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posted July 01, 2001 12:40 PM UIN: 16262997
For Immediate Release June 29, 2001

STRONGSTOWN, PA - Mike Blose of Dayton picked up his second #1 Cochran Late
Model Feature on Wyse Cemetery Memorials Trophy night Friday at Dog Hollow
Speedway. Shawn "Sheets" McGarvey of Coalport won his fourth Hugill
Sanitation Limited Late Model feature, while Mike Laughard of Strongstown
won his second street stock main. Bill Sigafoes of Bliarsville won his first
pure stock feature of the season.
John Britsky and Dave Peterman led the late model feature to the start, with
Britsky taking the initial lead. Peterman was second but all eyes were on
the middle of the pack, as Mike Blose and Dave Satterlee were headed to the
front. Britsky had his hands full by the ninth lap, as Blose moved into
second. Blose moved to the outside of Britsky working lap ten and they duo
ran door-to-door for two laps before Blose took the lead. Once in control he
was headed into another world, but the action for second was as good as a
fight for the lead. Satterlee, Britsky, and Rodney Phillips were often three
wide for second with Satterlee running his patented high line and nearly
collecting the wall late in the race. Blose had no trouble crossing the line
for first, but it was Satterlee who crossed the line second, inches ahead of
Britsky. Phillips and Rick Davis completed the top five. Britsky and
Peterman won the heats.
The limited late model feature started out with a bang, as an eight car
tangle sent a few cars to the pits for repairs. On the complete restart it
was Shawn McGarvey taking the lead and never looking back. His most serious
challenge came from Dwayne Taneyhill, but gave up the chase late in the
race, when the #81 lost power and coasted to the pits. McGarvey was then
un-contested the rest of the distance. Jason Witherite moved to second late
in the race, ahead of Yvette Hahn, Dave Lee and Jerry Timchak. McGarvey, Lee
and Taneyhill won the heats.
The street stocks were led to the start with Bill Lyons and Bill Pluta Jr.
on the front row. Pluta took the lead and was setting the pace, until lap
four when the caution flew for a spinning Barry Lockhart. On the restart,
Mike Laughard moved to the outside of Pluta and took the lead. The front six
were nose-to-nose and door to door for much of the race, as the second
through sixth spots constantly changed positions. On the final circuit it
was Laughard getting the win ahead of Pluta, Lyons, Jim Boyer and Tom
Truxell. Preliminary wins went to Lyons, Pluta and John Weaver.
The pure stock feature was exciting from the green flag. Ron Hanna and Rick
Kreasko led the field to the start with Kreasko taking the lead and Hannah
sitting in second. Hanna spun on lap two, slowing the race. Kreasko
continued to lead, and as he approached lapped traffic, Bill Sigaofoes used
the slower traffic to his advantage and moved into the lead on lap nine.
Kreasko battled back, and reassumed the lead on lap 11, only to spin in turn
two while trying to hold off Sigafoes and work lapped traffic. Sigafoes
inherited the lead and went on to hold off George Scanlan and John Kuzemchak
for his first win of the season. Scanlan, Kuzemchak, John Mazey and Terry
Nihart rounded out the top five. Hannah, Kreasko and Sigafoes split the
DOG TRACKS: 88 teams filled the pits, including: 17 late models, 22 limited
late models, 25 street stocks and 24 pure stocks.The racing was also the
second Thunder Dog Challenge of 2001.The McDonald's School Buses join the
late models, limited late models, street stocks and pure stocks for a
regular show this week.The MACS Late Models will be in action on July
13.Gates will open again this week at 5 in the pits, 6 in the stands and
racing begins at 7:30 sharp.

#1 COCHRAN LATE MODELS: 1. Mike Blose, Dayton; 2. Dave Satterlee, Rochester
Mills; 3. John Britsky, Indiana; 4. Rodney Phillips, Punxsy; 5. Rick Davis,
Indiana; 6. Scott Rhodes, Somerset; 7. Dave Peterman, Indiana; 8. George
Fultz, Beech Creek; 9. Bobby Stokes, Milton and 10. Matt Gaston, Punxsy.

HUGILL SANITATION LIMITED LATE MODELS: 1. Shawn McGarvey, Coalport; 2. Jason
Witherite, Luthersburg; 3. Yvette Hahn, Alum Bank; 4. Dave Lee, Windber; 5.
Jerry Timchak, Houtzdale; 6. Dwayne Taneyhill, Bellwood; 7. Duane Bash,
Clymer; 8. Jerry Lower, Williamsburg; 9. Tom Shaffer, Punxsy and 10. Bill
Krause, Houtzdale.

STREET STOCKS: 1. Mike Laughard, Strongstown; 2. Bill Pluta Jr., Carinbrook;
3. Bill Lyons, Shelocta; 4. Jim Boyer, Indiana; 5. Tom Truxell, Plum Boro;
6. Shawn Mogle, Ernest; 7. Ron Lute, Loretto; 8. Jim Laughard, Strongstown;
9. Andy Mock, Barr Slope and 10. Leroy Pershing, Cookport.

PURE STOCKS: 1. Bill Sigafoes, Blairsville; 2. George Scanlin, Ebensburg; 3.
John Kuzemchak, Fallentimber; 4. John Mazey, Bolivar; 5. Terry Nihart,
Ebensburg; 6. Josh Jacoby, Fernwood; 7. Ron Hannah, Mundy's Corner; 8. Scott
Wagner, Irvona; 9. Matt Summers, Vandergrift and 10. Tim Eashbrook.

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