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Author Topic:   Behring shows mettle, nabs first win
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posted July 08, 2001 10:53 AM UIN: 16262997
Behring shows mettle, nabs first win

It seemed to be another typical night for the IMCA Modifieds and IMCA Stocks as Jay Schraufnagel and Jeremy Christians again won their respective features. The best though, was saved for last as the pure stock class put on a superb race as the front seven cars broke away and ran nose to tail the whole race. Jason Behring led the field to the finish to pick up his first feature win of his career.
At intermission fans were treated to the pit crew push contest as several teams pushed a car down the track. Three identical cars courtesy of Bergstrom Ford were available for the teams to push. In the final round Jay Schraufnagel and his crew battled John Stanton and his crew along with Chris Reinwald and his team. At the finish line it was John Stanton and crew winning and picking up a T-shirt complements of Designs-Plus.
The rain that threatened earlier in the day never materialized and the drivers were again given an excellent track to race on. The IMCA Stock class would run their feature first and once again Jeremy Christians took the lead by lap 8 from Tim Paitrick. Roger Johnson was uncontested in third as was Rob Schmid in fourth. For the remainder of the race each car would hold their own throughout the field. In the end the finishing order would not change. Jeremy Christians has now won eight straight races without many contests.
The IMCA Modified feature saw a multi-car pileup on the first lap but all of the drivers would be able to continue. Nick Woods led early with constant pressure from Keith Schmitt. Schraufnagel would pass both of them for the lead by lap 6 and motored on from there. Dave Schoenberger inherited third when Schmitt lost the handle on his car and ended up in 14th. In the closing laps Dennis Schultz caught and passed Schoenberger for third and then pass Woods for second. Schoenberger would also lose fourth to Kelly Brown started the feature in the back having transferred from the B-Main. The laps would run out as Schultz tried to gain on Schraufnagel and Schultz would have to settle for the runner up spot. Jay Schraufnagel has had a very lucrative two weeks. Jay has won the last 5 races that he has participated in to include two wins in Oshkosh, two wins at the Fairgrounds Speedway and a win at Powercom Park.
Although the other two features would be won fairly easily, the pure stock feature was far from a walk in the park. Jim Steger ran the inside line with Jason Behring outside of him for the first two laps as the caution came out for Nate Schepp. Nateís car had help coming out the turn four and spun in traffic flipping onto his side. As he was going over, Chris Reinwald made contact ripping the fender of his car. Nate escaped unharmed and the car only suffered minor damage. On the restart, Behring again dove to the outside of Steger and the two continued their battle. On each lap the two drivers would gain and lose a few feet to each other. With the front seven cars being so close, a mistake on anyone part would cost them several positions. A late caution allowed Behring to take the lead spot on the restart but would face challenges from Trevor Schmidt and Craig Lepple. In the final two laps it appeared that Lepple was trying to make a move to the inside of Behring and in the final corner Lepple tried a little too hard and managed to spin himself out of contention and ended up seventh. It was a very sweet win for Behring who two weeks ago was DQed for out of spec parts. Behring took the win over Schmidt, Steger and Steve Seitz.
On tab next week is the Drivers Who Care contest for the DCRA Pure Stock class. For a dollar a vote, fans can vote for their favorite driver with the proceeds going to charity. Next weeks trophy sponsor will be Timís Auto Parts of Horicon, Bumper to Bumper night.

IMCA Modified
Feature: 1) Jay Schraufnagel, Beaver Dam; 2) Dennis Schultz, Oshkosh; 3) Nick Woods, Beaver Dam; 4) Kelly Brown, Randolph; 5) Dave Schoenberger, Beaver Dam; 6) Dan Musbach, Grafton; 7) Scott Lewis, Waukau; 8) Casey Koch, Beaver Dam; 9) Jason Hyerdall, Wildwood; 10) Sammy Strasser, Beaver Dam
B-Main: 1) Kelly Brown; 2) Casey Koch; 3) Dan Musbach; 4) Jim Kaul, Grafton; 5) John Shultz, Oshkosh
First Heat: 1) Dennis Schultz; 2) Sammy Strasser; 3) Al Strobel, Woodland; 4) Kris Smith, West Allis
Second Heat: 1) Scott Lewis; 2) Dave Schoenberger; 3) Lee Tibbits, Hebron; 4) Tim Gardiner, Escanaba, MI
Third Heat: 1) Dennis Haldeman, Janesville; 2) Jason Hyerdall; 3) Nick Woods; 4) Layne Sours, Two Rivers
Fourth Heat: 1) Jay Schraufnagel; 2) Charles Oostergaar, Kewaunee, IL; 3) Keith Schmitt, Beaver Dam; 4) Scott Magsman, DeForest
IMCA Stock
Feature: 1) Jeremy Christians, Horicon; 2) Tim Paitrick, Beaver Dam; 3) Roger Johnson, Saukville; 4) Rob Schmid, Burnett; 5) Jeff Owens, Randolph; 6) Scott Erdmann, Juneau; 7) Curt Beek, Markesan; 8) Elroy Thrun, Horicon; 9) Kevin Rank, Ripon; 10) Thomas Boerson, Waupun
First Heat: 1) Tim Paitrick; 2) Jeff Owens; 3) Scott Erdmann; 4) Roger Johnson; 5) Kevin Rank
Second Heat: 1) Jeremy Christians; 2) John Stanton, Reeseville; 3) Rob Schmid; 4) Elroy Thrun; 5) Curt Beek
DCRA Pure Stock
Feature: 1) Jason Behring, Beaver Dam; 2) Trevor Schmidt, Hartford; 3) Jim Steger, Beaver Dam: 4) Steve Seitz, Beaver Dam; 5) Bob Mann, Reeseville; 6) Ed Coulter, Beaver Dam; 7) Craig Lepple, Beaver Dam; 8) Shawn Frolich, Kaukauna; 9) Chris Reinwald, Horicon; 10) Doug Brabant, Beaver Dam
First Heat: 1) Bob Mann; 2) Chris Reinwald; 3) Trevor Schmidt; 4) Jason Behring; 5) Nathan Hodgson
Second Heat: 1) Jim Steger; 2) Nate Schepp; 3) Craig Lepple; 4) Steve Seitz; 5) Randy Schimmel, Beaver Dam

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