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posted July 01, 2001 12:44 PM UIN: 16262997

HAGERSTOWN, MD - Nathan Durboraw of Hagerstown had several large leads wiped
out by cautions during the 50-lap Power Automotive Isuzu/Hoosier Tires
Mid-Atlantic Johnny Roberts Memorial, but each time he beat back the
challenges of Roy Deese Jr. to win his fourth ITSI late model event of the
season. Durboraw's win was his third Roberts Memorial and his 63rd career
late model win.

"I knew he was there. To catch me is one thing, but passing me is
another." said Durboraw, who kept pulling away from the field on each
restart. "Give me all the lead you want, I am still not getting off the gas

In other action, Marvin Winters was back in his regular ride owned by Ted
Pugh and scored his sixth win in eight events in the Hoosier Tires late model
sportsman feature, Eugene Conlee held off point leader Bruce Leibowitz to
score his first win in the 15-lap Ernie's Salvage Yard pure stock main event
and Oscar Fields of Bridgeville, DE won the vintage old timers main event.
Due to the curfew, the 4-cyl pure stock feature was postponed and rescheduled
for Friday night, July 13th.

Nathan Durboraw started sixth in the Roberts Memorial as Buck Tomblin set
the pace from the pole with James Adkins and Andy Fries right behind.
Durboraw didn't waste anytime making his move as he worked his way pass
Adkins for third by the second lap, then passed Fries for second a lap later.
A caution on lap five wiped out Tomblin's large lead putting Durboraw on his
bumper for the restart. Two laps later on lap seven, Durboraw passed Tomblin
for the lead. Once in front, Durboraw pulled away from the field as Roy Deese
Jr began to work his way through the field. By lap 17, Durboraw had opened a
large lead and began putting the slower cars a lap down when the next caution
was waved for Gerald Davis on lap 21. On the restart, Durboraw quickly began
to work on a new lead as Deese passed Fries for third. By lap 28, Durboraw
had a full straightaway lead as Deese moved past Tomblin for second. With
less then ten laps remaining, Durboraw was enjoying a two second lead over
Deese, but a caution on lap 44 for Wayne Walls Jr., Fries and Frankie
Plessinger wiped it out. Durboraw had no problem on the restart as he quickly
opened some daylight on the field when another caution was waved on lap 47
giving Deese another shot at the leader as Jeremy Miller was now in third.
Again Durboraw was not challenged on the restart and had a ten car length
lead by the time the caution came out two laps later on lap 49 setting up a
one-lap shoot-out. Durboraw controlled the restart as Miller went to the
outside and passed Deese for second as Durboraw pulled out to a five car
advantage for the win. Following Durboraw was 14th starting Miller, Deese,
Charlie Schaffer and Brent Smith. Completing the top five were Andy Anderson,
Tomblin, Adkins, Devin Friese and Doug Burkholder. J&K heat winners for the
33 late models were Durboraw, Wayne Walls Jr, and Buck Tomblin. Mike Hardy
won the consolation and Jeremy Miller was the Ernie's Salvage Yard/Timber
Wolf Grass Roots Racing Hard Charger.

The 20-lap late model sportsman feature started off with three cautions
before the race was able to get underway with a single file start. Richard
Clipp took the early lead before giving way to Dave Rice on the third lap as
Marvin Winters moved into third after starting ninth. Two laps later, Winters
slipped past Rice to take the lead. Once past the half-way point, the
cautions began to fly with one caution right after another including one on
the 12th lap for a seven car pile-up. With the high number of cautions, the
race was given the checkered on the 14th lap with Winters collecting his
sixth win. Following Winters were Wayne Walls Jr., Robert Weaver and 20th
starting Fred Harden who picked up the St. Thomas Towing Hard Charger Award.
Finishing out the top ten were Barry Miller; Dave Neff, Scott Sipe, Jeff
Kendall, Devin Friese and Leo Nichols. Heat winners for the 34 sportsman were
Winters, Weaver and Barry Miller. Will Fair won the consolation.

In the 15-lap pure stock feature, Kenny Dillon took the early lead as
Eugene Conlee started back in eighth. Conlee squeezed through the middle of
the field to take second on the second lap and passed Dillon for the lead on
the next circuit. Bruce Leibowitz, who started 11th, came through the field
to take second on lap five with Mike Warrenfeltz right behind. For the last
ten laps, it was a three way battle for first between Conley, Leibowitz and
Warrenfeltz. Several times Leibowitz pulled even with the leader only to have
Conley pull back in front. Conley was able to hold off Leibowitz for the win
with Warrenfeltz nursing a sick engine across the finish line half car length
in front of Dillon. Kim Ramer came back from a first lap pile-up to round out
the top five. Dave Mikolaski won the Turner's Bowling Centers Hard Charger
Award. Heat winners for the 33 cars were Conlee, Keith Reed and Ronnie
Dennis. Pete Gems won the consolation.

In the Vintage cars, Oscar Fields started ninth and took the lead from
Howard Warrington on the fifth lap and never looked back as he scored his
fourth vintage straight win at Hagerstown over Doug Stein, Phil Barkins, Tom
Martin and Greg Emlett.

Next Saturday, July 7th, Hagerstown will return to action with the Tony
Armel Memorial for the late model sportsman. Joining the sportsman will be
the late models, pure stocks and 30-car-30-lap enduro dash.

ITSI LATE MODELS (J&K Toys Heat 1) 1. Durboraw; 2. D. Friese; 3. Fries; 4.
Anderson; 5. Booth; 6. J. Friese. (J&K Toys Heat 2) 1. W. Walls; 2. Irwin; 3.
Schaffer; 4. Plessinger; 5. Davis; 6. Cosgrove. (J&K Toys Heat 3) 1. Tomblin;
2. Adkins; 3. Deese; 4. Smith; 5. Miller; 6. Burkholder. (Consi) 1. M. Hardy;
2. Sagi; 3. Armel; 4. Corbin; 5. D. Hardy; 6. Bonebrake.

Jeremy Miller; 3. Roy Deese Jr.; 4. Charlie Schaffer; 5. Brent Smith; 6. Andy
Anderson; 7. Buck Tomblin; 8. James Adkins; 9. Devin Friese; 10. Doug
Burkholder; 11. Frankie Plessinger; 12. Tim Booth; 13. Sean Cosgrove; 14.
Mike Hardy; 15. Jeff Friese; 16. Doug Hardy; 17. Gerald Davis; 18. Doug
Corbin; 19. Andy Fries; 20. Wayne Walls Jr.; 21. Wesley Bonebrake; 22. Tommy
Armel; 23. Richard Irwin. DSQ: Alan Sagi. DNQ: Rick Workman; Brad Omps; Don
Zechman; Jim Stasiowski; Mike Zechman; Donnie Farling; Ron Ellis; Jonathan
Dehaven; Ronnie Dehaven.

Wayne Walls Jr.; 3. Robert Weaver; 4. Fred Harden; 5. Barry Miller; 6. Dave
Neff; 7. Scott Sipe; 8. Jeff Kendall; 9. Devin Friese; 10. Leo Nichols; 11.
Lauan Siegfried; 12. Daryl Kendall; 13. Scott Palmer; 14. Dave Rice; 15. Paul
Cowl; 16. Richard Clipp; 17. Darren Younker; 18. Sterling Carat; 19. Mike
Walls; 20. Glenn Ninninger; 21. Mike Ash; 22. Robert Friese; 23. Ryan Donley;
24. Will Fair. DNQ: Eric Ohler; James Mangan; Rusty Sites; Tim Shatzer; Kenny
Day; Richard Walls; Todd Bowers; Nick Pappas; Chris Weaver.

15-LAP ERNIE'S SALVAGE YARD PURE STOCK: 1. Eugene Conlee; 2. Bruce Leibowitz;
3. Mike Warrenfeltz; 4. Kenny Dillon; 5. Kim Ramer; 6. Cale Griffin; 7. Dave
Mikolaski; 8. Jim Snyder; 9. Steve Long; 10. Steve Marsh; 11. Paul Rice; 12.
Brian Miller; 13. Ronnie Dennis; 14. Jeff Bennett; 15. Jason Smith; 16. Sam
Kaiser; 17. Denny Saunders; 18. Steve Kent Jr.; 19. Mike Sanders; 20. Pete
Gems; 21. Harold Prince; 22. Jeff Johnson; 23. Keith Reed; 24. Hans Stamberg.

10-LAP VINTAGE OLD-TIMERS: 1. Oscar Fields; 2. Doug Stein; 3. Phil Barkins;
4. Tom Martin; 5. Greg Emlett; 6. Pete Cobb; 7. Fred Thomas; 8. Bill
Schaffer; 9. Gary Felty; 10. Larry Felty; 11. Bob Campbell; 12. Stew Wenwich;
13. Tom Swanter; 14. Harold Warrington; 15. Greg Coghill; 16. Glen Roberts;
17. Mike Martin; 18. Brian Brooks. 19. Pee Wee Pobletts; DNS: Dave Potteger;
Ronnie Boone.

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