flag fell on the 40-lap late model sportsman feature. Point leader
Mike Mendenhall was on Gay's bumper for third. Rookie David Arzola was
awarded fourth after Danny Gay was black flagged for spinning Todd
McLauchlan in the final corner while that duo battled for fourth. McLauchlan
crossed the line in fifth after the last turn incident which was actually
caused by a very slow lapped car running in the groove and then dropping
down into the path of the two faster cars. The victory also resulted in
Overman erasing half of Mendenhall's point lead. That margin shrunk from 46
to 23 because Mendenhall was unable to post a qualifying time. His car
failed to meet the decibel limit at the track. Overman also picked up the
$200 True Line Hard Charger Award for picking up the most passing points.

Overman, who is 58 years young, started third and overhauled pole sitter
John Manke on the third circuit. He went unchallenged the rest of the way.
Danny Gay stayed close for a while. But he had to pit during a lap 16 yellow
flag when a small fire broke out under his hood. Jerry Gay inherited second
at that point. McLauchlan ran third most of the way. But Mendenhall pinned
him behind a lapped car four laps from the finish to gain that third

"None of them are really easy," Overman explained after his run. "All of
them have their difficulties because the guys following you are very good.
Danny was right on my **** . He had a very good racecar until he had
mechanical problems. Mendenhall had a little problem tonight and had to
start at the back. Everybody knows how fast he is. Jerry was right there -
he was just a little tight in. It just happened to be our night."

"Our car was a very good car for the first five laps," Overman expanded. "It
was one of the better cars we've had (this season). Then it started
loosening up and we had to use the racetrack up. I had to drive way up high,
diamond (the corner), and then use the long straightaway approach because it
was hooked up off. So the longer the straightaway was, that was our
advantage tonight."

"The only that *****s us out here anyway are the stinking corners," the
winner laughed. "We're very good on the straightaways. Maybe we could just
run down Gillespie Field, then stop and have pizza at the other end, and
then turn around and come back."

Son Rob Overman did not have quite as easy a task as his dad. For a long
time Brian Collins looked to be on his way to his initial triumph. Lap after
lap the 39 year-old Overman dogged him, waiting for the third year racer to
falter. But Collins had a flawless drive until he ceded the top lane to
Overman six laps from the checkered. Overman took full advantage of the high
grooved and finally edged out front on lap 21 after running alongside
Collins for two rounds.

"Finally, finally," Overman sighed. He had seen victory lane a couple of
times while winning the pony stock championship in 1999 but had been denied
after graduating to the street stocks last year. "The guys got the car
working great. I just can't say enough about Major (Schmidt) and Donny
(Tunnell). They busted their butts on this car. Tom Carver helped us out a
ton on it (this week). We've been struggling all year long. We finally got
it dialed in and it showed obviously. It's a lot of fun to drive now."

Overman purchased his car during the off-season from Danny Gay. Gay drove it
to 14 main event wins and the street stock championship last year. But all
Overman could manage this year, until Saturday night, was a third and a pair
of fifths.

Overman admitted he had a hard time getting around Collins. "There were a
couple of times I was trying it high or low," he pointed out. "I didn't want
run into him from the rear so I dove underneath him. Then we got into the
corner and ran out of straightaway (I guess Rob wants them longer too) and I
was just standing on the brakes because I didn't want to touch him. But it
turned out that my car was getting a lot better bite coming off the corner.
So I just kept on the outside and kept in the throttle and told myself it's
either pass him or get in the wall."

Coskey, who started 14th, passed race-long leader Arne "Sandman" Knufman on
the final lap to take the 20-lap bomber stock victory. Coskey found himself
in second place on lap 9 after an incident took out Rodney Shaw, Allen
Basile, and Bob Wickey. At that point teammates Shaw and Basile were running
side-by-side while Wickey tried everything to find a way past. Finally in
desperation Wickey, the current point leader, went low off turn four and
made it three wide. Shaw ran Wickey down in the infield. Wickey got back on
the track in turn one where Shaw finished him off. Basile got caught up in
the melee and had to pit as did Wickey. Shaw was sent to the back of the
pack. On lap 11 Eric Seene hit hard in turn two. The youngster was taken to
the hospital for observation after complaining of neck and back pain.
Meanwhile Coskeya member of the United States Navy, was looking for a way
around Knufman. He dogged him lap after lap. Finally on the last circuit,
Coskey got underneath Knufman in turn two. They ran even down the
backstretch and through the final corner all the way to the line. Coskey
prevailed with well-deserved victory by about a foot.

RACERS REACHING OUT: Racers Reaching Out is donating $200 each week in the
name of the trophy dash winner to a charitable organization. Recent
contributions were made to the Stephanie Taylor Benefit in the name of Mike
Salm and the Burn Institute in the name of Mark Holland.

PIT NOTES: Gary Tamborelli won both main events at Orange Show Speedway
Saturday night and has moved into the points lead there. . At Las Vegas last
Wednesday night, Jason Allen barely held off Chuck Trickle to win his first
late model main event. Trickle was the night's quick qualifier and opted to
start at the back of the 75-lap feature to try to claim a $5000 bonus.
Trickle had a shot at his young protégé in both the first and third corners
of the final lap and was sideways going across the finish line. Allen
regained the point lead with his drive. Congratulations to both Jason and


Fast Time - Todd McLauchlan, Alpine; Time - :16.562.
1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. John Manke, Ramona; 2. Ed Patton, Carlsbad; 3. David
Arzola, San Diego; Time - 2:15.81.
2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Ron Overman, Lakeside; 2. Todd McLauchlan, Alpine; 3.
Jerry Gay, San Diego; Time - 2:13.78.
Main (40 laps) - 1. Ron Overman, Lakeside; 2. Jerry Gay, San Diego; 3. Mike
Mendenhall, Santee; 4. David Arzola, San Diego; 5. Todd McLauchlan, Alpine;
6. Stephen Peace, El Cajon; 7. Wayne Morse, Alpine; 8. Danny Gay, Lakeside;
9. Dee Cable, Santee; 10. Ed Patton, Carlsbad; 11. Robert Parenteau, El
Cajon; 12. John Manke, Ramona; Time - 20:23.93.

Fast Time - Rich Green Jr., El Cajon; Time - :18.075.
Dash (4 laps) - 1. Ivan Harrison, Santee; 2. Rich Green Jr., El Cajon; 3.
Scott Moses, Chula Vista; 4. Rick Hagen, Alpine; Time - 1:13.18.
1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. Brian Collins, Oceanside; 2. Dave Arce, Santee; 3.
Scott Holmberg, San Diego; Time - 2:29/05.
2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Rob Overman, El Cajon; 2. Richard Hinze, Lakeside; 3.
Rob Freeman, Santee; Time - 2:31.53.
Main (25 laps) - 1. Rob Overman, El Cajon; 2. Brian Collins, Oceanside; 3.
Richard Hinze, Lakeside; 4. Scott Moses, Chula Vista; 5. Rick Hagen, Alpine;
6. Rich Green Jr., El Cajon; 7. Dave Arce, Santee; 8. Rob Freeman, Santee;
9. Tim White, Escondido; 10. Scott Holmberg, San Diego; 11. RJ Stockman,
Lakeside; 12. Todd Phelps, El Cajon; 13. Randy Buell, San Diego; 14. Neil
Rodvold, Lakeside; 15. Ivan Harrison, Santee; Time - 22:52.68.

Fast Time - Douglas Wright Jr., Rancho SD; Time - :18.590.
1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. Ed Hale, El Cajon; 2. Frank Stangler, El Cajon; 3.
Tim White, San Clemente; Time - 6:40.03.
2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Kenny Hall, Lakeside; 2. Marty Schmidt, El Cajon; 3.
Ken Wikoren, El Cajon; Time - 5:00.37.
Main - cancelled due to curfew

Fast Time - Mark Holland, San Diego; Time - :19.957.
1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. Arne Knufman, San Diego; 2. Mark Wendell, Santee; 3.
Allen Basile, San Diego; Time - 2:38.16.
2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Joey Schneider, Escondido; 2. Bill Holland, El Cajon;
3. Bob Wickey, Spring Valley; Time - 2:43.87.
Main (20 laps) - 1. Jeff Coskey, Santee; 2. Arne Knufman, San Diego; 3. Bill
Holland, El Cajon; 4. Marty Lehrke, San Diego; 5. Hayden Smith, San Diego;
6. Greg McCown, El Cajon; 7. Scott Denton, Fallbrook; 8. Bob Wickey, Spring
Valley; 9. Thomas Osborne, San Diego; 10. Mark Wendell, Santee; 11. Rodney
Shaw, El Cajon; 12. Joey Schneider, Escondido; 13. Chris Boyer, San Diego;
14. Mark Holland, San Diego; 15. Allen Basile, San Diego; 16. Gary Lamb, El
Cajon; 17. Mike McGlone, Fallbrook; 18. Mike Johnson, Spring Valley; 19. Jay
McKellep, El Cajon; 20. Eric Seene, Santee; 21. Bob Blew, Santee; Time -

Fast Time - Eddie Secord, Lakeside; Time - :17.079.
Dash (4 laps) - 1. Michael Wright, Joshua Tree; 2. Eddie Secord, Lakeside;
3. Kenny Smith, El Monte; 4. Scott Porter, La Verne; Time - 1:09.56.
Main (40 laps) - 1. Michael Wright, Joshua Tree; 2. Kenny Smith, El Monte;
3. Steve Schober, La Verne; 4. Sam Newcomer, Apple Valley; 5. Scott Porter,
La Verne; 6. Sam Harris, Palm Spgs; 7. Ed Reed, Orange; 8. Eddie Secord,
Lakeside; 9. Matthew Harrell, Salt Lake City, UT; 10. Tim Gardner, Sunland;
11. Marty Elzig, Tustin; 12. Pat O'Brien, Bloomington; 13. Steve Bernard,
Moreno Valley; 14. Mike Douthit, Moreno Valley; Time - 36:25.18.


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