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posted July 05, 2001 10:19 AM UIN: 16262997

EL CAJON, CA. (07/04/01). It took a while to figure out who won. But finally
Matt Arnold and John Krempp were declared the victors in the factory stock
enduro at Cajon Speedway Wednesday night. The duo split the driving chores
in the 150-lap contest and pocketed the $1000 first prize money.
Billy Arban Jr. had initially been declared the winner of the event. But a
post-race recheck of the scoring sheets gave the victory to the
Arnold-Krempp team. Arban ended up second. The team of Jimmy Gamboa and Wade
Treadwell were third ahead of Vernon Gilmore. Jeff Uran was fifth.
The result was thrown into dispute just five rounds from the checkered when
Richard Elliott, who had dominated the action, spun as he came of the fourth
turn. Elliott was unable to get his car restarted and sat perpendicular to
the track for the remainder of the race. At the time he spun, Elliott, a
veteran Cajon Train Racer, was more than two laps ahead of the rest of his
Tim Neuhaus trawled his way to the finish line first in the 20-lap Boat
Trailer race. Neuhaus is a Cajon veteran of bomber, street stock, and train
racing. Arnold, a Cajon street stock competitor, finished second while Adam
Poe took third. Fifteen boats started that crazy event. But half of those
were sunk in the opening five laps.
Elliott was dominant in Cajon's first enduro race since 1988. He started
fifth and jumped out front for the first time on lap 3. Pole sitter Dan
Hildebrand led laps one and two. Neuhaus made his way to the front from
ninth starting position by lap 11. On lap 24 Neuhaus gave way to Arban, who
was making his first racing start after being a Cajon official for several
years. Arban had started 11th.
Neuhaus' enduro night came to an end when he was turned around on the front
stretch on lap 33 and nailed head-on by Beau McCasland. This resulted in a
red flag.
Four laps after the racing resumed, Arban saw his fine ride slowed when he
was spun in turn three and lost a couple of laps. That put Hildebrand back
on top, but he looped it in turn four on the 43rd circuit when a tire went
down. Elliott then had it on cruise control until Channel 10's Rett Lawrence
pulled his Lincoln past into the lead on lap 67.
But at the lap 75 intermission, the scorers said Elliott had never lost the
lead and he started first for the second half. Krempp drove the opening 75
for the eventual winners. Despite making his first racing start, he ended up
sixth. Arban was scored 11th. Thirty-three drivers were still running at the
halfway point.
The cars were turned around and raced in the traditional direction for the
final 75 rounds. Lawrence turned his driving chores over to KGB's bomber
stock ace Chris Boyer, but his run was short lived. Arnold took over the
driving chores from Krempp. Arnold wanted to race in the direction he was
used to.
Elliott was never headed in the final 75 rounds even though he spun out in
the south turn on lap 123. Fifteen laps later he had to weave through the
infield when some cars tangled in front of him. But the race was his to lose
and he did. On lap 145 he got a bit sideways as his Monte Carlo came off the
fourth turn. Another car finished him off and Elliott sat helplessly just
off the track as the final laps unfolded.

Factory Stock Enduro (150 laps) -1. John Krempp, El Cajon and Matt Arnold,
San Diego;2. Billy Arban Jr., El Cajon;3. Wade Treadwell, San Diego and
Jimmy Gamboa, San Diego;4. Vernon Gilmore, Santee;5. Jeff Uran, El Cajon;6.
Richard Elliott, El Cajon;7. James Boissier, Santee;8. Chris White, Spring
Valley;9. Doug Ingalls, Alpine;10. Tyson Short, Escondido;11. Adam Poe, La
Mesa;12. John Robinson, Poway;13. Terry Adams, Ramona;14. Bryant Cosby,
Santee;15. Paul Fletcher, San Diego and Eric Evans, Imperial Beach;16. Jason
Frieze, El Cajon;17. James Kelly, El Cajon and Max Stanfill, El Cajon;18.
David Evangelou, Santee;19. Rett Lawrence, La Mesa and Chris Boyer, San
Diego;20. Dave Cole, Santee;21. Steve Dickerson, El Cajon and Larry Collie,
El Cajon;22. Patrick Vaughan, San Diego;23. Scott Denton, Fallbrook and Mike
Speed, Fallbrook;24. Nick Kruczkowski, San Diego;25. Martin Keppeler, El
Cajon;26. Matt Dugan, San Diego;27. Darrell Moore, Ramona;28. Dan
Hildebrand, El Cajon;29. Jim Tucker, Lemon Grove;30. Tom Nelson, El
Cajon;31. Scott Rodieck, San Diego;32. Mark Spence, Lakeside and Bruce
Hartsuyker;33. Marv Evans, National City;34. Dave Liedike, El Cajon and
Johnny Borneman III, Ramona;35. Pamela Elliott, El Cajon;36. Claude Bell, El
Cajon;37. Ryan Gay, El Cajon;38. Ron Overacker, Lakeside;39. Brent Sexton,
Lakeside;40. Beau McCasland, Santee;41. Donny Tunnell, Lakeside and Mark
Weimann, Temecula

Boat Trailer Race (20 laps) - 1. Tim Neuhaus; 2. Matt Arnold; 3. Adam Poe;
4. Ben Hazel; 5. Ken Rose; 6. Tom Nelson; 7. Rich Orman; 8. Dan O'Hanlon; 9.
Bruce Hartsuyker; 10. Rett Lawrence; 11. Dan Hildebrand; 12. Richard
Elliott; 13. Ben Fields; 14. Rodney Shaw; 15. Randy Wallace

Attendance - 4961

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