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Author Topic:   Crockett's First Northern Sprint Tour Win
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posted July 01, 2001 12:49 PM UIN: 16262997
Crockett's First Northern Sprint Tour Win
Comes At Southern Oregon Speedway

Roger Crockett of Rio Linda, CA stopped in the hy-per-lube Northern Sprint
Tour winners circle for the first time Saturday, June 30th, after chasing
Dale Smith of Cottage Grove, Oregon for over 29 laps of the 30 lap feature
event at Southern Oregon Speedway in Medford, OR.

The finish had enough action and controversy to keep fans and racers talking
for some time as the two came together in the fourth turn of the final lap,
resulting in Smith spinning and Crockett managing to beat the hard charging
second and third place cars to the checkered flag.

After chasing Smith both in the clear and through heavy traffic, Crockett
spent the last five laps less than a car length behind and was poking the
front of his car under Smith in the corners. After pulling even on the back
straight, going into the final turn to the checkered flag, contact was made
with Smith spinning and collecting Dan Menne while Crockett recovered just
in time to salvage his first Northern Sprint Tour victory.

The fans were divided on the outcome with many believing Crockett should
have been penalized, but the officials all felt it was a result of hard

Following Crockett to the line were Jason Solwold and Rick Fauver, who had
been waging their own battle for position off and on during the event and
were usually less than five car lengths apart. Jayme Barnes and Shawna
Wilskey took the next two spots with Gary Taylor filling out the top six.

There was lots of moving to the front in the next three finishers as Jay
Cole picked up 6 spots, Barry Martinez grabbed 4 positions and Jeremy Cooper
passed 7 cars to his 9th place position in front of Smith.

Local driver, Matt Rodgers of Medford had a good run also going from 20th to
13th place and Rick Smith went from 17th to 12th.

Young Gary Taylor of Snohomish, WA made the B-main a cake walk for the win
as he cruised to an easy victory with a 10 car length lead over Rodgers in
second place. Rodgers had a good run getting past Brandon Harkness and Scott
Adams to take second place. Adams finished third as Harkness kept his fourth
place spot and Chad Bauer held off Ron Smith for the last transfer spot to
the feature event.

Cole took the first heat win over Cooper and Fauver as Ron Smith and Bauer
diced through out the race for mid pack positions.

The second heat went to Scott Aumen as Rick Smith worked overtime to keep
Crockett at bay in the battle for second place.

The final heat went to Jeff Thompson who took the lead from Solwold on a
first lap re-start and went the distance. Solwold put the pressure on the
final two laps but came up second. Cale Carder was third and Martinez held
off D. Smith for fourth.

Crockett won the dash over D. Smith, Solwold, Fauver, Barnes and Wilskey.

The next hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour event will be a return to Southern
Oregon Speedway on Monday, July 16th for the opening night of Northwest
Speedweek, a six race, six day, five track marathon that will test the
drivers and crews to their utmost. Over 50 cars are expected to take to the

Fast Time - Shawna Wilskey - 12.652
Heat 1 - Jay Cole, Jeremy Cooper, Rick Fauver, Shawna Wilskey, Jay R.
Harkness, Gary Taylor, Ron Smith, Chad Bauer, Melissa Yates, Anthony Nunes.
Heat 2 - Scott Aumen, Rick Smith, Roger Crockett, Dan Menne, Jayme Barnes,
Scott Adams, Matt Rodgers, Eric Trask, Bruce Giege.
Heat 3 - Jeff Thompson, Jason Solwold, Cale Carder, Barry Martinez, Dale
Smith, Brandon Harkness, Todd Zeitler, Tim Sherman, Jim Cress.
Dash - Crockett, D. Smith, Solwold, Fauver, Barnes, Wilskey.
B-Main - Taylor, Rodgers, Adams, B. Harkness, Bauer, Ron Smith, Yates,
Trask, Giege, Nunes, Sherman, Cress, Zeitler.
A-Main - Crockett, Solwold, Fauver, Barnes, Wilskey, Taylor, Cole, Martinez,
Cooper, D. Smith, Thompson, Rick Smith, Rodgers, B. Harkness, Bauer, Carder,
Menne, Aumen, Adams, J. Harkness.

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